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Since the beginning of the war, more than 2000 civilians have been killed by Russian missiles, according to official data. Help us protect Ukrainians from missiles - provide max military assisstance to Ukraine #Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine

#Question 🔶Which one do you prefer⁉️

Coca Cola
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#Did U Know⁉️ 😊Paid to Sleep 🛌A professional sleeper is someone who gets paid to sleep. They generally do this as part of scientific research focused on analysing sleep patterns or evaluating the quality of various sleep-related products. 💰As of Aug 2, 2022, the average annual pay for a Professional Sleeper in the United States is $59,998 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $28.85 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,154/week or $5,000/month.
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#Did U Know⁉️
5 242
👟The founders of Adidas & Puma were brothers 💔A little more than seventy years ago, German brothers Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler parted ways in a bitter sibling quarrel after forming a family shoe business in 1924 — the Dassler Brothers Sports Shoe Factory in the small Bavarian enclave of Herzogenaurach. Their business split, the family divided, and soon enough even the towns folks migrated to opposite sides of the camp.⁠ ⁠ _⁠ ⁠ 👟 Today, Adidas and Puma are the second and third largest sportswear manufacturers in the world, respectively. Still headquartered in the same town, the two corporate behemoths are publicly traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the controlling interests of the old family factions are long gone.⁠
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Broke again? 😒 Are you tired of constantly borrowing from your friends because you have a low salary?😏 I’ve been there... My income starts from 2100$ a day and there is no salary cap. You don’t have to give me a dime! I accept everyone into the team: - People who are not satisfied with the current salary - People who want to ? Criteria: - You are free for at least 1 hour a day - You have a desire to earn money with minimum investments. 👇Interesting? Subscribe! I will give you the money to start👇
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#Did U Know⁉️ 😳Women Used to wear cages under their dresses 🟣Crinolines(Hoop skirt) were worn by women of every social standing and class across the Western world, from royalty to factory workers. This led to widespread media scrutiny and criticism, particularly in satirical magazines such as Punch. They were also hazardous if worn without due care.
6 208
#Did U Know⁉️ 🔶Is it possible for the largest creature on earth blue whale to eat a human⁉️ 🐋Whales, in general, are not capable of swallowing a thing bigger than a ball swallowing a human is physically impossible for a whale therefore will not eat you 🐳You think that it can swallow small ships, cars, even people! But to be honest a grapefruit is the biggest thing a blue whale can swallow because its throat takes the size of a small salad plate
6 334
I finally found the channel that post 18+ 🔞 Videos or Porn Movies 🍿 Kindly join now and download your favourite 🤩
#DUK ⌛️The Longest Time A Person Has Been In A Coma Is 37 Years
2 541
#Did U Know⁉️ Volcanic Lighting 🔶Lightning often follows a volcanic eruption due to the friction between particles of the dense ash clouds that are formed as a result of the eruption. When the particles rub together, the charges inside the ash clouds begin to separate. The resulting charge buildup generates lightning strikes from the volcano itself not the sky above. ✅This rare natural mysterious phenomenon is called a "Muddy Thunderstorm".
7 210

#Question What's you favorite drink⁉️

Soda(Soft drink)
Natural Juice
Anonymous voting
7 453
#Did U Know⁉️ Most korean people dont have armpit odor. Only 0.006% of the korean population have the ABCC11gene , which is the cause of armpit odor. Which explains why deodorants are not so popular in korea.
7 486
#Did U Know⁉️ 🔶After brushing your teeth, food feels disgusting, why? The foaming agent used in most toothpastes is to blame. Sodium lauryl sulfate weakens the taste buds that are responsible for sweet taste perception. Sodium lauryl sulfate also destroys phospholipids, which normally reduce bitterness.


7 158
#Did U Know ⁉️ 🔶Women get drunk quicker than men.🥂🍻🥃🍷🍺 ✅This is because of physiological differences in body composition, metabolism,and hormones. 
7 846
#Did U Know⁉️ ⭕️People who are short are meaner 🔎According to a new study conducted by scientists at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, people who are short tend to be meaner and more violent than people who are tall
8 696
In 1985, a Coca-Cola employee was fired for being engaged to a Pepsi employee.
8 217
#Did U Know⁉️ Hypnic Jerk Have you experienced this ⁉️
8 640
#Did U Know ☕️ Starbucks was inspired by a psychologist study from the 1950s where it is stated that psychology patients were more likely to talk to each other if they were on a round table instead of a square of any other shape.⁠ ⁠ Bruce Feiler, the author of “The Secrets of Happy Families” states that families who sit in an O are more likely to be happy than families sitting in a V or any other shape.⁠ ⁠
8 358
🖼Hitler The Painter 🖌A modern art critic was asked to review some of Adolf Hitler's paintings without being told who painted them. He judged them to be "quite good" while also stating that the artist's depiction of human figures in the paintings revealed his profound disinterest in people. Hitler wanted to become a professional artist, but his dreams were ruined because he failed the entrance exam of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Hitler was rejected twice by the institute, once in 1907 and again in 1908.
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8 245
#Did U Know 🔶Astronauts wear adult diapers with their spacesuit  It is worn by both male and female astronauts. 🛰Adult diapers is worn by astronauts during liftoff, landings, spacewalks, and extra-vehicular activities in which making it to a bathroom simply isn't possible.
9 705
#Did U Know⁉️ 🚨After a San Diego woman was found murdered in 1986 near an abandoned freeway exit, a local TV news station filmed a ride-along with a California Highway Patrol officer, who gave tips on how to be safe when stranded on the road. That officer was later found to be the woman’s killer.
8 992
#DUK 😳😳 🇩🇪As many as 100 people in Germany die every year due to extreme method of masturbating, according to researchers in Germany.
9 524
#Did U Know⁉️ 🔵According to director of UN 2% of Elon Musk's wealth could help solve world hunger. 💰The $6 billion demanded of Musk would not solve the problem of global hunger permanently, but could help avert an emergency hunger crisis. It is estimated that the money could help feed 42 million people for just about a year. Some researchers estimate that it would cost $330 billion to end global hunger by 2030, $33 billion per year, spread between all the world's countries
9 446
#Question 🔶Do u belive in Manifestation & does it actually work ⁉️
9 167
#Did U Know⁉️ 😳 🟣One of the weirdest items ever sold at auction is Queen Victoria's Underpant which was sold for $16,300.
9 291
#DUK Early birds Vs Night owls 🐔Early birds, Most early risers enjoy waking up when the day is young and tend to fade quickly in the evening hours. 🦉Night owls, on the other hand, tend to rise late and stay up late, since they find they're most productive during the later hours of the day.
9 081
#Did U Know⁉️ 🔶It looks like ice, but it is flowing water. It is a rather rare state of fluid, called steady laminar flow, and it is not an optical effect. Laminar flow is a flow in which the fluid moves in layers without stirring or pulsation (that is, without random rapid changes in velocity and pressure).


9 367
#Did U Know⁉️ 🔶When a dog sees his master, his brain produces the same substances that people produce when they look at their loved ones.
9 898
🧠Psychology is Finally on Telegram!! If you want to know more about urself and understand what others think of you. ... Then Join us👇🏽👇🏽
2 319
#Did U Know⁉️ Jaw-transformer. The largemouth has an incredibly long jaw and a snout that can curl into a tube. When the fish detects potential prey, it sharply extends its jaw forward and sucks the prey in.


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