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Bentley's three-wheeled children's bike. It turns out that this is the cheapest model in the lineup of the British automobile concern. It's priced at $700. For toDay
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Pig heart transplanted to a human in the US A few days after the operation, the patient was already feeling well. Without the transplant, the man would have died, and a human heart was contraindicated due to health problems. For toDay
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New smartphone - old problems: the titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max is very easy to break when bending, pointed out on YouTube.
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There was a world grimace championship in the UK The gurning ("face distortion") competition has been held as the conclusion of a food fair for 750 years. The contestants spend months practicing to get the biggest reaction from the audience and win. For toDay
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Introduced a camera the size of a grain of salt The Omnivision OVM6948 measures 0.65mm by 0.65mm. Despite its size, the camera produces a 200 x 200 or 40 KPixel resolution image (yes, that's very good quality) and it even has a flashlight. The device was created for medical procedures: for surgery and diagnostics. Still, we are waiting for other uses of the camera from resourceful enthusiasts. For toDay
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If you didn't know where to watch Barbie, you can do it at TikTok," the Wall Street Journal reports. The movies were split into multiple 90-second clips and successfully uploaded to TikTok. And TikTok itself promotes those copies in recommendations. Algorithms for detecting pirated content don't work, and Hollywood lawyers don't know how to fight it. For toDay
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The electric car accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in 0.956 seconds Students from Switzerland have created an electric car "Mythen", it accelerated to 100 km/h in 0.956 seconds at a distance of 12.3 meters. This is a new record in the Guinness Book of Records. The electric car is equipped with 326 horsepower and a fan assisted system to keep it firmly on the ground. For toDay
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Furry caterpillar venom can help fight cancer Australian scientists have discovered that the venom of the caterpillar Megalopyge opercularis can punch holes in cells, just like bacterial toxins. This mechanism of action could be useful in medicine to deliver drugs into cells. And venom-based molecules can penetrate healthy cells to deliver drugs or destroy cancerous cells. For toDay
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Las Vegas has built the largest spherical building with a screen The screen of the building "Sphere" created from 1.2 million modules, each 48 LEDs, the display area 54.000 sq.m. This screen is the largest LED display in the world. The large-scale spectacle is not the only function of the structure. It also hosts public events for 20,000 people. For example, concerts and film screenings - there is also a huge screen inside. The cost of its creation amounted to $2.3 billion.The official opening of MSG Sphere is scheduled for September 29. For toDay
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French police will be able to remotely turn on the camera and microphone on citizens' phones The bill passed gives police access to citizens' locations and allows them to activate cameras and microphones to record. This applies to any device, even the on-board computer of a car. The law applies only to those suspected of serious crimes for which a sentence of 5 years or more is foreseen. For toDay
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