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Warriors Ukrainian🇺🇦 - Overview

Hello, my name is Roman❤️, from 05/26/2023 I was transferred to the reserve of the armed forces of Ukraine. 07/10/2023 Officially became a volunteer! Shop - Contacts: @WarriorsUkrainianWar

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🔥 South direction: SSO adjusted HIMARS fire on enemy KShM . Operators of the 73rd SSO Marine Center during reconnaissance operations discovered the command and staff vehicle of the occupiers, which they used to control their units 😏 As a result of a well-hit attack, the enemy's KSHM cannot be restored, that is, it is completely destroyed.
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RUBLE IS RUBBLE: CURRENCY CHAOS Russia is facing even more currency complexities. India and China are refusing to pay for oil or anything else from Russia in anything but their own currencies. Problem with that? Nobody else wants Indian rupees or Chinese Yuan. Partly this is because India’s currency is non-convertible and can only be spent in India. Russia buys almost nothing from India so the rupee is worthless to it. Problem: India and China are buying 60% of Russian oil, and India owes Russia $40 billion. Russia just doesn’t want the money it can’t use anywhere else. Russia has tried to get India to use Yuan, but it doesn’t want to use its acknowledged enemies currency. Increasing American vigilance over the global banking system that uses dollars for almost everything, means even countries like the UAE are being far more careful. China is having a great deal of fun out of this. It’s buying cheap commodities and paying in its own currency, which Russia is having to spend only in China to buy things that support the Chinese economy and not their own. This is even less in Russia’s favour than it seems. A year ago there were 8 roubles to a yuan. Now there are 12.4. So Russia is making 32% less for the oil it’s selling to China. China has basically stitched the Russians up like a roasting pig. It’s much the same in Indian Rupees - that’s now 45% less than it was a year ago. Russian imports from China are soaring -  cars especially - but as the only country willing to sell it much, that’s hardly surprising. More concerning is the US is placing sanctions on a Turkish and UAE shipping line for taking Russian oil at prices above the international cap. Greek tanker owners who have been extremely active in moving Russian oil are now thinking twice about what they’re doing - and they’re big players. Russia has invested in old and dangerous tankers - nobody else will provide newer ones. The conclusion is that Russia is utterly dependent on India and China. They know Russia is desperate and they dictate terms to Russia which Russia just has to suck up. The rouble  is rubble in the international market and nobody wants it. Russia has got piles of money it can’t spend on anything it wants beyond what it’s already buying. Slowly even that is declining as the currency continues to devalue. Irony of ironies, the demand Russia creates for yuan and rupees is increasing their value against its own currency! This is all slowly choking the Russian economy but it takes time. Yet slowly but surely it is working against them and they know it. There’s just nothing they can do about it. The Analyst
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Guys, you asked to hold a drawing so that any participant could randomly receive some kind of prize! Guys, we are collecting funds for the 110th Avdeevka Separate Brigade at the end of the collection we will sum up the results on 12/25/23 We will have 5 winners: 1 - Plaque of gratitude, Video from the military with personal gratitude, Flag of the 110th Separate Brigade 2 - Flag and chevrons of the 110th Mechanized Brigade 3 - T-shirt with military emblem and chevrons 4 - Cup with the brigade emblem, Chevrons and stickers with the Emblem of the 110th Mechanized Brigade 5 - Cup with the brigade emblem, Chevrons and stickers with the Emblem of the 110th Mechanized Brigade Everyone can receive absolutely any gift, and you can also immediately order and transfer funds to 110 OMB We accept payment through Monobank, here I can personally track all receipts and hold a draw! In the translation indicate "110 OMBR" To contact me write in DM: @WarriorsUkrainianWar
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Безпечний переказ коштів

Надсилайте безкоштовно та безпечно кошти

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It is no secret that the course of the war depends on the serviceability of military equipment. Our equipment is in safe hands. Restoration, quick repair, modernization, and even upgrade of the enemy's equipment acquired in battles - these are all the merits of the soldiers of the repair and restoration battalion of the 53rd OMBR named after Prince Volodymyr Monomakh. This time, the soldiers have a rembat in the hangar, a Russian tank that "went over to the side of good." After repair, the combat unit will carry the important mission of approaching our Victory! - GenStaff / Public relations service of the 53rd OMBr named after Prince Volodymyr Monomakh
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ISW: Ukrainian forces advancing on left bank of Dnipro river in Kherson Oblast
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ISW: Ukrainian forces advancing on left bank of Dnipro river in Kherson Oblast

Ukrainian forces made advances on the left bank of the Dnipro river in southern Ukraine’s Kherson Oblast, ISW reported on Nov. 29.

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Putin recommends young scientists to give birth. This will be more useful for Putin's ruzzia than any intellectual activities by its women.
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Enemy tanks burned, enemy infantry destroyed! This is the summary of today's day for the soldiers of the 14th OMBr
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💥 Today, November 30, another Buk-M2 air defense system of the Russian occupying forces was destroyed in the Kherson direction with the help of the HIMARS missile system. StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in social networks
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