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The official Telegram on Telegram. Much recursion. Very Telegram. Wow. 
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Additionally, iOS has redesigned Appearance settings – including new themes for the entire app, each with a Day and Night Mode, colorful animated background and gradient message bubbles. You can personalize these themes with custom colors and patterns, and tap Chat Themes to edit and share your designs. These new global themes will be available on Android in future updates. Our latest blog contains the full details about this feature and others – including instant media captions, transit times, new interactive emoji, and more. November 2021 updates: 123
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Global Themes iOS.mp4

1 421 772
2 123
Also in this update, users can join and create closed communities with the new Admin Approval setting for invite links. When opening these links, potential members can send a Join Request, which must be approved by an admin before that user can access the group or channel. Bot developers now have the tools to create bots that can share invite links and approve potential members – or even give them special tasks before they are allowed to join.

Join Requests.mp4

1 489 647
1 881
Telegram’s latest update lets you time travel through years of Shared Media in any chat by dragging the date bar and pinching to zoom in or out. From there, tap the bar to open a new calendar view with media previews for each day. For detailed info about these features, check out our full blog post.

Shared Media Denis.mp4

1 616 857
3 009
Chat Themes, Interactive Emoji, Read Receipts in Groups and Live Stream Recording 8 new themes are available for you to apply in specific private chats –  each has day and night versions and colorful animated backgrounds with unique patterns. Animated Emoji for 🎆🎉🎈👍💩 and ❤️ now have fullscreen effects in private chats – tap to watch new animations that are synced for both users when they have the chat open. Small group chats now have detailed read receipts for your messages, showing which members have seen it. Admins in Live Streams and Video Chats can record video (and audio) in either portrait or landscape orientation to upload and share later on. More about this update:
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Chat Themes, Interactive Emoji, Read Receipts in Groups and Live Stream Recording
Today's update lets you set different themes for individual chats, share your feelings with loved ones using interactive emoji with fullscreen effects, record video and audio from live broadcasts, and see detailed read receipts in groups.
3 865 819
10 588
Live Streams, Flexible Forwarding, Jump to Next Channel and Trending Stickers Telegram has been steadily developing for 8 years, and in celebration, here comes version 8.0 🥳 Live video is now available in Channels – and streams in both Groups and Channels support unlimited viewers. We've added a new preview window for Forwarded Messages with customization options like hiding sender names or hiding captions on media messages. You can now quickly read posts from all your channels – without going back to your chat list. At the bottom of a channel, pull up and the feed will automatically switch to your next unread one. Trending Stickers have a new place in the sticker panel, right above your Recently Used, that you can use to browse and add packs. Users browsing in their sticker panel now show the status ‘choosing a sticker’ in chat (like typing…) to let you know their response is coming soon. To see these features in action and read about other additions like bigger sticker thumbnails, new animated emoji and more, check out our blog:
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Live Streams, Flexible Forwarding, Jump to Next Channel, Trending Stickers and More
Telegram 8.0 brings live streams with unlimited viewers to groups and channels, options to remove captions from media and hide sender names when forwarding, an easy way to jump to the next unread channel without going back to your chat list, an improved sticker panel, new animated emoji and more.
3 407 526
5 932
Video Calls with up to 1000 Viewers, Video Playback Speed, High Quality Video Messages, Screen Sharing With Sound, and More Group Video Calls have leveled up and can now have 1000 viewers – in addition to the 30 broadcasters and unlimited audio-only listeners. The media player has new 0.5x, 1.5x and 2x playback speed options, which you can enable when watching videos in fullscreen. Video Messages record in higher resolution and you can tap a video message to expand it – while tapping again allows you to fast-forward or rewind. When recording video messages, device audio will keep playing in the background, and you can zoom in when using the rear camera. Screen Sharing has also been added to 1-on-1 video calls, and now includes device audio in both individual and group video calls. And that’s just the beginning – there are a dozen more features on our blog, as well as plenty of jokes and stunning demo videos. Click here to see more about Precision Drawing Tools, Desktop’s Photo Editor, a new In-App Camera on iOS and more:
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Video Calls with up to 1000 Viewers, Video Messages 2.0, Video Playback Speed and More
This update takes video to the next level. Group video calls now have up to 1000 viewers, video messages record in higher quality and can be expanded, regular videos may be watched at 0.5 or 2x speed. We've also added screen sharing with sound to all video calls, including 1-on-1 calls — and much more.
3 290 927
9 014
Animated Backgrounds and More Animated Backgrounds have been added to all default themes. These new wallpapers swirl as you chat, thanks to a little algorithmic magic. 🧙‍♂️ Find your favorite from the dozens of new presets or build your own in the editor. There’s much more motion as well – stickers and emoji now jump from your keyboard into the chat with new animations. On iOS, this also applies to media and text messages. To see everything this update has in store, including new bot and security features, as well as importing stickers from other apps, take a look at the full blog post:
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Animated Backgrounds
In addition to Group Video Calls, this update adds animated backgrounds and message sending animations, as well as a new menu button for bots, new ways to import stickers, reminders to help keep your account safe, and more.
3 173 209
8 490
Group Video Calls and More Voice Chats in groups now support video – both from your camera and by sharing your screen. Up to 30 people at a time can chat with video, and we’re already working to expand this soon. Group video calls are optimized for all devices, with dynamic display options for tablets and desktop. Enjoy the improved audio quality thanks to built-in noise suppression. For more info and video demos, see our blog:
Group Video Calls
Today's update lets you turn on your camera or share your screen during Voice Chats in groups – on all devices, including tablets and desktops. This brings voice chats to a whole new level, ready for online classes, business meetings and family gatherings.
1 304 525
3 956
Last updated: 27.11.21
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