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❗️⚠️ A group of attack UAVs "Geran" is heading towards the Nikolaev region through the Kherson region! #Source @Slavyangrad
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I'm just gonna leave this here. The old man was no angel. Besides. hey, america? Henry Kissinger is the first and foremost gravedigger of the U.S. economy. You were once an industrialized country. @Slavyangrad
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Why does the USA think they look anything other than pathetic, when they see another country get one over in them, and then they go on to accuse that nation's leadership of "recklessness?" Also, my favorite: "unprofessional." -Zin @Slavyangrad
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🇰🇵 #diplomacy I love it when the hegemon gets fucked over. You can just imagine the surprised face, like, what's that? Our North Korean brothers, they said they launched a satellite. So they took pictures of all kinds of American stuff. That sent the Americans' blood pressure and temperature soaring. During a U.N. Security Council meeting earlier this week, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield called North Korea's satellite launch a "reckless, illegal" action that threatens its neighbors. But added that they (the US) are still willing to dialog with the DPRK without any pre-conditions. To which Comrade Kim Jong-un's sister Kim Yo-jong said, have launched, are launching and will continue to launch! Kim's sister is a topofzitop! She's throwing it into the panama of the enemy from the bottom of her heart. @Slavyangrad
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Zelensky appears to announce that Ukraine is going on the defensive after meeting with generals Taranwsky, Moskalov, and Litinov in Zaporozhye. - "Of course, this is first of all Avdevka, Mariinsky and other directions in the Donetsk region of maximum importance." - "And all of Kharkov region, and Sumy region, and Chernihov region, and Kiev region, and Rivne region, and Volyn region, and also Pivden, and Kherson region" Given the losses of Ukraine and the lack of munitions I personally doubt any ability for Ukraine to go on the offensive in 2024. They will rebuild and reconstitute for a 2025 offensive, if the military doesn't collapse in 2024. @Slavyangrad
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I knew this post would generate some conversation... It does seem like the loss of a single Lancet is not worth the expense of such a mock-up. The RF has started painting the outlines of planes on airfields, which is a lot less effective but also far lower in cost. We're seeing the evolution of tactics and countermeasures in real time. Both sides are going to attempt a pot of different strategies throughout this conflict and only after a long term process of trial and error will they figure out what works and what doesn't as well as the cost benefit analysis. What do you all think? -Zin @Slavyangrad
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@Multi_XAM ✍️⚡️🗺️ The situation in the Avdeevsky direction based on materials from the French OSINT resource Pouletvolant . The authors created a 3D model of the Avdeevka coke plant, noting the main directions of the assault operations of our troops. #Source @Slavyangrad
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/ diving out of a pile of books / А? What? They told everyone in Ukraine to build Ostwall-2? They've already built one. @Slavyangrad
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There is reason to believe that the Su-25 destroyed by the Lancet turned out to be a mock-up. This is evidenced by the atypical connection of the wings with the engines, the lack of mechanization of the wings and the crookedly made cockpit canopy. One way or another, the enemy drew conclusions after previous attacks and built a high-quality model of the Su-25, but is still unable to directly counter the Lancet flights in its rear. #Source @Slavyangrad
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Ukrainian channel Strana: The Facebook battle between the People’s Deputy from the “Servant of the People” Maryana Bezugla and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny continues. Zaluzhny reacted to a photo of volunteer Kasyanov featuring a military council with the participation of Zelensky, Syrsky and Umerov, at which the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was absent, talk about a conflict with the president has intensified recently (Zelensky denies the conflict). “Find Zaluzhny in the picture,” Kasyanov commented. Zaluzhny put a surprised emoticon under the volunteer’s post. This fact did not escape the attention of Maryana Bezugla. “Valery Fedorovich is back on Facebook. Are you a blogger? Well, really, he’s reacting to his ex like an “offended” person. There’s a war after all. General,” the people’s deputy commented on Zaluzhny’s emoticon. Last week, Bezuglaya called for the resignation of the commander-in-chief, which caused a loud scandal. Many believed that the deputy was acting on instructions from the Office of the President, but Bezuglaya herself says that criticism of Zaluzhny is her personal initiative. #Source @Slavyangrad
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