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Independent researcher & writer, based in Hong Kong. My long-form, analytical articles are collected here  On Telegram i am just fast and furious ;) Contact: hklab2 @yahoo 
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Since the beginning of the war, more than 2000 civilians have been killed by Russian missiles, according to official data. Help us protect Ukrainians from missiles - provide max military assisstance to Ukraine #Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine
Cultivate Amnesia Americans have become masters in the art of memory management. Think about the tragic shock of Vietnam. The country made a systematic effort to forget — to forget everything about Vietnam. Understandably; it was ugly — on every count. Textbooks in American history gave it little space; teachers downplayed it; television soon disregarded it as retro. Americans sought closure — we got it. In a sense, the most noteworthy inheritance from the post-Vietnam experience is the honing of methods to photoshop history. Vietnam was a warm-up for dealing with the many unsavory episodes in the post-9/11 era. That thorough, comprehensive cleansing has made palatable presidential mendacity, sustained deceit, mind-numbing incompetence, systemic torture, censorship, the shredding of the Bill of Rights and the perverting of national public discourse — as it degenerated into a mix of propaganda and vulgar trash-talking. The “War on Terror” in all its atrocious aspects. Cultivated amnesia is a craft enormously facilitated by two broader trends in American culture: the cult of ignorance whereby a knowledge-free mind is esteemed as the ultimate freedom; and a public ethic whereby the nation’s highest officials are given license to treat the truth as a potter treats clay so long as they say and do things that make us feel good. So, in the U.S., the strongest collective memory of America’s wars of choice is the desirability – and ease – of forgetting them. “The show must go on” is taken as the imperative. So it will be when we look at a ruined Ukraine in the rear-view mirror. The cultivation of amnesia as a method for dealing with painful national experiences has serious drawbacks. First, it severely restricts the opportunity to learn the lessons it offers. In the wake of the inconclusive Korean War where the United States suffered 49,000 killed in action, the mantra in Washington was: no war on the mainland of Asia ever again. Yet, less than a decade later the U.S. was knee-deep in the rice paddies of Vietnam where America lost 59,000 people. After the tragic fiasco in Iraq, Washington nonetheless was gung-ho about occupying Afghanistan in a 20-year enterprise to construct a similar Western-leaning democracy out of the barrel of a gun. Those frustrated projects did not dissuade the U.S. from intervening in Syria where it failed once again to turn an intractable, alien society into something to its liking — even though it went to such an extreme as a tacit partnership with the local Al-Qaeda subsidiary. As Kabul showed, the U.S. didn’t even take away from the Saigon denouement the lesson in how to organize an orderly evacuation. At the very least, one might have expected that a reasonable person would have come away with an acute awareness of how crucial is a fine-grain understanding of the culture, social organization, mores and philosophical outlook of the country the U.S. was committed to reconstituting. The U.S. has manifestly not assimilated that elementary truth. Witness the abysmal ignorance of all things Russian that has led the U.S. to a fatal miscalculation of every aspect of the Ukraine affair.
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US Can't Deal with Defeat
In the U.S., the strongest collective memory of America’s wars of choice is the desirability – and ease – of forgetting them. So it will be when we look at a ruined Ukraine in the rear-view mirror, writes Michael Brenner. By Michael Brenner Special to Consortium News The United States is be
Zelensky and Trudeau greet former Nazi unit fighter – Ukraine’s president and Canada’s prime minister greeted a former member of the infamous SS 1st Galician Division, which fought for the Nazis in World War II, as they attended a parliament session in Ottawa, according to images shared by the Associated Press. One of the photos, taken in the House of Commons on Friday, showed a smiling Vladimir Zelensky clenching his fist and Justin Trudeau applauding to somebody outside the image. AP’s caption explained that the two leaders “recognize Yaroslav Hunka, who was in attendance and fought with the First Ukrainian Division in World War II before later immigrating to Canada.” What the US news agency described as “the First Ukrainian Division” was in fact the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, also known as the 1st Galician Division. Similar images have been shared by AFP, which described Hunka, aged 98, as a “Canadian-Ukrainian war veteran.” Videos from parliament also showed MPs giving a standing ovation to the former Nazi unit fighter. The 1st Galician Division was assembled the Nazis in 1943, when the Soviet Union was gaining the upper hand on the Eastern Front. It comprised some 80,000 volunteers, mainly Ukrainians, from the region of Galicia, spanning what is now southwest Poland and western Ukraine. The infamous unit participated in brutal anti-guerrilla operations across Poland and Soviet Ukraine, and were accused of massacres and other atrocities against the Polish, Jewish and Russian civilian populations. It was crushed by the Red Army in July 1944 and soon rebranded as the Ukrainian National Army, before surrendering to the Western Allies after the fall of Berlin in May, 1945. After the war, some of the members of the 1st Galician Division fled to Canada, which has a large Ukrainian diaspora. During his speech to the Canadian Parliament, Zelensky said Canada has always been on the “bright side of history” during previous wars, and thanked Trudeau’s government for the support it has provided to Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia. In late August, Zelensky posted an image on social media, featuring a Ukrainian soldier sporting the patch of the 1st Galician Division. Kiev’s troops have also been spotted wearing patches of the notorious 36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, one of the worst Nazi penal units, the 3rd SS Panzer Division ‘Totenkopf’, and assorted swastikas and other far-right symbols. Ukraine is the only country in the world that has integrated openly neo-Nazi militias into its national military. These units were once described by Western media outlets as “neo-Nazi,” but are being referred to as “far-right groups” amid the conflict between Kiev and Moscow. (Source: RT)
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Che il tecno-fascismo sia espressione del totalitarismo neoliberista non e' una tesi priva di fondamento che ho partorito io ieri sera. Esiste un'ampia letteratura in merito alla relazione tra fascismo politico e liberismo economico. Per chi avesse tempo e voglia di approfondire, questo testo e' un ottimo punto di partenza: Ishay Landa, "The Apprentice’s Sorcerer: Liberal Tradition and Fascism." Per chi non avesse tempo, ecco un articolo di facile lettura Mi scuso se non ho riferimenti bibliografici in italiano, io vivo all'estero e le mie fonti sono in lingua inglese. In italiano conosco "Controstoria del Liberalismo" di Domenico Losurdo e lo consiglio vivamente. Ricordo anche che il fascismo e il nazismo non avrebbero potuto controllare e dirigere le masse in senso anti-socialista senza avvalersi del totale controllo di radio e cinema, due mezzi di comunicazione che in una societa' in cui la lettura era appannaggio di pochi, potevano meglio dei giornali veicolare l'ideologia dominante.
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Liberalism and Fascism: Partners in Crime
Time and again we hear that liberalism is the last bulwark against fascism. It represents a defense of the rule of law and democracy in the face of aberrant, malevolent demagogues intent on destroying a perfectly good system for their own gain. This apparent opposition has been deeply engrained in contemporary so-called Western liberal democracies through their shared origin myth.
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Che il tecno-fascismo sia espressione del totalitarismo neoliberista non e' una tesi priva di fondamento che ho partorito io ieri sera. Esiste un'ampia letteratura in merito alla relazione tra fascismo politico e liberismo economico. Per chi avesse tempo e voglia di approfondire, questo testo e' un ottimo punto di partenza: Ishay Landa, "The Apprentice’s Sorcerer: Liberal Tradition and Fascism." Per chi non avesse tempo, ecco un articolo dettagliato Mi scuso se non ho riferimenti bibliografici in italiano, io vivo all'estero e le mie fonti sono in lingua inglese. In italiano conosco "Controstoria del Liberalismo" di Domenico Losurdo e lo consiglio vivamente.
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Liberalism and Fascism: Partners in Crime
Time and again we hear that liberalism is the last bulwark against fascism. It represents a defense of the rule of law and democracy in the face of aberrant, malevolent demagogues intent on destroying a perfectly good system for their own gain. This apparent opposition has been deeply engrained in contemporary so-called Western liberal democracies through their shared origin myth.
Se non si mette in questione la narrazione secondo cui il fascismo sarebbe antitetico al neoliberismo non si puo' comprendere ne' il capitalismo della sorveglianza (tecno-fascismo) ne' il modo in cui gruppi di potere transnazionali esercitano il loro dominio. Il fascismo, inteso come tecnica politica atta a dirigere le masse nasce non a caso con la societa' di massa, e si avvale del controllo dell'informazione. Uno dei padri del neoliberismo, Friedrich Hayek, non nascondeva la sua ammirazione per la dittatura di Pinochet tanto che in un’intervista al principale quotidiano del regime, El Mercurio, il 19 aprile 1981 dichiarava senza ambiguità che la democrazia aveva bisogno di una efficace depurazione realizzata da un governo forte. La Mont Pelerin Society, noto covo di neoliberisti, proponeva una regolazione dello Stato da parte delle élite, in modo da evitare eccessi e vulnerabilità di natura elettorale. Tale regolazione delle élite era considerata necessaria per proteggere i mercati che rischiavano di franare di fronte alla volontà popolare. Da corrente marginale il neoliberismo e' diventato egemone, ha smantellato lo Stato Sociale del dopoguerra e perseguito la mercificazione delle relazioni sociali e della concorrenza attuando un rimodellamento delle soggettività. Il fascismo 2.0 o fascismo tecnocratico ha le sue radici proprio in questa ideologia.
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15 751
158 Faina Savenkova: Hello, wonderful new world. Faina Savenkova Faina Savenkova 2 min read · Just now In my 14 years I often hear about democracy. In the movies we are shown a wonderful Western way of life, designed to convince us that, unlike us, every American and European is free. But what is the reality? The times of the 70s, when there were protests against the war, when people could say what they thought, are sadly gone. I once wrote an article about the blocking of the YouTube channel of my friend, British journalist and blogger Mike Jones. YouTube blocked his interview with me. Today, Italian journalist Vincenzo LoRusso had his channel deleted for a video of me addressing the mayor of Milan. What was it that I said in that address that was so scary? Perhaps the fact that I called Azov Battalion fascists and murderers? Yet they themselves do not hide their views, openly speaking about them and confirming that they are fascists, and court cases eloquently confirm that they are murderers. Maybe they didn’t like that I asked for an exhibition showing the consequences of Azov’s “heroism”? Shouldn’t the public know their “heroes” on sight? I feel bad for LoRusso, and let this remain an indelible stain of shame on the conscience of YouTube. But what surprises me the most is that people in power who talk about democracy are more and more imposing restrictions and forcing us to walk in formation and think alike. I don’t know how the French, Italians or Americans should react to this, but everything that is being done now is gradually leading to dictatorship and the blossoming of fascism. Today they will close your channel, tomorrow they will put you on the Myrotvorets site as an undesirable person, and what will happen the day after tomorrow? Hello, wonderful new world.
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Faina Savenkova: Hello, wonderful new world.
In my 14 years I often hear about democracy. In the movies we are shown a wonderful Western way of life, designed to convince us that…
2 367
Ucraina, deputato tedesco preoccupato per la capacità nucleare dei missili Taurus 💣Sevim Dagdelen, membro del partito di sinistra dell'opposizione tedesca, ha espresso preoccupazione per i missili da crociera a lungo raggio Taurus. La deputata teme che questi missili, destinati a Kiev da Berlino, possano essere potenzialmente dotati di testate nucleari. ❔Con una recente richiesta parlamentare, la legislatrice ha espresso la sua curiosità di sapere se "il governo federale sia pienamente consapevole delle diverse configurazioni dei missili Taurus e della loro potenziale compatibilità con gli armamenti nucleari", nonché ha chiesto se c’è intenzione da parte del governo di affrontare la questione della limitazione della gittata (500 km attualmente) di questi missili da crociera. ✖️Thomas Hitschler, Segretario di Stato del Ministero della Difesa federale, ha risposto che le informazioni richieste non possono essere "apertamente" rivelate a causa della loro "natura classificata".
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German troops in Ukraine? A Russian reconnaissance team has destroyed a Leopard tank handed over to Ukraine with an all-German crew of Bundeswehr servicemen, the commander of the reconnaissance team told RIA Novosti
РИА Новости
Разведчики ВС РФ уничтожили переданный Украине танк Leopard с полностью немецким экипажем из военнослужащих Бундесвера, сообщил РИА Новости командир разведгруппы
3 302
Truppe tedesche in Ucraina? I ricognitori delle forze armate russe hanno distrutto un carro armato Leopard consegnato all'Ucraina con un equipaggio interamente tedesco di soldati della Bundeswehr, ha dichiarato il comandante del gruppo di ricognizione a RIA Novosti.
РИА Новости
Разведчики ВС РФ уничтожили переданный Украине танк Leopard с полностью немецким экипажем из военнослужащих Бундесвера, сообщил РИА Новости командир разведгруппы
20 844
"When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jackboots. It will be Nike sneakers and smiley shirts." (George Carlin) Fascism is the merger of state and corporations to enforce a dominant ideology and today the corporations that hold the power to enforce it on a global level are predominantly American. They work in sync with a handful of Western governments to decide what people can or cannot read and watch, which content creators should be censored, banned, demonetized. The Russel Brand's case shows that anyone, even a privileged content creator with million of followers (a gold mine for YouTube) can be targeted on the basis of unproven allegations regarding his offline behaviour. Russell Brand hasn't been convicted of any crime, is innocent until proven guilty, but following a concerted media campaign aimed at destroying his reputation, the pre-crime unit at YouTube proceeded to deprive him of his source of income. In the dystopic world created by digital platforms that are pre-installed in most digital devices you buy, the only right you have still got is the right to boycott them and look for alternatives.
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La Russia ha introdotto un divieto temporaneo di esportazione di benzina e gasolio verso tutti i Paesi, ad eccezione di quattro Stati ex-sovietici. La domanda di carburante nel mondo si mantiene robusta, e i prezzi sono destinati a salire...possiamo solo immaginare quale impatto avranno sull'inflazione, che e' gia' oltre livelli accettabili. JP Morgan dichiara che la crisi energetica in arrivo potrebbe essere peggiore di quella che l'Europa ha attraversato in precedenza. Piu' biciclette per tutti e Slava Ukraini!
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Russia's diesel ban effect spreads, no hope of lifting Diesel prices in Asia rose following Europe's after a sudden ban on exports from Russia, regardless of how some experts tried to convince the public that the ban would soon be lifted. The ban took effect on Thursday and has intensified the already tense global fuel markets. This is because the demand is expected to increase during the winter months, while many global refiners are unable to increase their production capacity. In Asia, this issue is further exacerbated by China's aviation industry recovering at a fast pace, leading to a higher demand for jet fuel. Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Sorokin has stated that the ban on the export of gasoline and diesel fuel has been imposed indefinitely. According to him, some unscrupulous market participants have been exporting a significant volume of fuel. So these restrictions are intended to restore stability in the domestic market, and there are no plans to lift the ban until these goals are achieved. Something suggests they'll work it out with China somehow, which can't be said for the EU Follow us on Telegram and Twitter
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I wrote yesterday () about The Economist's special issue on the need to "rethink" the strategy of the Ukrainian war. I read the article itself. In it, the editors admit that Ukraine's counteroffensive has failed (modestly omitting the fact that the magazine itself invested a lot of effort to convince both Ukraine and Western audiences that this meat grinder must succeed). As a result, the magazine writes: "Both Ukraine and its Western supporters are beginning to realize that this will be a grueling war of attrition. President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Washington this week for talks. "I should be prepared for a long war," he said in an interview with The Economist. But unfortunately, Ukraine is not yet ready; and neither are his Western partners. They remain focused on a counter-offensive. They need to rethink Ukraine's military strategy and how its economy is managed. Rather than aiming to 'win' and then recover, the goal should be to ensure that Ukraine has the endurance to fight a long war." Well, the magazine goes on to discuss how to rebuild the Ukrainian economy now, without waiting for the war to end. True, the authors describe how the West should allocate money for this, but do not explain where to get people for all this! A year later, the same magazine will write: "This strategy is not working. We need to rethink it too". "Rebbe, the chickens are all dead. What a pity. I still have so many ideas."
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«Время переосмыслить». Вот чему посвящен новый выпуск журнала The Economist. В анонсе номера редакция признается (только вчитайтесь в это!): «Контрнаступление Украины работает не так, как ожидалось. Необходимо изменить курс. Ее сторонникам следует молиться о скорейшей победе, но планировать долгую борьбу»! То есть главные лоббисты Украины в Европе, которые так долго убеждали всех, что в результате украинского контрнаступа Россия будет повержена, решили теперь «переосмыслить» стратегию и родили единственную рекомендацию Киеву: «НАДО МОЛИТЬСЯ!» Ничего другого эти стратеги, толкнувшие на бойню украинцев, больше не придумали!
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A bilateral summit for a strategic relationship between and During a summit meeting, Presidents Bashar al-Assad and Xi Jinping announced that Syria and China are moving towards a strategic relationship between the two countries in various fields. President Assad considered his visit to China important in regards of timing and circumstances, as a multipolar world is being formed that will restore balance and stability to the world, while the Chinese president described this meeting as a pivotal event in the history of bilateral relations between the two countries in the face of international situations full of factors of instability.
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Visto che qualcuno mi ha scritto per difendere l'uso virtuoso della bicicletta, vorrei precisare che non ho nulla contro chi va in bici o mangia tofu. Non possiedo una macchina, a Hong Kong mi muovo in traghetto e metropolitana, quando sono a Milano praticamente solo in bicicletta. Quanto al tofu, in Cina lo mangiamo praticamente in tutte le salse. Ma non ho mai pensato di essere piu' virtuosa di chi guida e mangia una fiorentina con l'osso, ne' tanto meno credo che il mio comportamento abbia qualsivoglia impatto sul clima.
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2 758
Non e' che l'Europa spinge la bicicletta come mezzo di trasporto perche' e' piu' virtuosa degli altri, ma perche' milioni di cittadini europei impoveriti dalle sue folli decisioni politiche non possono piu' permettersi l'auto. Si fa di necessita' virtu'. Cantiamo tutti in coro Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine über alles!
26 928
La Commissione Europea e' lieta di informare il gentile pubblico che oggi ha versato altri 1,5 miliardi all'Ucraina. Quest'anno l'Ucraina ha ricevuto 13,5 miliardi di euro. So che questa notizia vi riempira' di gioia. 🤣
44 038
🎉🎉🎉 Urrah!!! Aeroflot has announced the resumption of regular direct flights from Moscow to Hong Kong starting on December 23, in time for the holiday season. Flights were suspended during the pandemic and then Western sanctions dealt a blow to Aeroflot operations abroad. .
Western media are fast losing whatever credibility they once may have had not only at home, where their audience keeps shrinking, but also in the Global South, where their mendacious and frankly ridiculous coverage of the West's geopolitical adversaries is met with disbelief. If propaganda works on the assumption that a lie told a thousand times eventually becomes the truth, when it's exposed as a lie the liars hope that it will soon be forgotten. That's often the case, but those who have been lied to multiple times tend to develop a defence mechanism to cope with the stress and anxiety that accompanies the abuse of their trust: they tune out these serial liars. Thanks to people-to-people exchanges, travel and trade between Russia/China and the Global South, narratives spun by Western media clash with first-hand experience which is then related to one's social circle at home. In Asia, Africa and Latin America social and family relations remain stronger than in Western atomized societies, which might explain why it's harder for Western media to smear China and Russia in the Global South. Just take the fake news about "empty" streets and shops in Shanghai supported by a few photos taken from certain angles at a certain time of the day. A few US media outlets absurdly stated that Shanghai - a metropolis of 25 million people and the financial centre of China- is a "ghost town" and claimed that "China is in trouble". Clearly this was a clumsy attempt defame the Chinese financial market and the country's international image. But any business visitor to Shanghai knows that the city is a bustling place and will simply tune out Western media because they have proven yet again their lack of credibility.
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L'intelligence statunitense ha riconosciuto la vittoria della Russia nel conflitto in Ucraina - Seymour Hersh ✔️La Russia ha vinto il conflitto in Ucraina, ma la Casa Bianca e i media statunitensi mentono su questo, ha dichiarato il giornalista americano premio Pulitzer Seymour Hersh sulla sua pagina della piattaforma Substack. 🖊"La guerra è finita. La Russia ha vinto. Non c'è più alcuna offensiva ucraina, ma la Casa Bianca e i media americani devono mantenere la menzogna", ha dichiarato il giornalista citando un funzionario dell'intelligence statunitense che ha chiesto di mantenere l’anonimato. ✖️Hersh ha anche aggiunto che la comunità dei servizi segreti statunitensi ritiene che Kiev sia demoralizzata, e che non crede che sia possibile uno sfondamento della difesa russa. 🔙L'esercito ucraino ha di fatto annullato l'offensiva dopo settimane di pesanti perdite e se all'esercito ucraino venisse ordinato di continuare l'offensiva, ci sarebbe un ammutinamento, aggiunge il giornalista.
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2 472
Keir Giles, an analyst who works for the highly influential UK think tank Chatham House, wrote an opinion piece for CNN. Between the lines one can get a glimpse of the predicament the West finds itself in: after embarking on a proxy war in Ukraine, it has no exit strategy and any promise of a wonder weapon that would give Ukraine the upper hand is illusory. "Anything that draws out the conflict — such as decisions on support for Ukraine that were driven by caution on what to supply — play to many of Russia’s advantages and the West’s weaknesses. And as the fighting drags on into 2024 and potentially beyond, Western backers will find it ever harder to provide what Ukraine needs. The US’s generous support for Ukraine is under threat from political trends there even before a potential change of presidency. So with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the US this week to appeal for international support once again, it’s not only wavering members of the UN he is addressing. He knows there’s a risk that the window may eventually start to close on backing from Washington itself. And even without considering the tolerance of voters for the economic cost, failure to restart European defence industries in earnest means searching ever harder and wider around the world for the munitions and weapons that are essential for Ukraine to survive. For Russia, this is a ‘forever war’ that taps into fundamental ideas of Russian identity and for which President Vladimir Putin is willing to inflict vast economic and human losses on his country. Even evicting every last Russian soldier from occupied eastern Ukraine and Crimea won’t end the war while Russia still has artillery, missiles and drones to launch destructive attacks while rebuilding its land forces for the next offensive. As the US becomes increasingly focused on China, the defence of Europe will increasingly rely on those front-line states that understand the threat and are willing to take it seriously." Well, good luck on finding more sacrificial lambs now that even Poland got cold feet.
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L'intervento di Lavrov al Consiglio di Sicurezza dell'ONU tradotto magistralmente da Mark Bernardini.
Intervento sull’Ucraina del ministro degli esteri russo Lavrov al Consiglio di Sicurezza dell’ONU
L’ordine internazionale esistente è stato costruito sulle rovine e sulla colossale tragedia della Seconda Guerra Mondiale. La sua base era la Carta delle Nazioni Unite, la fonte principale del moderno diritto internazionale. In gran parte grazie alle Nazioni Unite, è stato possibile prevenire una nuova guerra mondiale, irta di un disastro nucleare. _____________ ✔️SOSTIENICI TRAMITE BONIFICO: IBAN: IT65C0306916355100000009028 INTESTATO A: VISIONE TV SWIFT: BCITITMM CAUSALE: DONAZIONE ✔️SOSTIENICI TRAMITE PAYPAL E CARTA DI CREDITO: ✔️ Disponibile il quinto numero di "Visione, un altro sguardo sul mondo" - "Il ritorno dell'Inquisizione" - ORDINALO ORA ✔️ISCRIVITI AL CANALE:
After the ruling class of Germany, the EU's broken-down locomotive, demonstrated the same level of obtuseness and servility as the Baltic chihuahuas, it is hardly surprising that it lost credibility and relevance on the international stage. ▪️ At the UN Olaf Scholz spoke to an empty assembly hall. Who would be interested in listening to the Yankee narrative in German after hearing the original from Biden?
2 856
Quando la classe politica al governo della Germania, paese locomotiva dell'UE, dimostra la stessa ottusita' dei chihuahua baltici, non c'e' da stupirsi che perda peso e credibilita' a livello internazionale. All'ONU Olaf Scholz ha parlato ad un'aula praticamente vuota, perche' nessuno e' interessato ad ascoltare la narrazione yankee in versione tedesca dopo aver ascoltato l'originale.
27 984
⚡️ La sergente transgender Sarah Ashton-Cirillo è stata rimossa dal suo incarico di rappresentante ufficiale delle forze armate ucraine Le ultime dichiarazioni di questo oratore non sono state approvate dal comando TRO e dal comando delle forze armate ucraine. Queste accuse sono oggetto di indagine. Fino al suo completamento, Ashton-Cirillo sarà sospeso, ha riferito il servizio stampa delle Forze di Difesa sul social network X. Maria Zakharova, a sua volta, ha commentato le dimissioni della Ashton-Cirillo con un post ironico: “Chi nomineranno adesso, mi chiedo? Il ministro dell'Istruzione prescolare o il capo ostetrico-ginecologo dell'Ucraina? In precedenza, Ashton-Cirillo aveva minacciato una imminente “punizione per crimini” contro i giornalisti russi. Il Ministero degli Esteri russo ha definito queste dichiarazioni una prova della natura terroristica del regime di Kiev. Maria Zakharova ha definito la situazione attuale un'apocalisse zombi. ⭐️ Zvezdanews
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As DPP Sinophobes collude with US partners to separate Taiwan from China and prepare for war, mainland authorities are working on the opposite: peaceful reunification. Beijing recently released its most ambitious initiative yet. It was issued jointly by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, respectively the top entities in the party and the government. The plan is a comprehensive blueprint for incremental integration between Taiwan and Fujian across the Strait. The two provinces share a common speech and cultural characteristics, as Fujian is the ancestral home of most of the island’s people. Unsurprisingly, Western and other Sinophobe media have ignored this landmark development. But even Hong Kong’s neocolonial SCMP has taken note, in an Editorial. “Just four months ahead of Taiwan’s election for a new president, Beijing has unveiled guidelines for turning Fujian province into a model zone for 'integration' with the island’s residents, in an attempt to advance peaceful reunification. According to the plan... the coastal province will be a gateway to the mainland for Taiwanese residents and companies, smoothing people exchanges, trade and investment. “The intention is to create interconnected day-to-day living between the mainland port city of Xiamen and the Taiwan-controlled island of Quemoy, also called Kinmen. Visitors from Taiwan would no longer need to register for temporary residence in Fujian and be encouraged to settle, buy houses and engage with the social-welfare system.” (Thomas Hon Wing Polin )
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Opinion | Proposed Fujian zone offers peaceful path to Taiwan ‘integration’
Coastal province to be gateway to mainland China for island residents and firms in bid to advance reunification without force.
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The USA destroys, China builds/rebuilds. That has become a truism in world affairs. It will be further substantiated when President Assad of Syria visits China next month, his first such trip in 12 years. He will be hosted by President Xi. Talks will likely focus on reconstruction of Assad’s war-ravaged country as well as sanctions relief -- all the result of depredations by the US and its proxies. Assad’s trip is all the more timely as Washington’s forces prepare to ignite more mayhem in Syria. (Thomas Hon Wing Polin on X/Twitter)
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Assad’s China visit to help Syria with reconstruction, nullifying sanctions: Analyst
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s upcoming visit to China could prove a boost for Syria’s reconstruction efforts and invigorate the sanctions-hit Arab economy, says a Syrian political analyst.
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The Anglo-American colonization of Europe is enforced by NATO, supported by the dollar and enabled by political, economic and cultural elites that were groomed for this role - many members of the EU ruling classes were "educated" in US-UK universities.
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Sanctions work!
🇷🇺Moscow ranked 1st among the world's largest cities by industrial growth rate 👏 Over the year, industrial production in the city grew by 15.1%, said Deputy Mayor for Economy Vladimir Efimov. According to this indicator, the capital has surpassed such megacities as Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Singapore, Barcelona. In general, over 5 years the share of industry in the GRP of Moscow has doubled and now amounts to 7%. Key industries: microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive industry. 📱 InfoDefenseENGLISH 📱 InfoDefense
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