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BB degradation - fix in progress
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Timeout issue fixing digest We have several timeouts errors: - BJS timeouts (Req timeout) - Props reading timeouts - External API timeouts (some users use free limited api) More rarely: - Telegram Api timeouts (yes, Telegram can down sometimes) - other timeouts This is this month chart for BJS timeouts (Req timeout - green line) and Props Timeouts (yellow line). Prop timeout error can invoke Req timeout (so green and yellow line very similar) From 10 July we have decreasing of Timeouts errors - you can see this on charts. It is 300%-500% decreasing.
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πŸ”₯ Active + Instant ADs - Discount! 33% discount! ActiveAD price: 0.5$ per 1000 ads Old price: 0.75$ InstantAD Cost: 0.2 USD per 1000 sending Old cost: 0.3 USD 1 250 000 chats available for broadcasting now! βœ… Start your promotion now on!
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βœ… We are pleased to announce that our team has successfully improved server performance, which has had a positive effect on request processing speed. Moreover, the number of very slow requests (over 1000 milliseconds) has decreased by 35.7% today compared to last week, significantly improving the overall experience of using our service. We thank you for your trust and continue to work to further improve our service so that you can enjoy an even faster and smoother experience. Thank you for being with us!
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BB traffic go to +100% in this 24 hours πŸ™ˆπŸŽ‰ Unfortunately, we were not prepared for such a sharp jump. Over the near future we will be working to improve stability.
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βœ”οΈ We have new Free Plan Cloud.FREE πŸ”Ή100 000 000 iterations per month and more πŸ”ΉPersonal Support Level πŸ”ΉAdvanced analytical (Available from PRO cloud or from PRO.Cloud power) πŸ”ΉPower: like Cloud.Start and can be scaled to Cloud.BigBusiness and more! πŸ“Œ Cost: FREE Why I need it? - With Cloud we can tune your bots! Them will be more faster! - You will have Personal Support - We can scale your Cloud Power if you have promotion Requirements: - your bots must have more then 50 000 chats - your bots must show 5 ads per minute and more - other requirements How to get it? - Please PM to @BotsBusinessAdmin with. Send: I want Cloud.FREE. My email is: <MyEmail> ✍️ P.S. - Picture - it is Advanced analytic. Iterations per minute, Errors, ADs sending and etc. (Available from PRO.Cloud or your FREE Cloud must have this power.) P.P.S Owner jst*** -your Plan converted to Cloud.Free because you have big traffic. Your bots are fine now and fast. Please PM to @BotsBusinessAdmin for Personal support
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Code refactoring with #timeout issue. This is bad code example. It have timeout issue and looks very complex. In this topic i make code refactoring step by step. You can use it for teaching.
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From this date we delete blocking chat only after 6 months. chat.just_created is true for new chat on /start command For old blocked chats: - is just created if user restart blocking after 6 months - it NOT just created if user restart blocking in 6 months You can use this code for welcome bonus:
if(chat.just_created && chat.chat_type=="private"){
   Bot.sendMessage("Hello, new user!")
   // bonus here
   Bot.sendMessage("Hello, old user!")
Please note:
User can make new group chat with bot.  We need  to check that chat is "private" only.
User can have only one private chat with bot. 
Use chat.just_created - it is more quickly way for new chat verification. #justCreated
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