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Hide Members in Groups. Admins of groups with 100+ members can hide the member list to give participants more privacy. If members are hidden, only admins will be listed on the group’s info page. If an admin is , they will not be included in the list. To hide the member list, go to the Group’s Info Page > Edit > Members > Hide Members.

Hide Members in Groups OPT.mp4

3 545 518
6 257
Public Profile Photos. Telegram’s give users full control over their visibility, including who is able to see their profile photos. Adding any restrictions or exceptions for your profile photo unlocks the option to set a public photo that will be shown to everyone that can’t see your . To change who can see your , last seen time, profile photo and more, go to Settings > Privacy and Security.

Public Photo iOS.mp4

4 339 693
3 253
Suggest Profile Photos. Photos and videos you take can be suggested to contacts, letting them add it to their profile in two taps. Suggested photos become the user’s main profile photo – if you want to set something personal, you can instead.

Suggest Photos Android.mp4

3 212 441
1 623
Replace Profile Photos. The profile photos of your contacts are replaceable – you can set another photo or video for them that only you will see. To replace a contact's photo, open their Profile > Edit > Set Photo for Contact. You can also suggest them a profile photo.

Replace Photos iOS OPT.mp4

3 032 040
2 400
2 978 488
1 933
Media Editor. Drawings, text, stickers, shapes and more can be added to both photos and videos in the media editor. The default brush automatically smooths your lines and changes width based on drawing speed. Other tools let you draw arrows, add a blur effect or erase. Text has various font and background options – and all users can include , even if they don’t subscribe to Telegram Premium.

Drawing Tools iOS.mp4

4 732 731
4 959
4 325 216
2 663
Temporary QR Codes. Any user can quickly share their contact info with others by generating a from the Settings page. If you don’t have a and from everyone, the QR codes you generate will be temporary – working for just a few minutes. Temporary QR codes never share your phone number, only your .

Temporary QR Android.mp4

10 755 196
14 805
Detailed Storage Usage. You can see how much space each chat is using on your device and clear the media of individual chats from your cache, filtered by file type. Clearing your cache does not delete any messages or media from your chats – they stay in the chat history, ready to re-download when you need them. The page has several settings to maximize storage space – like automatically removing older media from your cache, as well as a maximum cache size .

Android Detailed Storage Usage OPT.mp4

9 254 926
3 047
Emoji Search. Type a keyword like
or an emoji like 👋 into the search bar of the emoji panel to find an exact emotion, or to see matching suggestions from all your . You can also type like
or :
in the message bar to get suggestions right from your keyboard. Emoji keywords are available in multiple languages – and anyone can add their shortcut suggestions on our .

Emoji Search iOS OPT.mp4

5 936 541
3 018
Aggressive Anti-Spam. Admins in groups of 200+ members can enable Aggressive Anti-Spam to unleash the full force of Telegram’s experienced anti-spam algorithms in their chat. These algorithms are more precise and efficient than third-party bots, and allow admins to report false positives from the Recent Actions page to further train the tools.

Anti Spam iOS.mp4

4 912 344
2 440
Global Auto-Delete. Set messages to in all new chats via Settings > Privacy and Security > Auto-Delete Messages. From the same page, you can quickly enable auto-delete for any other chats in just a few taps.

iOS Auto-Delete OPT.mp4

4 391 233
2 097
Anonymous Numbers. Sign up without a SIM card or make your more incognito with an anonymous number from . These numbers don’t receive calls or SMS – instead, your login code is always available in the My Anonymous Numbers section of . Like , ownership of anonymous numbers is tied to your TON wallet in the blockchain and can be sold or traded to others.

Anonymous-Login-Android OPT.mp4

3 393 091
3 458
Topics. Large groups of 1000+ members can enable topics in Group Settings to organize their discussion into separate spaces. Each topic works like a chat – with its own shared media and notification settings, supporting powerful features like , , and more. The group’s service messages and pre-topic message history are included in the default General topic. Admins can rename this topic or hide it from the main list.

Android Topics 2 OPT.mp4

3 345 785
2 210
9 041 534
11 344
Collectible Usernames. Acquire and exchange unique usernames on a , secured by the TON blockchain. In addition to a , any user can have multiple collectible ones that can be assigned to their profile, group or channel – or reserved for later use. Collectibles have the same features as basic usernames – they appear in results, can be used for , and have their own

Android Usernames.mp4

8 669 053
3 851
9 947 135
17 357
Infinite Reactions. All users have access to dozens of reaction emoji like 👍🤣🔥❤️👏🐳⚡️🏆 from an expandable menu in groups and 1-on-1 chats. Premium users can react with up to 3 emoji on any message and can use any – for thousands more possibilities.

Android Infinite Reactions OPT.mp4

8 939 431
4 008
5 182 792
9 936
1 573 669
1 531
1 975 639
2 550
1 156 926
1 279
GIFs. Telegram has thousands of high-quality GIFs – featuring scenes from your favorite movies and shows. Open the GIF section of your to see what’s trending, search for something specific, or browse the themed tabs to find one that matches an emotion. Simply tap to send, or press and hold to preview the full image – and add it to your saved GIFs or for a later time.

GIF Panel 2022.mp4

7 003 785
11 703
Save to Gallery. Automatically save incoming media to your gallery in Settings > Data and Storage. You can control it by chat type – with the option to enable it separately for users, groups or channels. On iOS, go to Settings > Data and Storage > Save Incoming Photos.

Save to Gallery.mp4

2 928 632
3 276
Animated Profile Pictures on macOS. Create a custom, looping on macOS from your favorite animated stickers and emoji – complete with and patterns. You can add one to your own account, or create them for groups and channels – quickly giving any chat a personalized icon.

Profile Pic Creator macOS.mp4

1 002 585
1 025
External Sharing. Users can directly share to Telegram from other apps – saving time and . On iOS, you can follow the status of your upload with an animated progress bar.

External Sharing iOS OPT.mp4

936 398
Preview Chats. Press and hold the profile picture of any chat to view its messages – without marking them as read. You can scroll in the preview window to see more of the chat history, or use the menu buttons to quickly pin, mute or mark as read.

Chat Preview Android OPT.mp4

897 043
1 169
Doubled Limits. With Telegram Premium, you get increased limits for almost everything in the app. Follow 1000 channels, create 20 folders with 200 chats each, add a fourth account to any app, pin 10 chats in the main list, save 10 favorite stickers – and more.

Doubled Limits OPT.mp4

1 373 040
1 892
Premium Icons. Premium users have 3 more app icons to choose from – a premium star, turbo plane, and night sky. All Android and iOS users have several default icon options, like Vintage and Aqua in Settings > Chat Settings (Android) or Settings > Appearance (iOS).

App Icons zoom OPT.mp4

987 988
1 081
No Ads in Public Channels. Sponsored Messages are shown in some large public channels. These advertisments help support Telegram’s costs, but are hidden for Premium subscribers.

No Ads Android OPT.mp4

1 684 202
1 283
Last updated: 10.11.22
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