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Thoughts from the CEO / Founder / Product Manager of Telegram.

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🏅Telegram is the #1 most downloaded mobile app in China on Android, according to Google Play. Access to Telegram requires a VPN in China, but Chinese people are smart — they like Telegram and find a way to use it. 🇨🇳 Last week, China forced Apple to remove apps such as Telegram from its Chinese App Store. We haven’t seen any decrease in downloads coming from China — and I don’t think Telegram was the main target of this change. 🍎 It was a move against Apple itself: the Chinese authorities are forcing more of their citizens to switch from iPhones to Android smartphones produced by Chinese companies such as Xiaomi. Unlike iPhones, most Android phones allow sideloading apps outside app stores — such as the direct version of Telegram — so more users from China will migrate to Android. Once again, Apple shot itself in the foot with its centralized “walled garden” app policies. As a result of this change, the iPhone market share in China will keep shrinking. Prioritizing profits over freedom for users is not a good long-term strategy👆
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Telegram for Android

Download Telegram for your Android device here. This version has fewer restrictions and is updated more frequently than the Google Play version.

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🐥🐥 The full version of my interview with Tucker is out 🎙
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Telegram Creator on Elon Musk, Resisting FBI Attacks, and Getting Mugged in California

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The social media app Telegram has over 900 million users around the world. Its founder Pavel Durov sat down with us at his offices in Dubai for a rare interview. Watch more here:

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📺 As a leader of a politically neutral platform, it is my responsibility to speak to journalists representing different political views. In February, I did a 3-hour interview with a journalist of liberal views. On the same day, I spoke to Tucker Carlson, who is famously conservative. This way I can remain fair to all audiences and tell the story of Telegram to everyone. The interview with Tucker is coming out very soon. It will be in video format, which is quite rare for me — so be sure to check it out. I heard that Tucker is also launching an official Telegram channel, so let’s stay tuned for an announcement there 📣
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Tucker Carlson Network

The only channel on Telegram officially run by Tucker Carlson's team at TCN.

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🎨 Our newest update lets you make your own stickers right here on Telegram — no additional image-editing software needed. Just go to the recent stickers panel and select “+”. Creating sticker packs has never been so easy. The sticker platform has existed on Telegram since 2015, but it has now been truly democratized. There are 16 other new features we are shipping this month, and most of them are already included in the latest version of Telegram. But I’ll tell about them later — for now, I’ll let you focus on sticker creation 🎨
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Sticker Editor — Create Your Own Stickers

Starting today, anyone can quickly create stickers and entire sticker sets using a new powerful editor — without leaving Telegram.

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9️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Telegram reached 900 million monthly users. Half of these 900 millions users open Telegram daily. According to DataAI, Telegram is the 🚩th most used and 🚩th most downloaded app in the world. What’s more — Telegram was cash flow positive in the 1st quarter of 2024 and is on track to become profitable this year. This solidifies our position as an independent company that puts its users first. When we started developing Telegram 12 years ago, we believed that people are inherently smart. And smart people will always choose the freedom and quality of Telegram over the restrictions and mediocrity of legacy apps. It seems we were right. We’ve always believed in you. Thank you for believing in us too🙏
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🍿 Big Telegram update with 8+ new features is out. The bot platform is entering a new era with the ability to add bots that can seamlessly manage personal and business accounts. All bot developers are welcome to check out the APIs and start building. The rest of the new Business features are just as juicy. My personal favorite is the ability to customize the empty chat with you (I’ve always wanted to replace the “No messages here yet…” text with something more fun and add a sticker I like). There are several features in today’s update that we haven’t described in the official blog, so soon we’ll publish another post to cover all that is new. It seems we are adding features faster than we can describe them 🚘 😂
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Introducing Telegram Business

Starting today, anyone can turn their Telegram account into a business account – and get access to business features, such as opening hours, location, quick replies, automated messages, custom start page, chatbot support, and more.

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💰 Last week, we issued $330M worth of bonds to ensure Telegram can keep expanding at an accelerated speed. This bond offering was oversubscribed, and we were delighted to have global funds of the highest caliber with impeccable reputations as participants. The terms of the bonds (when adjusted for the Federal Reserve rate) were the most favorable for Telegram in the history of our company. I am proud that every time we issue bonds we get better at this process. The increased demand for our bonds shows that global financial institutions value Telegram’s growth in audience and monetization. This will further solidify our position as an independent platform that is able to challenge the “Goliaths” of our industry.
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All large social media apps are easy targets for criticism due to the content they host. I can’t recall any major social platform whose moderation has been consistently praised by traditional media. The media coverage of Meta's moderation efforts has been particularly negative for most of its history. Interestingly enough, Meta was also the first social media company to have reached a trillion-dollar-plus valuation. Telegram will likely have to go through similar growth stages before it surpasses legacy platforms. As we rapidly rise in scale and significance, we shall solve any potential challenges the same way we do everything else — with efficiency, innovation and respect for privacy and freedom of speech.
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👨‍💻 This week we launched the first batch of Telegram Business features. Users can now convert their personal Telegram accounts into business accounts. As a result, they will be able to add their location and opening hours, organize chats with color labels, use automatic greeting/away messages and shortcuts for quick replies. That’s just the start — we are shipping more Telegram Business features this month. One of these features will revolutionize how people interact with chatbots. Telegram Business accounts will be able to seamlessly add chatbots as their invisible secretaries to respond to all or certain chats. With AI, these chatbots can bring customer service automation to an entirely new level. The new Bot APIs for developers will become available later this month, all for free. Stay tuned — more exciting stuff is coming for businesses and developers on Telegram this season.
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Millions of people have been signing up and sharing content on Telegram in the last hour while Instagram and Facebook were down. Interestingly, Telegram is more reliable than these services — despite spending several times less on infrastructure per user. We also have about 1000 times (!) fewer full-time employees than Meta, but manage to launch new features and innovate faster. Throughout 2023, Telegram was unavailable for a total of only 9 minutes out of the year’s 525,600 minutes. That’s a 99.999983% uptime 🏅
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