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Votem com sabedoria πŸ§™β€β™‚
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πŸ€— 27πŸ‘ 13πŸ‘ 2
Qual dorama pra amanhΓ£?Anonymous voting
  • Sweet Home
  • Meu DemΓ΄nio Favorito
0 votes
❀ 51πŸ‘ 11
Qual dos dois?
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E agora?
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TambΓ©m tem meu demΓ΄nio favorito
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❀ 29
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Sweet Home Γ© amanha?
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❀ 39πŸ‘ 24πŸ‘ 5😁 3
πŸ‘ 17
Sem choro e nem vela 😝
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😁 25❀ 11πŸ‘ 2
SerΓ‘ tudo em 1080p
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❀ 49πŸ‘ 14πŸ₯° 4πŸ‘ 2
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