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Upgrade your planto get more opportunities for analysing and enhancing your channel!


$0 month

1 user

Analyse and acquaint yourself with the product

  • Verification of channels
  • Analysis of 5 channels per day
  • Catalog on 5M+ channels
  • Private channels collections


We recommend

$16 / month

$25 / month

Annual payment $300 $192

1 user

Everything you require for a successful promotion on Telegram.

  • All functionality of the "Free" tariff
  • Unlimited channel analysis
  • Cheater tags
  • Advertising posts for 6 months NEW
  • Tracking 3 events NEW
  • Joinio Bot service on request NEW


$38 / month

$55 / month

Annual payment $660 $456

1 user

Maximum opportunities for successful management and growth of channels in Telegram!

  • All functionality of the "Pro" tariff
  • Advertising posts for the entire period NEW
  • Tracking 5 events NEW
  • Data upload to Excel



3+ users

Provide access to a complete list of service tools for the entire team

  • All functionality of the "Advanced" or "Pro" tariff
  • Customized limits
  • To arrange a enterprise tariff, please contact us via Telegram @sales_telemetrio or write to [email protected]

Assistant bot for receiving requests to the channel. Access on request to @sales_telemetrio

The subscription becomes cost-effective from the very first day! Save your budget, don't buy ads from bot owners! We've already identified over 00 000 of fraudulent channels, and this number continues to increase daily.

Frequently asked questions

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