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Power struggles, pacts, and plots — Just what is happening this week in France?

You’d be forgiven for failing to keep up with the explosive developments in French politics this week after the results of Sunday’s European elections sent the country into meltdown. The last 72 hours tell a tale of backroom deals and betrayal to oustings and outrage. So, just what on Earth has been going on, and […]

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#SponsorSteve - Sponsor Steve Laws - A Reporter That Tells The Truth

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It's a Home Office malfeasance, not an 'Albanian Crisis'. With proper governance the problem would not have been allowed to exist in the first place.
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This is the extent to which the Civil Service has been captured: Exclusive: 22 May HMRC George Floyd meeting 💥Official said she "cried at every meeting" following Floyd death 💥Civil servant admitted being called "racist against whites" 💥Official invited a cousin, a professor of decolonisation, to lecture colleagues
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Same in every Western Country. While other racial groups are applauded for celebrating their heritage and culture White People are shamed , silenced and vilified for celebrating theirs
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Repost from The Greyson
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The GOP will pander to and praise every racial group other than White Americans. Those who say anything even close to positive about Whites are viciously attacked. Neocons and RINOS will die out with the boomers. @AmericanGreyson
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If you'd like to help Steve with his election expenses for the Deal constituency in the General Election
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Steve Laws Report - Telling It As It Is

Steve Laws Report | Telling The Truth

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Labour have long turned their backs on the White working class
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The British Labour Party now despises the white, working-class men, who were once its very backbone

The very idea of able-bodied and white men from working-class backgrounds is now anathema to the left wing in Britain, as can be seen from the experience of Wales.

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Valuing the craft of beautiful homemaking

In the twenty-first century, we should reverse course and seek to restore greater respect for the hard work, imagination, and skills that go into creating a well-functioning home and family.

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Live with Simon Roberts and Academic Agent at 6pm reviewing the last episode of Adam Curtis' documentary The Mayfair Set. Join us...
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The Deepest Lore #167: Selling Out Britain by the Pound under Margaret Thatcher

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