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Data Subject Request Form

This Data Subject Request Form is required for all Data Subject Requests made to and should be completed in its entirety and as accurately as possible.

You are a Data Subject, so you have some rights established by GDPR and Estonian Personal Data Protection Act, such as:

  • Right to access personal data;
  • Right to rectification of personal data;
  • Right to erasure (deletion) of personal data;
  • Right to restrict processing of your personal data;
  • Right to personal data portability;
  • Right to object;
  • Right to reject automated individual decision-making (profiling);
  • Right to withdraw consent;
  • Right to Marketing/Send Out Opt Out;
  • Right to ask a question and/or make a claim on data processing.

To process your request, must:

  • Confirm your identity, and;
  • Collect sufficient information from you to identify your personal data within our information systems.

Upon receipt of your completed Data Subject Request form, verification of your identity, and review of sufficient details to enable to locate your personal data within our information systems, will provide you with information on your request within 30 calendar days. This period may be extended by up to an additional 60 calendar days under some circumstances.

Further information:

  • For details on how your personal information is used by please see our Privacy Notice which can be found on our website here.
  • The above rights and request types are not absolute and are subject to various conditions under the GDPR and other applicable legislation to which we are subject in the performance of our services.
  • There is no requirement to complete the form to make a valid request, however, it has been designed to capture the information we may reasonably require to process your request effectively. We may contact you by telephone, email or letter if we need additional information.
  • If you hold a combination of sole and joint accounts and want to see the information held across all accounts, a separate request and form should be submitted for each party.
  • Please note that if you are making a request and the information you request reveals details directly or indirectly about another person, we will have to seek the consent of that person before we can disclose that information to you. In certain circumstances, where disclosure of part or all the information you have requested would adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others, we may not be able to disclose the information to you, in which case you will be informed promptly and given full reasons for that decision.
  • In most circumstances, information will be provided by free of charge. However, in certain circumstances, may be permitted to charge a reasonable fee based on administration costs associated with providing the information.