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Since the beginning of the war, more than 2000 civilians have been killed by Russian missiles, according to official data. Help us protect Ukrainians from missiles - provide max military assisstance to Ukraine #Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine
BTC / USDT BTC continues to pressure the 19k . area So far we have strong support there. If it can't hold up, my next target for a long entry will be: 1) 16k 2) 14k
17 210
DOGE USDT As expected in the previous analysis published, DOGE could not break the blue area in the chart So far, I am following the 0.050 area, which I expect the price to return to, and my target will be 0.1 with a profit of 100% Zone Long : 0.050 / 0.058
27 713
DOGE / USDT⚡️ I'm following a coin. DOGE. And I see it's moving well. Right now we have strong resistance at the level of 0.080$ / 0.094 If it's broken, I'll go in long, and it'll be my Target : 1) 0.10 2) 0.12 3) 0.20
34 318

What currency do you want to analyze

Anonymous voting
32 286
BTC / USDT⚡️ I am also following BTC at the moment I see it is stable and ready to pump again I'll enter long from the price: 1) 19K 2) 18.4K Targets: 1) 22k 2) 24k 3) 30k I will update the soon
38 042
This is the service we all wanted to find, just watch what they have: 🔫 GG-Shot Indicator, which predicts pumps and dumps ⚙️ GG-Aim Bot for automated trading 🃏 GG-Players Club - strong community group with signals These guys are making really good stuff for crypto earning, highly recommended to check —>
3 508
ETH / USDT ⚡️ Many of you were sent to update the ETH analysis So far, the analysis has been working well. I'm still waiting for area 1415$ to enter Short My Target, as I mentioned, would be 710$
35 226
ETH / USDT ETH continues to crash and this is the opposite of what was published in the previous analysis. Currently I am expecting Pump to 1413$ area. Which I see is a good area to enter the Short my main target will currently be $718 If the 1413$ area is broken that will be good and my target is 4k$
44 170
BTC / USDT BTC continues to collapse to the 20K level which I see as a very strong support I do not expect it to be broken easily, I will enter long from the price of 20K and my target will be 25K If the 20K level is broken this will be bad next support 14K
43 853
So far, BTC continues to press on the 28K support area Which he hasn't broken yet, I expect that there will be a strong rebound close to the current areas to 40K But if the 27.4K area is broken, the next target will be. 21K straight
52 183
So far, ETH continues to stabilize above the blue support line that was formed. Drawn in the previous analysis: 1738$ I still have the same analysis so far I am long from the current price and my Target is: 1) 2200$ 2) 2400$ 3) 2500$
48 976
ETH / USDT⚡️ Currently we have good support at the 1738$ area I will enter a buy at the current price and my target for the short term will be as follows: 1) 2200$ 2) 2800$ 3) 3200$
55 530
So far, BTC continues to bounce from the area you identified in the previous analysis My analysis remains the same if BTC does not break 27.4K My Target is as it is: 1) 50K 2) 60K
59 243
There are not many updates because it has so far not much has changed in the previous analysis I still keep the same areas of my previous entry. 27.4k 21.5k Target: 30k 40k 50k Currently the market in the compilation stage and I expect an explosion at any time
61 345
So far, BTC continues to collapse, which I consider a natural correction before reaching the 80K level Currently we have good support on the weekly chart at 27.4K If this area is broken my next target will be 20K. To buy again Target 40k
167 709
BTC 1D So far a lot in my analysis has not changed for my BTC is still trading price Over an area of 38.350 and this is something good Long entry areas so far: 1) 35 k 2) 34 K I will have long Traget : 1) 43 K 2) 49 K
77 278
Next BTC Target 34K Which I expect the price to bounce back to 48k again If 34K is broken we will go back to 28k
74 408
DOGE rose about 27% and gave us some good profits So far the market is unstable, but I expect more rise My next Target : 1) 0.22 2) 0.25 3) 0.27
65 611

What next currency do you want to analyze?

Anonymous voting
53 648
A follow-up to the DOGE analysis I posted a while ago So far the price is in the process of collecting and this is positive for further rise Long entry: 1) 0.139 2) 0.130 TARGET: 1) 0.158 2) 0.192 3) 0.254 ST: 0.12
64 841
So far SHIB is moving, as I mentioned in the previous analysis, we have about 30% profit I have the same Targets : I expect go to: 0.000037 0.000048 0.000061 0.000075 ❗️ : 0.000017
60 008
I follow DOGE and so far we have some Dump I expect the price to rebound from the current area: 1) 0.136 2) 0.130 My Target : 1) 0.158 2) 0.191 3) 0.250 ❗️ : 0.108
55 767
Many of you have asked me to analyze the SHIB coin. Currently my last analysis has not changed much I expect the price to rise and the best areas for a long entry are: 1) 0.0000245 2) 0.0000198 Targets: 1) 0.000033 2) 0.000045 3) 0.000056
66 115
Currently BTC has broken the support area at 45K But I still expect that there is an uptrend and a good area for a long entry at the area: 1)42K 2)41.6K Targets: 1) 47.6k 2) 50k 3) 55k St : 39k
51 681
🚨MARKET MOVEMENT🚨 Q1 of 2022 (January through March) has ended up relatively in favor of the bulls for BTC, which has seen a net change of around +2% after closing March above $45,000. Even though we’re currently seeing short term bearish price action and chop for BTC, ETH and alts, we’re getting ready for an even higher volume move very soon. Which assets are expected to outperform in Q2? BTC has beat pretty much all other assets in Q1, however in Q2 we can expect to see a breakdown in BTC Market Dominance which will send a couple of Alts flying to new mid term highs. The highest probability mid term holds for now remain ETH, ONT and LTC.
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45 686
BTC / USDT So far, we've been in a upward trend. Zon Long : 1) 45.6k 2) 45k Targets : 1) 48k 2) 48.8k 3) 49.5k
74 502
I'going to buy more. We have a good analysis. Break the downward trend. Next Targets 12$
35 358
I'm processing the currency analysis.
28 782
Looks like Bullish vs Big News ..... It may pump hard 🐋
28 812
Last updated: 03.07.22
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