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🚩 #OFFER once in 3 months
valid till 2/Jan 11:59 pm (IST) βœ”οΈ 😡 BASIC plan for 2 months at 300β‚Ή or 6$ πŸ—‘ MONTHLY plan for 2 months at 500β‚Ή or 10$ 🌑 PRO plan at 400β‚Ή or 7$ πŸ’Š PRO plan for 2 months at 700β‚Ή or 13$ These pricing is valid only till offer exists. Contact : @ChauhanMahesh_Bot
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❓ Channel not in search after new Telegram updates? ❓ Do you want to RANK your channels on top for search? πŸ”Ό β˜„οΈ Then Click Here for solution
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Premium Users On Rent

πŸ” Rank your channel on top of search & Boost for stories We will join your channel with our personal accounts which have premium subscription. Why rent from us and not anywhere else ❓ βœ… We guarantee the accounts will stay till your rent time period is over since they are our personal accounts βœ… Premium subscription will not expire from our accounts βœ… We will join only 30 channels so that telegram will count these accounts as legit βœ… We are known for our best services in other fields and we’ll do our best in this too Pricing: β‚Ή50 or 1$ / premium subscriber for 1 month (You will have to rent a minimum 100 subscribers) β‚Ή200 or 4$ / Boost for 1 month (purchase minimum 20 boosts) If you want to rent then contact on @PremiumUsersRent_Bot βœ”οΈ (Message us only if you can afford the above prices)

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Use this bot if you have invite link. @Save_RestrictContent_Bot If you are facing any issues, message on @TeamDrone
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Tutorial to login in @Save_restricted_content_1bot to save from private channels ⚑️ ⚠️Note: Send your OTP with space
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πŸš€ @Save_restricted_content_1bot For paid bot, check @DroneBots
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