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Silencio, deixa eles cozinharem #cpf
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"Deport all immigrants" "B-but you are a second generation immigrant!!!" "Kill all the browns and niggers" "But you are brown" "All andine people are aryan btw, Hitler said that" *dies*
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Agora eu vejo Johnson... Absorver raios lunares... Goonar na caverna... Estimular o pênis, mataremos Morte!
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boa noite amigos, saberiam me informar o placar do jogo do corinthians?
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Eat raw meat Drink fresh blood Nofap Esoteric goonerism Sun your balls Present your penis to Thoth 🔗 Frasier Payne (@MeinGottNiles) 📲 @twittervid_bot
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