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Telegram stands for freedom and privacy and has many easy to use features. 
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Bots. Perform tasks and access services built on Telegram’s open Bot Platform. Use the Bot Menu or enter text to send your command, and the Bot will instantly process your request. Any developer can build these chat-based applications that run directly inside Telegram for anything from online stores to arcade games. Bots have unique links and can be found in search – like the official Sticker Bot, Gmail Bot, and more.

Bots Search Change.mp4

804 268
1 402
Public Groups and Channels. All groups and channels are private by default, but you can make them public and open for any user to join or subscribe. Public groups and channels appear in Global Search results, can reach an unlimited audience and host massive communities for any interest – from cats to cryptocurrency. You must be the chat owner to change the group or channel type. On Android tap the Chat Header > ✏️ > Group/Channel Type. On iOS tap the Chat Header > Edit > Group/Channel Type.

Public Groups and Channels.mp4

9 911 124
16 839
Record Live Video. Admins can record Live Streams and Video Chats to save and share after the broadcast. Video can be recorded in portrait or landscape orientations, and after the recording is stopped or the broadcast ends, the file is instantly uploaded to the admin’s Saved Messages. You can start recording from any device – simply tap or to open the broadcast menu.

Record Live Video square.mp4

6 419 219
4 663
Group Read Receipts. In groups, your message is marked as read as soon as one member opens it. You can then select your message to see which group members have read it. To protect users’ privacy, read receipts in groups are only stored for 7 days after the message was sent.

Group Read Receipts Square.mp4

5 169 523
2 716
Interactive Emoji. Send and tap a single 🎆🎉🎈👍💩 or ❤️ in any private chat to unleash a fullscreen effect. When both users have the chat open, the animations and vibrations play simultaneously on their devices. You can tell that your friend also sees the animation from their watching status.

Interactive Emoji Square.mp4

4 447 861
5 917
Chat Themes. In 1-on-1 chats, you can apply a specific theme just for that chat – giving it a distinct look and feel. Every theme has its own day and night version, with gradient message bubbles, animated backgrounds and unique patterns. Chat themes sync across your devices, and also are applied for your chat partner. To choose a chat theme on Android, tap > Change Colors. On iOS, tap the Chat Header > More > Change Colors.

Chat Themes Square.mp4

4 279 386
2 971
Sticker Suggestions. Type a single emoji in the message bar to instantly see dozens of relevant stickers for any situation. You can quickly find the emoji you’re looking for with emoji suggestions and shortcuts – no scrolling required.

Android Sticker Suggest.mp4

7 189 316
8 858
Trending Sticker Bar. Above your Recently Used stickers, you’ll find the latest packs from professional artists. You can scroll the bar to take a look at the thumbnails, then tap to preview and add packs to your panel. Trending Stickers can also be found under the (+) button in the panel.

Trending Stickers Tip.mp4

6 734 268
2 847
Jump to Next Unread Channel. There are millions of channels on Telegram that post news, videos, memes and more. When you reach the bottom of a channel, you can swipe up to immediately switch to your next unread channel – without going back to your chat list. If you use Folders or Archived Chats to organize your chat list, the app will first show you channels from the Current Folder, then your Other Folders, then from All Chats, and lastly your Archive.

Jump to Next Channel.mp4

5 644 734
3 412
Flexible Forwarding. Tap Forward Message above the message bar to open a preview window and customize how the messages will appear. Hide sender names, hide captions from media messages, deselect messages or change the recipient if you tapped the wrong chat. In your Privacy and Security settings, you can control whether your own messages include a link to your profile when forwarded with your name visible.


4 873 884
6 005
Live Streams in Channels. Start a Live Stream in your channel to broadcast video and audio or share your screen with unlimited viewers from any device – mobile or desktop. On Android, open the Channel Profile > ⋮ > Start Live Stream. On iOS, open the Channel Profile > Live Stream. On Desktop, tap the 💬 icon in the top bar of the Channel. On macOS, tap … in the top bar of the Channel > Live Stream.

live streams.mp4

4 377 527
3 916
Message Sending Animations. Text, stickers, emoji and voice messages fly into the chat when you hit send – jumping from your keyboard with energy-efficient animations.

Message Animations TIP.mp4

7 567 077
12 955
Precision Drawing. When decorating photos or videos in the media editor, your brush will automatically decrease in size as you zoom in – making it easy to draw fine details. To manually change the size of your brush, simply drag the dot up from the color selector.

Precision Drawing TIP.mp4

7 659 981
6 323
Video Playback Speeds. You can watch videos in the media player at 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x or 2x speeds. Multiple playback speeds are also available for audio – including voice messages and podcasts.

Video Playback Speed TIP.mp4

5 475 651
2 580
Screen Sharing in Video Calls. During video calls, you can share your camera feed or video from your screen – with sound. In group video calls, you can share both your camera and screen at the same time. To share your screen, simply tap the video button and select your screen as the video source.

SS with Sound Tip.mp4

5 109 150
4 178
Video Messages. Say hi and share quick moments with short high resolution videos – without opening your camera app. Tap a video message to expand it and turn on sound, and tap it again to fast-forward or rewind the message. Audio from your device keeps playing as you record, and you can pinch to zoom in when recording with the rear camera. To start recording, simply tap the microphone icon in the message bar to switch to video.

VM 2.0 Tip.mp4

5 142 439
3 864
Custom Animated Backgrounds. Choose any 3 or 4 colors to make an algorithmically generated chat background. Just like custom themes, you can share your animated backgrounds with other users to give their chats a new look. To choose a preset background or design your own, go to Chat Settings > Change Background on Android, or Appearance > Chat Background on iOS.

Create Animated Backgrounds v2 TIP.mp4

9 547 044
17 326
Bot Menu. In chats with bots, quickly send commands using the menu button – it lists several options with short descriptions to get you started. Bot developers can create customized commands that change based on a user’s interface language, chat type or admin status.

Bot Menu TIP.mp4

5 629 976
3 649
Screen Sharing in Group Video Calls. In group video calls you can broadcast video from your screen or camera – or both at the same time. On desktop, you can even select a specific program to broadcast. Video from your screen includes audio, and screensharing is also available in 1-on-1 video calls. To share your screen, tap or in any app and select it from the menu.

Screen Sharing TIP.mp4

6 410 730
5 287
Animated Backgrounds. All default themes have algorithmically generated chat wallpapers – with swirling colors that move as you send messages. You can choose from several preset backgrounds built by our designers, or create your own in the theme editor. To see all the default options, go to Chat Settings > Change Background on Android, or Appearance > Chat Background on iOS.

Animated Backgrounds square.mp4

4 250 606
2 785
Group Calls on Desktop. Voice and video chats on desktop open in a separate window, so you can talk and type at the same time. When you share your screen, you can choose an individual program to broadcast or your whole screen. On desktop, when someone starts sharing their screen, that video feed will be pinned automatically.

Group Video on Desk TIP.mp4

5 601 765
7 753
Group Calls on Tablets. Group video calls are optimized for all platforms – on tablets, tap to open the side panel, which shows a dynamic split-screen view in both portrait and landscape mode. Noise Suppression is enabled by default, keeping everyone’s audio clear and crisp from any device or location. You can enable or disable your noise suppression in the voice chat settings.

Group Video on Tablets TIP.mp4

2 999 122
3 792
Video Chats. Turn on your camera or share your screen in group chats with an unlimited number of viewers. Tap any user’s video to make it fullscreen and pin it to keep that feed focused as other users join the call. Video Chats are optimized for all devices – for a bigger screen and more display options, try them on your tablet or desktop.

Group Video Calls TIP.mp4

8 762 967
8 588
Blogs and Instant View. is a streamlined tool for creating blogs and articles in your browser. You can add images or videos and format text on both mobile and desktop. Sign in with the @telegraph bot to view stats and edit all your articles from any device. Instant View is available for all links and many news sites – automatically opening the page in your app with zero load times. Each user can customize their settings with different font styles and themes. On Android, your Instant View theme matches your app theme.
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Telegraph and IV v3.mp4

6 424 497
9 732
Personal Pinned Messages. Bookmark important info and memorable moments in one-on-one chats by pinning them for both people – or for yourself only. Tap the top bar to jump through past pins, or open them all in a separate list to quickly find your favorites.

private pins v4.mp4

6 408 899
14 220
Android Direct Download. Telegram for Android is available directly from our website. It automatically updates and is likely to receive new versions faster than apps on the Play Store and App Store. Telegram apps support reproducible builds – any user can verify that their app is built with the exact same open source code that is published online.

Direct Download TIP V2.mp4

6 884 584
12 969
Telegram Web. Open Telegram in your browser on any device – desktop or mobile. Telegram Web supports your favorite features like animated stickers, dark mode and chat folders, and is incredibly efficient – requiring only a 400 KB download and no installation. Like our Desktop apps, Telegram Web is standalone. Once you log in, you do not need to keep your phone nearby or connected to the internet.

Telegram Web TIP.mp4

9 595 944
5 758
Pinch to Zoom Media. Instantly expand photos and videos in chats by pinching to zoom in – without opening them in the media player.

Pinch to Zoom TIP.mp4

4 768 604
4 125
Fast-Forward and Rewind Videos. In the media player, press and hold on the right or left side of the screen to fast-forward and rewind – or double-tap to skip 10 seconds in either direction. On iOS, press and hold the +/- 15s buttons.

Fast Forward Rewind Video TIP 2.mp4

8 157 986
4 097
Voice Chat Profiles. Tap on a user in the list of voice chat participants to see their full bio and expanded profile pictures. You can also change your picture and edit your bio right from the interface, without minimizing the chat.

Voice Chat Profiles.mp4

3 978 153
2 608
Voice Chat Reminders. After a voice chat is scheduled, you can tap on the countdown banner to receive a notification when the chat starts – even if it goes live at a different time.

Voice Chat Reminders TIP.mp4

3 773 170
2 084
Scheduled Voice Chats. Group and Channel admins can schedule a voice chat for a specific date and time. Users will see a countdown at the top of the chat, which they can tap to set a notification for when it goes live. To schedule a voice chat, open the Group or Channel’s profile page. Android: tap ⋮ > Start Voice Chat > Schedule Voice Chat iOS: tap Voice Chat > Schedule Voice Chat

Schedule Voice Chats TIP.mp4

4 850 799
5 006
Payments. Merchants can display goods and accept credit card payments in any chat. Telegram charges no commission and stores no payment info – see how it works with our demo items in @TestStore. Transactions are securely processed by 8 payment providers, such as Stripe. Any merchant can start using the Payments API right away – no application or approval necessary.

Payments TIP.mp4

4 360 381
3 700
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