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The official Telegram on Telegram. Much recursion. Very Telegram. Wow. 
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A new contest starts this week – with prizes from our €250,000 pool for Quiz Competitions. Contest Task: Create a set of 3 Quizzes that can be used to test a person's knowledge of the English Language, their Mathematical Ability and their capacity for Spatial & Logical Thinking. To participate, you must first register here and complete a test task that takes place on January 9th at 16:00 UTC. More about this contest:
Aptitude Test Contest
The task in this contest is to create a set of three Quizzes that can be used to test a person's knowledge of the English…
1 191 423
The end of the year is normally a time to look back at the past 12 months. Instead, our founder Pavel Durov has just announced his strategy for making Telegram sustainable, to continue providing you with great features for decades to come.
Durov's Channel
As Telegram approaches 500 million active users, many of you are asking the question – who is going to pay to support this growth? After all, more users mean more expenses for traffic and servers. A project of our size needs at least a few hundred million dollars per year to keep going. For most of Telegram’s history, I paid for the expenses of the company from my personal savings. However, with its current growth Telegram is on track to reach billions of users and to require appropriate funding. When a tech project reaches this scale, typically there are two options – start earning money to cover the costs, or sell the company. Hence the question – which path will Telegram take? I’d like to make a few points to clarify our plan: 1. We are not going to sell the company like the founders of Whatsapp. The world needs Telegram to stay independent as a place where users are respected and high-quality service is ensured. Telegram must continue to serve the world as an example of a tech company that strives for…
3 609 672
Today's update adds Voice Chats, creating a seamless integration of text and talk in groups. Members can join and leave these open conference calls at any time for a bit of spontaneous conversation alongside their usual text messages and media. As the calendar turns over to 2021, we'll be busy taking in your feedback and improving Voice Chats with features like video and screen sharing at the top of our list. To read about all the features in this update, like SD Card Storage for Android and more, check out the full post on our blog:
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Voice Chats Done Right
Today, Telegram groups get an entire new dimension with Voice Chats – persistent conference calls that members can join and leave as they please. Our 12th update in 2020 brings them to you just in time for remote Christmas carols.
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