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DON'T HODL. Gain profit. I show my trades in real-time video at πŸŽ₯ πŸ”— πŸ“š channel lib: πŸ’¬ chat: And promote trust minimization! Partnership: @inv099

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$RBC is testing its $0.025 current support level and even hitted it two times recently. The previous target of $0.034 was not achieved still and the asset specifies resistance level of $0.032 touching it twice during the recent period. A downward parallel channel is formed indicating that some downturn below $0.025 is highly possible, but the previous target of $0.034 is still valid at a long distance because it seems that accumulation phase is still not passed.. I have a growing feeling that my $1 target was optimistic. The asset chart does not look as confident as expected. I think it makes sense to move the limit order to $0.032, leaving the smaller portion to wait for $0.034. #rbc
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Why are some blockchains leading in TVL and some are not? The point is not in staking profits! πŸͺ™ TVL is crypto funds locked in a blockchain for staking, farming of liquidity providing. It is may be seemed strange that Cosmos is absent in this chart. It is probably the most profitable chain in the context of staking. I've received 600 bucks airdrop recently just for staking ATOM and OSMO there. But really it is nothing strange here. The leading chains at the chart invest very much into marketing and awareness, so they are leading in TVL, but not in profitability for participants. #staking #tvl
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πŸŽ₯ BTC price expectations, 26 November 2023 | I'm not a bullrunner once again
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BTC price expectations 26 November 2023 | I'm not a bullrunner once again

My BTC price expectations on 26 November 2023 | Why I'm not a bullrunner once again #shorts Subscribe CryptoRocky on: - Telegram:

(my market deals, analysis, earning opportunities in crypto, trust minimization updates) - Medium:

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*** Key words: bitcoin, altcoin, investment, hodl, btc, bitcoin price, bitcoin price prediction, pump, dump, crypto prices, crypto market moves, all time high, all time low.

The forecast from there ⁠ is still valid, accumulation zone is not passed. The recent pump to $0.032 is a price fluctuation, waiting for more solid long-term upward movement. $0.034 may be hitted at least. $0.032 is not the level I've waited for, but it seems that fixing some part of the profit there was proper to enhance the risk/profit ratio. #rbc
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Bitcoin price is $37,495 right now, as I predicted in my video from September 4 when its price was $26,000. Wonder where BTC price will go after? See the video!
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CryptoRocky πŸš€ | Moon Trader 🌘

Bitcoin price dropped down from $30,000 to $26,000 and many crypto lovers wonder what to do! It is really not obvious what is happening on the crypto market as usual, and I try to help you guys in this video!

*** time codes: 0:00 -- BTC price dropped from $32,000 to $26,000! 0:21 -- Why did it happen, why too much? 0:57 -- Who is a major market player? 1:09 -- What will happen later in my opinion? 1:19 -- My forecast from Jan 30 worked out! 2:18 -- What is a plan of the major market player? 3:58 -- My crypto portfolio #video #market #btc

πŸͺ™ Do you want to be successful in crypto? I've found a channel that introduces a daily watch list of deals: πŸš€
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Daily Watch List πŸ‘€

β€’ Read the pin msg β€’ Join us and enjoy ride !

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I've lainched a Telegram group, crypto guys! πŸ’¬ Welcome to join and participate: @rockyslounge
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