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Telegram stands for freedom and privacy and has many easy to use features. 
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GIFs. Telegram has thousands of high-quality GIFs – featuring scenes from your favorite movies and shows. Open the GIF section of your to see what’s trending, search for something specific, or browse the themed tabs to find one that matches an emotion. Simply tap to send, or press and hold to preview the full image – and add it to your saved GIFs or for a later time.

GIF Panel 2022.mp4

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Save to Gallery. Automatically save incoming media to your gallery in Settings > Data and Storage. You can control it by chat type – with the option to enable it separately for users, groups or channels. On iOS, go to Settings > Data and Storage > Save Incoming Photos.

Save to Gallery.mp4

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Animated Profile Pictures on macOS. Create a custom, looping on macOS from your favorite animated stickers and emoji – complete with and patterns. You can add one to your own account, or create them for groups and channels – quickly giving any chat a personalized icon.

Profile Pic Creator macOS.mp4

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External Sharing. Users can directly share to Telegram from other apps – saving time and . On iOS, you can follow the status of your upload with an animated progress bar.

External Sharing iOS OPT.mp4

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Preview Chats. Press and hold the profile picture of any chat to view its messages – without marking them as read. You can scroll in the preview window to see more of the chat history, or use the menu buttons to quickly pin, mute or mark as read.

Chat Preview Android OPT.mp4

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Doubled Limits. With Telegram Premium, you get increased limits for almost everything in the app. Follow 1000 channels, create 20 folders with 200 chats each, add a fourth account to any app, pin 10 chats in the main list, save 10 favorite stickers – and more.

Doubled Limits OPT.mp4

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Premium Icons. Premium users have 3 more app icons to choose from – a premium star, turbo plane, and night sky. All Android and iOS users have several default icon options, like Vintage and Aqua in Settings > Chat Settings (Android) or Settings > Appearance (iOS).

App Icons zoom OPT.mp4

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2 247
No Ads in Public Channels. Sponsored Messages are shown in some large public channels. These advertisments help support Telegram’s costs, but are hidden for Premium subscribers.

No Ads Android OPT.mp4

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1 946
Profile Badges. Premium subscribers have a special badge that appears next to their name in the chat list, chat headers, member lists in groups, and on their profile.

Premium Badge iOS.mp4

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1 979
Animated Profile Pictures. The of Premium users animate throughout the app – including in chats and the chat list.

Animated Prof Pic iOS OPT.mp4

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1 839
Auto-Archive and Mute. Premium users can set new chats from non-contacts to automatically go to their with notifications disabled. Enable this setting via Settings > Privacy and Security > Archive and Mute. This option will also appear for any free users who have many chats with non-contacts.

Auto Archive iOS OPT.mp4

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1 977
Default Chat Folder. With Telegram Premium, you can change your default folder from All Chats to a , like Work or Unread. To change it, press and hold a folder, tap Reorder, then drag a new folder to the first space.

Change Default Folder Android OPT.mp4

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1 936
Premium Reactions. Several unique are available to Premium users – like 👌😍❤️‍🔥🤡💯🐳🌭. All users can increase the count of these emoji on a message after a Premium user reacts with one.

Premium Reactions Android.mp4

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2 129
Premium Stickers. Premium subscribers can send dozens of stickers with full-screen effects – which can be seen by all users. More from Telegram artists are added every month.

Premium Sticker iOS.mp4

3 688 702
2 023
Transcribe Voice Messages. Premium users can tap the →A button to quickly read a voice message or copy text from the audio. You can also rate the transcription to help improve accuracy – tap the voice message on Android, or press and hold on iOS.

Voice to Text Android OPT.mp4

3 653 020
2 222
Faster Download Speed. Telegram Premium unlocks the fastest possible download speed – loading media and saving files as fast as your network allows.

Faster Download Speed iOS.mp4

3 762 002
1 951
4 GB File Uploads. Telegram Premium subscribers can send media and files each up to 4 GB in size – which all users can download.

4GB Uploads OPT.mp4

3 676 214
1 708
Telegram Premium lets users support the app and unlock exclusive features like: ⭐️ 4 GB Uploads ⭐️ Faster Download Speed ⭐️ Transcribing Voice Messages ⭐️ Premium Stickers ⭐️ Premium Reactions ⭐️ Default Chat Folders ⭐️ Auto-Archiving Chats All existing features will remain free, and new features for all users will be added in every update. To see the full list of Premium features, go to Settings > Telegram Premium.

Premium Star OPT.mp4

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Telegram now has over 700 million users and is one of the world’s top 5 most-used apps. To read more about this milestone and the future of Telegram, check out our .
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Picture-in-Picture Playback. Continue watching videos while you browse other chats or even other apps. Tap or click the PiP icon in the media viewer to switch to picture-in-picture mode, and pinch or drag to resize the player window. To close the window, drag it off screen or tap the . On iOS, drag the player to the side of your screen to hide the video and keep listening to its audio.

Android PiP.mp4

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19 283
Bot Admins. Some are built for use in and – to help moderators or add fun features. Bots can be added directly to chats from their profile, letting you instantly configure their . Bots can be added to groups as members or admins, but can only be added to channels as admins.

iOS Bot Admins.mp4

8 815 160
3 500
Bot Interfaces. Developers can create infinitely flexible interfaces for using JavaScript. With these, bots can replace any website – like online stores, games and services. Interface elements can update in real time, changing to match a or . Check out to see them in action.

Web Bots iOS Optimized.mp4

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4 540
Replies in Forwarded Messages. Select messages to them to another chat. Forwards show to keep the full context of the conversation. You can control whether forwarded messages to your account in Settings > Privacy and Security.

Replies in Forwards Android.mp4

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2 802
Silence or Mute Notifications. Disable alert sounds from a chat or turn off notifications completely. Select ‘Mute for’ on Android or ‘Mute until’ 🔔 on iOS to set a custom mute duration – pausing notifications for a specific period. You can also quickly mute chats from your .

Android Custom Mute Optimized.mp4

6 973 250
4 730
Notification Sounds. Tap short audio files or voice messages and select 'Save for Notifications' to create custom alert tones that sync across your devices – like the 20+ sounds available . You can set unique tones for individual chats, or entire groups of chats. Add and manage tones via Settings > Notifications and Sounds or in specific chats. On Android, tap ⋮ > Mute > Customize in a chat header. On iOS, tap Mute > Customize from a chat’s info page.

Notification Sounds Android.mp4

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4 241
Browser Previews. Anyone can open
links to see profiles, posts or entire in their browser – even if they haven’t signed up for Telegram yet. These previews include buttons to quickly download Telegram for and , or to open it in .

Browser Previews.mp4

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20 606
Phone Number Links. Post or share a
link anywhere to let others quickly contact you, based on your phone number. These links follow your settings – if a user isn’t allowed to find you by your number, the link will not work for them. To create a more anonymous
link for yourself, add a in Settings.

Phone Number Links.mp4

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Streaming Software Support. Broadcast live video in and from external programs like OBS and XSplit to add extra inputs, graphics and more. Select ‘Stream with…’ when starting your broadcast, then paste the details into your preferred streaming software.

Stream With Other Apps.mp4

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8 137
Browse Your Gallery. Quickly access specific folders in your gallery like videos, screenshots and favorites. On Android, pull the attachment panel to the top of your screen and tap Gallery to select a folder from the menu. On iOS, tap the 🔍 at the top of the panel to show all your albums.

Browse Gallery 3.mp4

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4 279
Preview Media Albums. After selecting multiple items in the 📎 attachment menu, tap selected’ to preview the message before sending. Drag an item to change its place in the album, add a or remove selected media.

Android Album Preview Attachment.mp4

9 970 871
3 934
Download Manager. Control your media and file downloads from the Downloads tab in , or tap the ⬇️ icon that appears in the chat list when you have active downloads. Pause and resume all downloads or individual items – and select one to view it in chat. On iOS, you can select an item to raise its priority, so it will be downloaded first.

iOS Download Manager.mp4

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