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Since the beginning of the war, more than 2000 civilians have been killed by Russian missiles, according to official data. Help us protect Ukrainians from missiles - provide max military assisstance to Ukraine #Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine
For all the changes in this update, including new animations and thematic icons on Android, as well as an improved login flow, check out our latest blog post: September Features •  • More
Infinite Reactions, Emoji Statuses and Much More
Telegram's previous update revolutionized emoji, adding an open platform for creating custom animated emoji. This update gives you even more ways to use these new emoji to express how you're feeling – with infinite reactions and emoji statuses.
1 585 433
1 176
Android users can now reorder items in the , changing their download priority. This was already available on iOS – press and hold any item and select ‘Prioritize Download’. September Features •  • 4 • 

Android Prioritize.mp4

1 451 186
Usernames for public , and have their own
links. For more flexibility, you can also use the new format
September Features •  • 3 •  • 
1 211 320
1 358 227
All users get a new expandable reaction menu – and dozens of new reactions in groups and 1-on-1 chats. Premium users can add up to 3 reactions per message – including any of the tens of thousands of . September Features 1 •  •  •  • 

Android Infinite Reactions OPT.mp4

1 389 578
For all the changes in this update – like more interactive emoji, extra reactions and a new sticker panel on iOS, check out our latest blog: August Features: • More
Telegram Emoji Platform, Custom Animated Emoji Packs, Gifting Telegram Premium, and More
Today's update introduces the Telegram Emoji Platform, animated emoji in messages and captions, custom emoji packs, the ability to give Telegram Premium as a gift, a new privacy setting for voice messages – and more.
2 434 887
3 070
2 255 902
1 141
1 921 353
1 861 542
1 859 561
Over 100 improvements and a dozen more features are also in this update. For all the details on new app icons, animated profile pictures, improved external sharing and more, check out the full blog: June Features: •  •  • More
700 Million Users and Telegram Premium
Telegram now has over 700 million monthly active users. Today we're launching Telegram Premium – a subscription that lets you support Telegram's continued development and gives access to exclusive additional features.
1 952 235
2 501
Today’s update has several free features for everyone – and so will all future updates. Scroll back in chat previews on Android, enable join requests for public groups, or add media to your bot description.  June Features: •  •  • 4

Android Chat Preview OPT.mp4

1 334 164
Premium users can tap →A to quickly convert voice messages to text – for those times when reading is more convenient. June Features: •  • 3 • 

voice to text ios OPT.mp4

1 140 361
Premium also includes unique stickers with full-screen animations that are visible to all users. More than 10 premium reactions were added, like 👌😍❤️‍🔥🤡💯🐳🌭. June Features: • 2 •  • 

Premium Sticker iOS.mp4

1 301 511
Telegram’s latest update introduces Telegram Premium. Users can subscribe to help support Telegram and unlock exclusive features – like 4 GB file uploads and doubled chat limits. June Features: 1 •  •  • 

4GB Uploads iOS OPT.mp4

1 312 386
For all the new features (and animated emoji) from this update – like improvements to translation, picture-in-picture and forwarded messages, check out our full blog post: April Features: • More
Notification Sounds, Bot Revolution and More
Today's update adds creating your own notification tones, setting custom durations for muting chats or auto-deleting messages, as well as supercharged bots ready to outshine any website, improved forwarding that preserves replies, and a lot more.
2 691 650
4 546
Developers can create infinitely flexible interfaces for supercharged bots using JavaScript. April Features: • 4

Web Bots iOS.mp4

2 441 909
5 441
Quickly set messages to auto-delete in any chat from its info page – with a custom duration like 2 days, several weeks, months or a full year. April Features: 3 • 

Auto-Delete Android.mp4

1 995 806
1 473
Silence notifications from a chat or disable alerts for a specific period – from minutes to months. April Features: 2 • 

iOS Custom Mute.mp4

2 145 687
1 174
Telegram’s latest update lets you create your own notification sounds – turning short audio files and voice messages into alert tones for any chat. April Features: 1 • 

Notification Sounds Android.mp4

2 082 673
1 801
For all the new features from this update – like redesigned login pages and new phone number links – check out our full blog post: March Features • More
Download Manager, New Attachment Menu, Live Streaming With Other Apps and More
Today's update brings tools to help you control your downloads, send documents with a tap, re-arrange media albums before sending, turn your channel into a TV station, and more.
4 625 972
5 130
Turn your group or channel into a TV station – live streams now support software like OBS Studio and XSplit to integrate multiple inputs, graphics and overlays. Select ‘Start With’ in the Live Stream menu to copy the stream key for your preferred app. March Features: • 4 • 

Stream With Other Apps.mp4

3 495 460
3 058
The Android app has a new look in night mode, with transparent headers that subtly show stickers and media as you scroll past. March Features: 3

Android Transparent Night.mp4

2 715 830
1 689
When selecting multiple media items, tap selected’ to preview the message and reorder media before sending. On iOS, the attachment menu has a new interface with a navigation bar to easily switch between attachment types (like on the Android app). March Features: 2 • 

iOS attachment menu.mp4

2 758 504
1 343
Telegram’s latest update adds a new tab in Search to manage active downloads and recent files. When downloading files, tap the ⬇️ icon in your chat list to get there. March Features: 1 • 

Android Download Manager.mp4

2 601 468
1 391
Telegram's multi-national team includes many members from Ukraine. We all wish for an immediate end to the conflict. In these troubled times, we find consolation in the fact that our work at Telegram helps people get quick access to critical information – from verified official statements to airstrike alerts that bring civilians to safety. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this war. We will continue improving Telegram's ability to connect people in areas with limited coverage and withstand service disruptions.
Show more ...
5 355 151
6 808
For all the features and details from this update – like new interactive emoji and a boatload of bug fixes – check out our full blog post: January Features: More
Video Stickers, Better Reactions and More
This update brings easy-to-make video stickers, better reactions with more compact animations and extra emoji, a button to review unseen reactions, improved navigation between chats and more.
5 862 673
5 097
When or moving between chats, press and hold the ‘Back’ button to return to a specific chat. Opening chats from forwarded messages, links, usernames or profiles adds them to the navigation menu. January Features: 3

navigation menu android.mp4

4 373 599
2 322
Reactions have compact animations that play in real time for everyone in the chat. They also have read status – you can jump to unseen reactions by tapping the new ♡ button in chat. Plus 5 new emoji 🥰🤯🤔🤬👏 for reactions and . January Features: 2

Better Reactions Android.mp4

3 548 438
2 086
Telegram’s latest update adds a new way to easily create animated stickers from video files. January Features: 1

Video Stickers iOS.mp4

3 025 613
2 209
Last updated: 19.09.22
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