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Independent researcher & writer, based in Hong Kong. My long-form, analytical articles are collected here  On Telegram i am just fast and furious ;) 
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Since the beginning of the war, more than 2000 civilians have been killed by Russian missiles, according to official data. Help us protect Ukrainians from missiles - provide max military assisstance to Ukraine #Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine
Serbian President steps down as ruling party leader "I suggest that Milos Vucevic be appointed as the new leader of our party," Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told a party congress in the city of Kragujevac. Later in the day, Vucevic said that as a new leader of the party he would continue his predecessor's course, prioritizing the protection of Serbians and their values. "Our politics will not change, we will remain the party that is the engine of our country's development; the party that protects and observes traditional values of the Serbian people and all citizens of Serbia; the party that will politically support keeping Kosovo and Metohija as part of Serbia and that will take care of the interests of the Serbian community everywhere, first and foremost on the territory of former Yugoslavia; the party that will be a reliable partner of president Vucic," Vucevic was quoted by Radio Television of Serbia as saying. Subscribe to @SputnikInt_unc2
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L'agenzia di stampa Reuters, da cui attingono migliaia di testate giornalistiche in tutto il mondo, sembra essere stata scelta per lanciare un avvertimento mafioso alla Cina. L'agenzia afferma che la Cina e' il luogo di origine della pandemia Covid, teoria non dimostrata, ma Reuters la presenta senza usare il condizionale d'obbligo, e poi avverte che attraverso la deforestazione la Cina sta creando le condizioni per lo scoppio di un'altra pandemia - i pippistrelli rischiano di entrare in contatto con gli esseri umani. Anche l'origine animale del virus Sars-Cov2 e' una teoria che ha sempre meno sostenitori nella comunita' scientifica, ma questo alla Reuters non interessa. Come non interessa il fatto che la Cina e' all'avanguardia nei programmi di riforestazione ha riportato successi innegabili. Quello che invece alla Reuters preme e' innanzitutto lanciare un messaggio (lascio a voi immaginare da chi proviene il messaggio) alla Cina, "attenti che potremmo ripetere quanto gia' fatto con Sars1 e Sars2, magari con un virus anche piu' pericoloso". E poi visto che il messaggio viene diffuso in tutti gli angoli del pianeta, l'effetto e' quello di seminare la paura di un'ennesima pandemia e puntare il dito preventivamente contro la Cina.
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21 302
Messaggio mafioso della Reuters alla Cina. Commenti nel post successivo.
18 975
"How many crimes has your country committed in Iraq?" South Africa's ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula challenges a BBC journalist on Western double standards over Ukraine.

ANC 5.26.mp4

3 272
🇽🇰❌🇷🇸 — 🇷🇸 Serbian Channel, ' ' reports that the "Kosovo Police", following the raids, placed the Kosovar flag over the local administration, removing the Serbian one
БУНТ је стање духа ☦︎
Застава такозваног Косова на општини у Лепосавићу. 🇷🇸
3 034
⚡Serbian Army on Max Readiness Alert: President Vučić Reacts to Situation in Kosovo - Social media 📹 Clashes between members of Kosovo's special forces and the Serbs have seen stun grenades allegedly used in a frantic scene unfolding right now. Columns of armed police and vehicles are moving towards local govt buildings. (Reports) Just In @RT_India_unc


2 435
🇩🇪 Europe’s Economic Engine Is Breaking Down — Germany is at risk of a long, slow decline — with consequences for the whole of the EU. Decades of flawed energy policy, the demise of combustion-engine cars and a sluggish transition to new technologies are converging to pose the most fundamental threat to the nation’s prosperity since reunification. But unlike in 1990, the political class lacks the leadership to tackle structural issues gnawing at the heart of the country’s competitiveness. While Berlin has shown a knack for overcoming crises in the past, the question now is whether it can pursue a sustained strategy. The prospect looks remote. Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s make-shift coalition has reverted to petty infighting over everything from debt and spending to heat pumps and speed limits as soon as the risks of energy shortfalls eased. But the warning signals are getting hard to ignore. Despite Scholz telling Bloomberg in January that Germany would ride out Russia’s energy squeeze without a recession this year, data published Thursday show that the economy has in fact been contracting since October and has only expanded twice in the past five quarters. No Paywall:
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Europe’s Economic Engine Is Breaking Down
Germany is at risk of a long, slow decline — with consequences for the whole of the EU
2 095
🇧🇷 Brazil will not go along with the G7 trying to force the Hiroshima summit guests to oppose Russia concerning the situation in Ukraine. Brazilian leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said this in a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin, a source familiar with the content of the conversation told TASS. According to Lula da Silva, leaders of Indonesia, India and Vietnam share the same opinion.
1 932
At the top of the agenda of the recent meeting of the Bilderberg Club in Lisbon was "artificial intelligence", it also happened to be the only new topic under discussion, as all other topics had been on the agenda of previous summits. Artificial intelligence was described as "the most important technology for waging modern warfare and resolving global conflicts." In this regard, two questions arise: why was AI the main topic at the meeting in Lisbon and why is it considered by club members only in relation to the conduct of modern warfare? The answers to these questions are quite obvious. The decision-making center urgently needs to find an "antidote" to Russia's active and pragmatic position in its military conflict with the collective West. The situation in which the collective West, led by the United States, finds itself at the present time, can be characterized by the chess term "zugzwang", when any action of the world hegemon only leads to a complication of the situation. In this regard, the statement of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, Mark Milley, who on the eve of the meeting of the members of the Bilderberg club, said that "perhaps the most powerful of all the rapidly developing technologies in the conduct of modern warfare is artificial intelligence, so the ability to make decisions as quickly and accurately as possible is a significant advantage in warfare. Artificial intelligence and quantum computing will give an advantage to the country that succeeds in its military application against its adversaries. I believe that by waging a modern war, Milley meant not only actions on the battlefield, but also a war in the information space, and as for opponents, they are spelled out in black and white in the new US National Security Strategy - these are Russia and China. It is also very remarkable that the Lisbon meeting was held simultaneously with the summit of G7 leaders in Hiroshima, Japan, which indicates, according to American military expert Ben Buchanan, the need to further concentrate the efforts of the Bilderberg Club and decision-making centers, which traditionally include the G7, which have not managed to achieve a visible victory or at least significant success in the global hybrid war against Russia and China. As part of the discussion on artificial intelligence, participants discussed the possible use of robotic vehicles and autonomous weapons that can be used in combat zones, as well as intelligent defense systems, systems for analyzing large amounts of data and algorithms that support decision-making. And yet, the main focus of the discussion was issues related to the use of artificial intelligence to "deter potential adversaries." The director of the US Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security, Jen Easterly, said that autonomous weapons, controlled by artificial intelligence, rather than humans, are more accurate, faster and deadlier. Bernard Amyeux, Director General of External Security at the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, has proposed an algorithm that can make team decisions. In his opinion, the decisions of the command require the interpretation of a large amount of heterogeneous information, as well as a balance of political, social and military factors. In this regard, only artificial intelligence technology can effectively cope with such a task. According to Tarun Chabra, Senior Director of Technology at the US National Security Council, any decisions of the military command are fraught with complexity and uncertainty, so the use of modern methods of analysis using artificial intelligence technologies is strategically important, especially in the confrontation with potential adversaries, which are currently Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Read the full article here
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Бильдерберг-2023: искусственный интеллект – новая технология ведения современной войны
Журнал Международная жизнь, проблемы внешней политики, дипломатии, национальной безопасности, аналитический журнал
2 255
Dopo piu' di un anno ho ceduto. Carlo e' riuscito a portarmi al Vaso di Pandora e ora che l'abbiamo aperto sono guai 😉
Il Vaso di Pandora
Visto da Hong Kong: "L'Occidente non ha capito che il cambiamento è già avvenuto" - Laura Ruggeri Negli ultimi dieci giorni, lo cito come esempio emblematico, il quotidiano Repubblica ha prima messo come titolo in prima pagina “Le armi italiane salvano vite”, virgolettato perché la frase è di Zelensky il cui nome però non è riportato, come vuole prassi e logica, prima del virgolettato. Quattro giorni dopo sempre Repubblica informa sempre in prima pagina e con tono compiaciuto che in Sardegna sono in corso esercitazioni militari della Nato. Questo per riportare un esempio italiano. E’ in corso, parallelamente a quella sul campo di battaglia, anche una guerra d’informazione. Che tipo di guerra è? Come viene vista da Hong Kong la situazione dell'Europa e dell'Italia? E' nostra ospite oggi LAURA RUGGERI scrittrice, docente universitaria, collaboratrice di testate geopolitiche. ➡️ Guarda il video qui:
24 024
Both Russia and the USA are now entering a new electoral cycle, and the behaviour of these six figures, their ratios, their alliances, their agreements with each other, their mutual conflicts, information exchanges, disinformation, their promises to each other, the deals they make and many other factors – all this predetermines the complexity of the geopolitical picture that we see in Ukraine. Some may find a scheme of six figures overly simplistic. But imagine that out of three figures on one side and three on the other, where each has different goals, uses different methods, is guided by different evaluations of the overall picture, each is a will center, a sort of subject. And depending on the ratio of all factors, proportions, power, strength, determination, intelligence, a complex system is built, which translates into the course of our war. After all, everyone wants to understand what is happening, who is making decisions, in what contexts. If you equip this general scheme with details, it can easily turn into a serious report with a lot of additional analytical materials, details, lists of presumed personalities, etc. It is important to grasp everything together, and geopolitics helps to grasp the overall picture. And you can detail everything to any degree. This is a matter of technique. Interview with Alexander Dugin on the Golovanov Time show 🇬🇧 Chess of war 🇪🇸 El actual ajedrez bélico 🇮🇹 Scacchi di guerra 🇹🇷 Savaş Satrancı 🇬🇷 ΠΟΛΕΜΙΚΟ ΣΚΑΚΙ 🇧🇬 Шхмат на войната - основната игра 🇯🇵 戦争のチェス
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War and Geopolitics
Roman Golovanov: Alexander Gelievich Dugin is with us, a great Russian thinker and philosopher. Alexander Gelievich, I greet you. Thank you for finding time for our broadcast.
2 500
They bet on the most brutal and wild terrorists, such as Kirill Budanov. They are convinced that the possibility of a nuclear strike by Russia is a bluff. They don’t believe in Putin, in his ideological component. They do not believe in his commitment to Russian civilization. They are extremely cynical and believe that Russia can now be finished. From their point of view, and in general from the point of view of the West, Russia lost. They believe that we lost since the ‘second army in the world’ cannot cope with the ‘twenty-second army in the world’. In any case, they believe that we have lost and we need to be finished off. At the same time, the decisions of the two parties – the ‘immediate victory of the West’ and the ‘delayed victory of the West’ often diverge: the ‘party of immediate victory’ blows up gas pipelines, and the ‘party of delayed victory’ says that the Ukrainians did it. The ‘party of immediate victory’ through its conductors, such as Kirill Budanov and other most radical figures in Ukraine, commits terrorist acts, and the ‘party of delayed victory’ says, ‘The Ukrainians did it without our knowledge.’ The entire picture of the positions of Western analysts fits completely into these three figures. When we move on to our own, to the white, the picture becomes alarming. It turns out that of the three white pieces, only one is truly white – it’s the party of victory. And the rest, seemingly on our side, either agree to immediate surrender, like many oligarchs, Westernised liberals who have openly spoken out against this war (such figures can no longer be considered ‘white pieces’, they are simply repainted or slightly tinted black), or – the most ominous – the ‘party of delayed defeat’. This position is characteristic in our society, primarily in the elite, for those who understand that under any circumstances this war cannot be ended, especially since the same black figure of the ‘party of total immediate victory’ of the West will not give us any chances but is waiting for any opportunity to make peace as soon as such an opportunity presents itself. They are the ones holding back our will to fight to victory, to fight in earnest, as is proper in war, responding to all blows with symmetrical actions and attacks. This Russian ‘party of delayed defeat’, the sixth column, is the most dangerous. It seems to me that the conflict that is brewing in our society between patriots, front-line people, volunteers, Wagner and the decision-making center in Russia is related precisely to the contradiction between our ‘party of victory’ and the ‘party of delayed defeat’. After all, the ‘party of victory’ insists that we use all forces, all resources for victory, understanding that no compromise is possible. And among our elite, and we constantly see these people, there are those who do everything possible to restrain and slow down our progress. Prigozhin constantly speaks about them. On the Tsargrad website, ratings of Russophobes are published from time to time. We are beginning to clearly identify this ‘party of delayed defeat’, to know its representatives by name. Yes, today they are not able to oppose the Special Military Operation as a whole or to challenge Putin directly. But they still hope, despite everything, to negotiate with the West. All six figures can line up in complex structures, enter into alliances and interactions, fight each other. I do not take the Ukrainians themselves, among the decision-making centers there are none at all. Ukraine in this situation is just territories – this is a chessboard. But, there are three decision-making centres on that side and three decision-making centres on our side, with all the paradoxes and contradictions.
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2 245
Roman Golovanov: Alexander Gelevich, I on your Telegram channel that outlines Russia and the collective West, NATO. Here is a chessboard, that is, a division into parties of immediate defeat (liberals), delayed defeat (fifth column), victory (patriots) – this is about Russia. The collective West – the party of immediate victory – is MI6, neocons; the party of delayed victory – Biden and the Democratic Party; and the party of indifference – this is Trump and the Republicans. Can you explain how everything can move on this board? We have 10 minutes, let’s try to fit it in. Alexander Dugin: I discussed this scheme with some of my close high-ranking friends. They told me: in principle, as always, you clearly describe what our responsible and serious decision-making center is dealing with. That’s how we see the situation. This fully corresponds to the picture with which really serious institutions in Russia are dealing with. What’s important here? When we say ‘collective West’, we often overlook these three macrofigures of the black pieces, i.e., three decision-making centers. Of course, today in the US, those who are indifferent to Russia – such as Trump, Trumpists, Tucker Carlson – are in the minority. We don’t need to consider them particularly now, but they exist, and as we move towards the elections, the influence of this party of indifference will increasingly grow. They will be making more and more claims to Biden purely on internal political grounds: why did he spend so much money on Ukraine? Why are there no bright results from the Ukrainians themselves? Why has he brought the world to the brink of nuclear war? And Biden will have to answer to this party of indifference. Besides, apart from Biden himself, who is, of course, personally responsible for this war, there are even more radical forces. I called them the ‘party of immediate victory’ of the West. They are the ones pushing for ruthless escalation: they are behind all the attacks that we are talking about and discussing today.
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BRICS countries can create currency to replace dollar, stated Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia Jesus Rafael Salazar Velasquez, while speaking on the sidelines of the second Eurasian Economic Forum in Moscow. Follow us: Telegram Facebook

Russia, Moscow, Velasquez.mp4

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Archaeologists have located an underground research facility where Japanese military scientists conducted “horrific biological weapon experiments” on human subjects during World War II in northeast China. The facility, near the city of Anda in Heilongjiang province, was the largest and most frequently used test site for the Japanese Imperial Army’s notorious Unit 731 that carried out some of the most brutal human experiments in history between 1935 and 1945. Historical records show Unit 731’s experiments at the Anda site included infecting prisoners with deadly diseases and testing new biological weapons. Some of the most gruesome studies were conducted in underground bunkers designed to contain and control the spread of infectious agents. Declassified documents later revealed the data was shared with US authorities in exchange for war crimes immunity and transferred to the US Army research centre at Fort Detrick, where it was used to develop biological weapons during the Cold War. The Anda test field Built in 1941, the Anda special test field was Unit 731’s largest, best equipped and most frequently used test site, according to the historical record. It was overseen by the Bacteriological Warfare Department which primarily experimented on living people held in special prisons. The heavily guarded test field was surrounded by barbed wire fencing. Above-ground facilities included a runway, warehouses, barracks, wells and triangular metal frames used as bombing targets. Laboratories, observation and dissection rooms, as well as holding cells were built underground to maintain secrecy and protect against air raids. The below-ground facilities included barracks, garages, bath houses, dining areas and wells, some connected by tunnels, the report said. The Anda site was destroyed by Unit 731 in August 1945 along with other facilities to erase evidence of its experiments. “Most of the surface buildings were destroyed except for the runway,” according to the archaeologists. The former commander of Unit 731’s Lin Kou branch, Sakaki Hayao, described an “extremely cruel” experiment conducted at Anda field just a few months before the Japanese surrender in his testimony to the Shenyang special military tribunal in 1956. Hayao said he saw people tied to wooden poles and exposed to anthrax through bombs filled with the bacteria that were dropped from aircraft or detonated at close range. “It was an especially brutal act.” After Japan’s surrender, the US granted immunity to the leaders of the covert unit and denied knowledge of its ghastly experiments on prisoners of war and civilians including men, women, children and even infants. These are known to have included the dissection of living subjects, frostbite and syphilis testing, as well as exposing victims to deadly diseases. The unit’s researchers developed ways to weaponise bubonic plague, anthrax, cholera and typhoid fever. There was public outrage and demands for accountability of Japan and the US when it was revealed in the 1990s that US government officials were aware of the programme and that its data was used in biological warfare development at Fort Detrick in Maryland. Dark secrets to come The researchers said their understanding of the underground facility is still preliminary, with much work still to be done before they fully understand the extent of the site. A full excavation could potentially reveal more evidence of the brutal human experiments conducted by Unit 731, they said.
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WWII ‘horror bunker’ where Japanese experimented on humans uncovered in China
Discovery of notorious Japanese army Unit 731underground biological weapons laboratory at Anda ‘could lead’ to new evidence of war crimes.
4 528
🇺🇦🙈⚖️ Politico suddenly that oligarchs affiliated with Zelensky are using the military conflict to settle scores with competitors and enrich themselves. ▪️However, the word "oligarchs" does not appear in the article - instead the journalists carefully write about "influential and politically connected players" (good wording, you can't lose your skills). ▪️The article recounts the history of Smart Holding, one of the leading industrial and investment companies in Ukraine, which, among other things, owns 23% of shares in the mining and metallurgical holding Metinvest, owned by oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. Smart Holding was founded in 2006 by another oligarch Vadim Novinsky, however after a few years he left the company, gave up all the business, and became a, uh, priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Although Smart Holding stopped trading with Russia after 2014, according to its head Yulia Kiryanova, and with the start of the UOC, the company voluntarily gave over $20 million to Kiev for military expenses, this did not save the company from accusations of "ties with the Kremlin. ▪️In the spring, massive police raids took place at the company's headquarters and regional divisions. The SBU triumphantly reported the arrest of "the property of the pro-Russian oligarch Vadim Novinsky, involved in complicity with the aggressor country". In general, it was an ordinary raider seizure, which has always been taking place in the "European" Ukraine. But then comes the tidbit: a few hours before the mask show began, some investors from Britain and the US approached the company to offer a no-cost buyout. When Kirianova mentioned legal problems, they responded with an assurance that they "could solve any problems with the President [Zelenski]'s office". The offer was rejected, after which the police raided the company and arrested all the accounts. Simple coincidence 🙏 ▪️Another typical story is the international bookmaker Parimatch, founded in the 1990s in Kiev by businessman Maxim Lyashko (not to be confused with the LGBT icon of Ukrainian politics Oleg Lyashko). Last year, the company dumped all of its assets in Russia and, again, voluntarily gave $40 million to the Kiev regime for military expenses. The result? In March, the company's license was revoked and its accounts were seized by order of the SBU. 💬"No previous [presidential] administration has accumulated so much power - limitless power - and because of the war, it remains untouchable in the eyes of the international community and the media," an unnamed Ukrainian businessman laments in the article. ✔️Unfortunately, the authors of the article were ashamed to make a final conclusion, but we will help them. The military conflict has launched in Ukraine the largest process of redistribution of assets in favor of one criminal community since the collapse of the USSR - President Zelensky and his entourage. Judging by the sad story of Smart Holding, Western capital takes a very active part in this process. However, when was it different? Source: 📱 📱
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Sanctions cause rising business fears in Ukraine
Some politically connected players may be using the war as an opportunity to enrich themselves and plunder commercial rivals.
2 246
Il ribaltamento della realta'. Dopo che la Cina e' stata vittima di ripetuti attacchi batteriologici (SARS nel 2003 e SARS-CoV-2 nel 2019, influenza aviaria e peste suina che hanno portato all'abbattimento di milioni di polli e maiali) attacchi finalizzati ad ostacolare la sua ascesa economica, indebolire e rovesciare il suo governo, la finta "controinformazione" ci racconta che la Cina e' parte attiva di una cospirazione delle elite globaliste che avrebbero individuato nella Cina l'avanguardia dei loro piani diabolici per attuare il Great Reset. Ovviamente ignorano gli sforzi che la dirigenza del partito comunista cinese ha fatto per epurare funzionari corrotti filo-occidentali, e tirare le redini a chi aveva ammassato enorme potere grazie al controllo del settore Fin-Tech. Ignorano anche lo stato non proprio roseo delle relazioni tra gli USA e la Cina, le provocazioni continue dell'Occidente a Taiwan, il fatto che gli USA considerino la Cina un avversario strategico e che abbiano destinato enormi risorse per condurre una guerra ibrida contro la Cina. Niente, sono impermeabili ai fatti. Secondo loro Cina ed elite occidentali stanno collaborando per schiavizzare il mondo e la prova provata sarebbero i pagamenti digitali di Alipay (chi li ha mai usati in Italia??) le telecamere per il riconoscimento facciale (la tecnologia cinese e' stata vietata in Occidente!) la citta' di 15 minuti (esperimento tentato a Oxford, non in Cina) il credito sociale (che i cinesi non sanno neppure cosa sia), il lockdown (che in Cina non e' servito per imporre vaccinazioni, che sono sempre rimaste una scelta personale, con vaccini tradizionali di produzione nazionale). Se ci fosse stato un complotto con Big Pharma, la Cina avrebbe acquistato i sieri Pfizer non avrebbe prodotto i propri. Invece di preoccuparsi di come pagano i cinesi, se con app sul telefono o contanti, gli italiani farebbero meglio a preoccuparsi di chi estrae ed usa i loro dati, di chi sorveglia i loro movimenti, transazioni e comunicazioni. Nella migliore delle ipotesi questa finta controinformazione attinge a fonti dell'alt-right americana senza citarle, nella peggiore e' una psyop del governo americano per seminare paura e sospetto nei confronti della Cina. Se conoscete l'inglese questo articolo apparso sulla stampa di Hong Kong cita David Martin. Lui spiega qualcosa che in Italia viene censurato e bollato come fake news, vale a dire che il Covid e' stato creato da laboratori americani per imporre la vaccinazione obbligatoria.
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US 'intentionally released Covid virus in Wuhan' EU summit told
Staff reporter The Covid-19 coronavirus was "intentionally released" by the United States in Wuhan, China, with the target to trigger a global pandemic to raise public acceptance of vaccines, a US bu...
3 813
Hungary to assume EU presidency in 2024 despite attempts at hindrance The European Parliament's decision to consider a resolution to prevent Budapest's EU presidency in 2024 is a political action by left-wing lawmakers, but Hungary will still take over the presidency, the Hungarian government told Sputnik on Thursday. On Wednesday, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga said that the European Parliament intended to vote on a resolution to prevent Budapest's EU presidency, scheduled for the second half of 2024. "This is just another political action by the European left. Hungary is a full member of the European Union. It has already held the presidency of the European Council, so the same will happen in 2024," the government said. Subscribe to @SputnikInt_unc2
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2 292
Eurasian Economic Forum Plenary Session | VK Immensely important. Speeches by leaders of the 5 nations + Xi on video. The key take away: progressive interlinking of BRI and EAEU.
Eurasian Economic Forum Plenary Session
Instead of just providing Putin's speech at this Eurasian Economic Union event we get the input from all national members, members of the..
2 055
Putin has created another air hub for Russians. "We will start on June 15. We'll see how it goes. But we think there will be sufficient demand on these routes. Through Tbilisi it will be more convenient and faster than on other routes: Georgian Airways is launching transit flights for Russians through Tbilisi to Europe. The flights will go to Milan, Paris, Vienna, Larnaca and Thessaloniki." # Join Slavyangrad chat. Your opinion matters. Join SLG 🔺 Intelligence Briefings, Strategy and Analysis, Expert Community
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2 000
US-China relations have been rocky in recent years, and China hawks gained a lot of clout in both the Trump and Biden administrations. Have they overplayed their hand? Is the US going to change tack in its efforts to contain China? Only time will tell. The U.S. State Department's top China policy official Rick Waters is stepping down. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, who has driven much of the department's approach toward China, announced on May 12 that she is retiring. And a former top official for China on Biden's National Security Council, Laura Rosenberger, stepped down earlier this year.
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US State Department's top China policy official to step down –sources
By Michael Martina and Humeyra Pamuk WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. State Department's top China policy official Rick Waters is set to step down, four sources familiar with the matter told Reuters, at a time of fraught relations between Washington and Beijing. Waters, deputy assistant secretary of State for China and Taiwan who leads the department's recently created China House policy division
2 568
🇪🇺 Will the EU end support for the Ukraine project militarily, as the Ukrainian offensive peters out – absent any gains? What will be the EU response, if invited by the U.S. to enter a munitions supply-line race against Russia? Just to be clear: restructuring the European infrastructure to a war-orientated economy carries (and costs). Existing competitive infrastructure would have to be re-purposed away from manufactures for export, to weapons. Is there the skilled manpower today to staff this? Building new weapons supply-lines is a slow complicated technical process. And this would be in addition to Europe swapping efficient energy infrastructure for new Green structures that are less efficient, less reliable, and more expensive. Is there a way out from the ‘hole’ the EU has dug for itself? Yes – it is called ‘honesty’ 🤲 💬 Read more by Alastair Crooke 🌐 Subscribe | 🌐 Join us on VK
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The EU is over-invested in the Ukrainian war-project
Ukraine is not a stand-alone foreign policy issue, but rather the pivot around which Europe’s economic prospects will rotate. Ukraine is not a stand-alone foreign policy issue, but rather the pivot around which Europe’s economic prospects will rotate. The European Union, by any standards, is over-invested in the Ukrainian war-project – and in its romance with Zelensky too. Just earlier this year, the western (and EU) narrative was that the coming post-Winter offensive by Ukraine would ‘break’ Russia and render…
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Leggendo i commenti di persone che si definiscono resistenti, dissidenti, anti-sistema, combattenti per la verita', ecc. spesso noto due tendenze, entrambe pericolose. Vi e' chi considera il gruppo BRICS una sorta di Internazionale degli oppressi che magicamente sconfiggera' i piani satanici delle elite occidentali", intesi come transumanesimo, schiavitu' digitale, obbligo vaccinale e quant'altro sia in cima alla lista delle loro preoccupazioni. Poi in posizione opposta e speculare vi sono quelli che considerano i BRICS parte di un complotto per asservire ancora di piu' la popolazione mondiale, Xi Jinping starebbe cospirando con i Dem americani, l'OMS, Bill Gates e perche' no, anche Klaus Schwab. Tutti insieme appassionatamente elaborano piani per imporre il Great Reset e il Nuovo Ordine Mondiale. Purtroppo queste narrazioni fantasiose fanno presa su chi non conosce il gruppo BRICS+ e non si e' mai preoccupato di approfondire che cosa sia e che cosa faccia. Questo e' il motivo per cui gli vengono attribuite funzioni che non ha mai preteso di avere. In poche righe per non scrivere un saggio, potrei dire che le intenzioni dei paesi fondatori di questo gruppo sono molto chiare e limpide: creare rapporti piu' equi tra gli stati, favorire gli scambi (economici, commerciali, culturali, accademici...) e gli investimenti. Tutto cio' ha come inevitabile risultato quello di porre un argine all'egemonia USA permettendo cosi' ai vari stati membri di difendere meglio i propri interessi nazionali. La de-dollarizzazione e' una delle conseguenze dell'uso del dollaro come arma da parte degli USA e di una maggiore consapevolezza dei benefici che commerciare nelle valute nazionali apporta ai vari paesi. Ultimamente si parla anche di creare una moneta comune per facilitare i pagamenti, visto che i tassi di scambio delle valute nazionali cambiano in continuazione. BRICS non e' un'organizzazione rivoluzionaria per la liberazione del proletariato o di qualche minoranza oppressa. All'interno di ogni stato sono i rapporti di forza tra le classi e i gruppi di potere a determinare la forma di governo e la distribuzione della ricchezza prodotta. Non e' che aderendo ai BRICS+ uno stato diventa magicamente socialista o democratico o tecno-fascista. Non siamo nel Paese delle Meraviglie. Nessuno puo' delegare ad organismi transnazionali il lavoro politico, duro e quotidiano, che una reale liberazione richiede.
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Eurasian Economic Forum in Moscow.
Donbass Devushka
#dedollarisation ❌💵Putin – on the de-dollarization of the world economy: Cardinal changes are taking place in the international financial sphere. And I would like to note with satisfaction that Russia manages not only to adapt, but also to become one of the leaders of these processes. We are committed to reducing the share of currencies of unfriendly countries in mutual settlements and intend to work even more actively with partners around the world and in the EURASEC. Including for a full-fledged transition to national currencies. Many other rapidly developing economies of the world, including China, India, and Latin American states, are also switching to the use of national currencies in foreign trade settlements. @DDgeopolitics
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❗️ Russia and China will rebuff the aspirations of a number of countries to impose their will using sanctions, Russian PM Mishustin said at the meeting with Xi Jinping. ▪️ Mishustin added that he is sure that Russia and China will create favorable conditions for confident progress towards their shared strategic goals. ❗️ Xi Jinping, at the meeting with Russian PM Mishustin, said that high-level relations between Russia and China are being developed, and that multifaceted cooperation is being confidently implemented ▪️ Xi Jinping also asked Mishustin to say hello to Putin, and noted that the visit of the Russian PM to China was successful. (Source: Sputnik News)
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⚡️The commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, suffered a head injury and shrapnel wounds as a result of a Russian missile strike on a command post near Kherson in early May, a representative of Russian law enforcement agencies told RIA Novosti, citing his sources in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to him, Zaluzhny was taken to Mykolaiv to provide first aid, and from there by helicopter to a military hospital in Kiev. In the Kiev military hospital, he underwent a craniotomy, the source said. He added that the condition of the commander-in-chief is complicated by the presence of a concomitant disease - diabetes mellitus of the second type. "The forecast is this: he will live, but he will not be able to do his job," the security official concluded. Some time ago, Zaluzhny stopped appearing in public. So, on May 10, it became known that he refused to take part in a meeting of the NATO Military Committee at the level of chiefs of staff. Then there were rumors that he was wounded or even killed. Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar claimed that the commander-in-chief continues to perform his duties. According to the hacker group "Joker of the DPR", citing sources in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zaluzhny underwent several complex operations and may resign for health reasons. According to hackers, information about his condition is deliberately blocked at the insistence of Kiev's Western curators so as not to undermine the spirit already demoralized by the loss of Artemovsk. On May 23, a post appeared on Zaluzhnyi's Telegram channel stating that he had a telephone conversation with the commander of the NATO Joint Armed Forces in Europe and the commander of the American army in Europe, General Christopher Cavoli. At the same time, no photo or video frames of the commander-in-chief himself were published. (Source: RIA Novosti)
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Rocchelli, nove anni senza giustizia Nel pomeriggio del 24 maggio del 2014 dal Karachun, un colle nei pressi di Slavyansk (dove allora si trovava la linea del fronte in Donbass), i militari ucraini aprirono il fuoco verso un gruppo di giornalisti che si trovavano di fronte a loro sul lato opposto del fronte, consapevoli del fatto che si trattava di persone disarmate. Sotto i colpi di mortaio sparati dai militari ucraini quel giorno morirono Andy Rocchelli, fotoreporter italiano, e il suo interprete Andrei Mironov. Negli anni a seguire in Italia verrà arrestato Vitaly Markiv, un sergente della Guardia Nazionale ucraina accusato di aver preso parte alle azioni che hanno causato la morte di Rocchelli e Mironov. Arresto che il Ministero dell’Interno ucraino definì fu una “provocazione russa”. Dopo la condanna in primo grado, la Corte d’Appello di Milano confermò la responsabilità ucraina dell’accaduto ritenendo che “l'attacco ha avuto luogo senza alcuna provocazione e offensiva, né da parte loro (dei reporter, n.d.r) né dei filorussi", appurando di fatto "l'intenzione di eliminare" i giornalisti. Eppure Markiv è tornato in patria come un eroe dopo essere stato assolto perché, oltre ogni ragionevole dubbio e per vizi di forma, non è stato possibile confermare che nel corso di quei 60 minuti (circa) in cui si sono svolti i fatti il sergente ucraino fosse effettivamente di turno presso le postazioni dalle quali è stato aperto il fuoco.
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#Germania Il canale riferisce del , che conferma i crimini di guerra ucraini. Il generale della Bundeswehr Andreas Marlow è venuto a conoscenza dei crimini di guerra, commessi dai soldati ucraini nei confronti dei prigionieri di guerra russi. L'ufficio del procuratore  generale tedesco e il ministero della Difesa tedesco non hanno risposto alle sue denunce, presentate nel febbraio 2023. 🔻 Il tenente generale Andreas Marlow dirige il Centro di addestramento speciale multinazionale sotto la cui supervisione vengono addestrati i soldati ucraini. ▫️Da mesi, Marlow cerca di avviare un'indagine federale sui crimini commessi dai militari ucraini. Nel febbraio 2023 ha presentato una domanda formale a Duscha Gmel, procuratore federale presso la Corte federale di giustizia, e una copia al ministero della Difesa tedesco. Finora le autorità non hanno risposto in alcun modo alla sua richiesta. ▫️In particolare ha sottolineato che i soldati ucraini addestrati nelle basi di Wildflecken e Hummelburg hanno ripetutamente mostrato video di torture ed esecuzioni di prigionieri di guerra russi, che confermano il coinvolgimento degli ucraini in crimini di guerra. ▫️ Sebbene decine di ufficiali tedeschi abbiano visto questi video, gli è stato ordinato di non diffondere ciò che avevano visto. La maggior parte di loro non vuole perdere i propri posti di servizio e quindi non rende pubblici i fatti dei crimini. ▫️ Secondo Marlow, gli addestratori tedeschi, che hanno lavorato con gli ucraini, ritengono che gli ucraini non siano interessati al programma di formazione offerto dalla Bundeswehr. Piuttosto, sarebbero interessati a modi per intimidire l'avversario, compresi quelli che potrebbero essere classificati come crimini di guerra. In particolare gli ucraini hanno spesso sottolineato l'efficacia delle misure punitive attuate dalle truppe delle SS nei territori occupati dell'URSS. ❗ Inoltre, gli ucraini hanno chiesto l'accesso ai documenti della Bundeswehr sulle azioni punitive, sia del presente che della seconda guerra mondiale. Secondo loro, i rappresentanti britannici hanno già condiviso con loro informazioni simili e si aspettavano lo stesso dai tedeschi. Marlow non accetta la politica di occultamento dei crimini di guerra e vuole renderla pubblica, anche se sa quanto può costargli. È convinto che i fatti di tortura debbano essere ampiamente chiariti, soprattutto perché a suo parere gli addestratori tedeschi, che hanno lavorato con gli ucraini, possono testimoniare. Il canale afferma che il tenente generale Andreas Marlow può essere contattato direttamente sul   per verificare le informazioni fornite nel post, e su richieste serie sono disposti a fornire anche il numero di telefono, previa una . ➡️
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Generalleutnant Andreas Marlow
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The Financial Times has published an op-ed saying that the G7 no longer rules the world, and that the time of American hegemony and economic dominance is over. Some repositioning of Western financial elites is to be expected, as they have realized that driving a wedge between China and Russia is much harder than they thought, and if they antagonize China their profits plunge. Betting on the US and its European vassals suddenly seems a pretty foolish course of action, better spread their bets.
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Black Rock is going to swallow Ukraine - by Valentin Katasonov ...For three decades, foreign capital has quietly taken over the natural resources of the "square"...Continued
Black Rock is going to swallow Ukraine I have repeatedly written about how foreign capital seized Ukraine. Long before the special military operation began. After February 24, 2022, the United States of America and its allies started the war against Russia, using the “square” as a springboard. The collective West pursued and pursues geopolitical goals in Ukraine, advancing NATO forces directly to the borders of our state. But no less significant for the West are economic interests in Ukraine. On the territory of the…
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