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Since the beginning of the war, more than 2000 civilians have been killed by Russian missiles, according to official data. Help us protect Ukrainians from missiles - provide max military assisstance to Ukraine #Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine
💚 Reminder: up to 20% off for these packages in light of Mental Health Awareness Month! Rejuvenate yourselves with these workshops today!

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🦋 Catch Butterfly Lovers with your date! ✨ Feast your eyes on the classic love story of star-crossed lovers with a twist of Indian traditional dance 💃🏽 A fusion of Chinese and Indian dance styles and music! 📆 3 to 5 June, 8pm 📍Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) Auditorium, Level 9 💁🏼‍♀️ Book your tickets here now!

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🍿 Who is more likely to fall asleep while watching a movie?

Me 🙊
My partner 🥱
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💋 Bring your relationship to the next level with these apps today!
🤳 5 Best Apps for Couples to Level Up your R/S!
Want to bring your relationship to the next level? Try out these couple apps available on both iOS and Android out and level up your relationship today! 1. noteit ❤️ noteit is a widget on your home screen that shows you live notes from your partner! This app is perfect for staying close to those you care about, wherever you are in the world. Doodle away and make their day with your drawings! 📝 ❣️ Watch this tiktok to see how others are using this app! 2. Paired 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Love more and stress less with this app!…
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🏆 Jio your date for a meaningful day out! 👍🏻 Do Good Fest is happening from this May to June 2022, and here are some one-off volunteering events you can do with bae! 🏸 Sports with our Migrant Workers! 🤗 Click here for more volunteering opportunities!

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🌳 Root for your partner with these terrariums! ($110/2 pax) Challenge your other half by seeing who can create a better terrarium in this 1.5 hour workshop and spend quality time! 🌈 Here's how to make the perfect terrarium – and keep it alive!
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🎉 Do this word search and try out the first activity that you find!
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🎉 Do this word search and try out the first activity that you find!
🥘 Craving hotpot or mookata lately? 👉🏼 Here is an updated megalist of 66 hotpots/mookata places in Singapore! 🌜 P.S. Many of them open till late!
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✨ Weekend Super Sale! (13-16 May) 🔥 Royal Plaza on Scotts w/ breakfast for 2 (from $180/night) 🔥 Hotel Grand Pacific w/ Breakfast for 2 (From $111/night) 💯 Hot Deal: Hotel G Singapore Queen Room (From $90/night) ‼️ More details and other deals here!

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🤓 Sign up for the most demanding courses in the ICT industry today! Get up to 90% fundings! (T&C apply) ✨ Learn from experts and get certified in 4 days ✨ Acquire industry insights and knowledge ✨ Obtain hands-on experience ✨ Learn MongoDB, Microsoft Power BI, Pandas, R language, Tableau, RapidMiner and more! ➡️ Don’t miss it, sign up here!

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💡 Light up their lives! ($70) Challenge your partner & see who's the better artist! Everything is provided in this kit, from an illustrated outline of your picture to scratch art pens!
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😻 Go on a date this weekend! 😋 Foodie couple: High Tea Set 🎨 Artsy couple: Splatter Paint 🧗 Adventurous couple: Ransack Puzzle Hunt 🍃 Outdoor couple: Handcrafted Romantic Picnic for 2 🏡 Homebodies: Couple games rental ❤️‍🔥 Don't know what kind of couple you are? Take our short personality quiz here to find out now!
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🃏 Play these card games for your next game night!
🃏 3 Card Games for Couples to Play and Strengthen your Relationship!
Want to do something different at home instead of watching movies and sleeping? We curated 3 fun card games for you to play with your partner and know each other better! Also, you can get all of these easily from Shopee! ✨ 1. The Ultimate Game for Couples  This board and card game is perfect for your next game night! You can also choose to play with your partner or even other couples. Understand each other better through this game, where you are required to answer questions and complete interesting challenges…
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💚 Up to 20% OFF for these packages for the month of May in light of Mental Health Awareness Month! Do remember to check out previous posts for more deals!

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💚 10% OFF for these packages for the month of May in light of Mental Health Awareness Month! Exercise with your S/O to refresh your mind!

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❤️‍🔥 Would you rather…

Take a long night stroll with your partner 🚶
Cuddle in bed with your partner 🛌
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💚 10% OFF for these packages for the month of May in light of Mental Health Awareness Month!

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💚 10% OFF for these packages for the month of May in light of Mental Health Awareness Month!

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🍩 5 Restaurants To Go For Your Next Date!
Running out of restaurants to dine in with your other half? Here are 5 romantic restaurants you can visit for the vibes this weekend! 💘 1. La Pizzeria at Bridge and Beacon Bar 🍕 Love eating authentic Italian fire-baked pizzas and pasta while enjoying picturesque views? This is the place for you. La Pizzeria makes their food delicious with the freshest ingredients based on traditional recipes! Along with a breathtaking view of the marina, you will definitely blow your date off their feet with this restaurant.…
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💚 10% OFF for these packages for the month of May in light of Mental Health Awareness Month! Take a break with these workshops!

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💚 10% OFF for these packages for the month of May in light of Mental Health Awareness Month! Improve your mental well-being by taking a break with these! 🛁 Lovers' Customisable Bath Bomb 💗 Customisable Bath Gift Collection (For her) 💙 Customisable Bath Gift Collection 🔮 Natural Crystal Diffuser Set w/ Scent

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💚 Mental Health Awareness Month – Get 10% off for these packages! Improve your mental well-being by taking a break with these! 🐝 DIY Beeswax Wrap Making Workshop ($86 for 2 U.P. $24.90)

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☕️ Gorgeous gorgeous lattes! Learn coffee-brewing and latte art from head to toe in this 1.5-hour masterclass! This is perfect for both beginners & coffee enthusiasts! 🤎 Love coffee? Here are 9 health benefits of coffee!
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🌈 TGIF! Let your favourite colours pick out your weekend date! ❤️ Batik Painting Workshop 🧡 Custom Cam Workshop 💛 Pseudo Tattooing Workshop 💚 Ukelele Paint & Play 💙 Couples Full-Body Massage 💜 DIY Picnic for 2
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💚 Mental Health Awareness Month is round the corner, are you taking care of yourself?
🎗️ 3 Tips to Strengthen your Mental Well-Being
dateideas is celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month by offering discounts up to 55% off 27 packages aimed at improving your mental wellness for May! As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we are attempting to decrease the stigma associated with mental illnesses and also raise awareness about mental health. It is also a month to reach out and let them know that they are important. Therefore, here are 3 tips for you to strengthen your mental well-being! 1. Having a healthy lifestyle 🏃‍♀️ Having a good…
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🎁 Win gifts for you and your partner! 🎮 mobile game by Sqkii and Kris+ ✨ Simply play the game, collect coupons and gift boxes to unlock prizes! 🎉 SIA Mahjong Set, Nintendo Switch (OLED), AirPods Pro, Royal Albatross Lunch Cruise Tickets and more! 🗓 Now - 13 May 🐭 Play now here!
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🤤 Is food your love language? 🥢 Are you and your partner both foodies and love food dates? Foodies.SG is here to curate Singapore's food scene in a weekly digest every Thursday! Keep calm and stay hungry! 🌮🍝🥘
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🎉 Affordable dates with 1-FOR-1 Deals! ($22.10 $44.20) 1-for-1 Tonkotsu Ramen! 📍 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard 🍦 Ice Cream Churro Waffles ($12 $24) 2 x one scoop of ice cream with churro waffles 📍 Three's A Crowd Cafe, Tampines 🍝 Set Meal by Harry's ($48.26 $96.52) Includes 2 mains + 2 drinks! 📍 CHIJMES
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🎤 Get your heartstrings tugged! 🎵 Local singer-songwriter Jason Yu will be performing at Livehouse, Orchard Central! The SingVoice 2021 finalist has more than 2 million Spotify streams, with famous hits like "Hearts Release". ⏰ 29 April, 8pm 🎫 $78 per ticket ‼️ Book your tickets here now!
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