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🎬Latest  #Reviews  and  #News  on Amazon Prime Video ⚠️Disclaimer: The contents of this channel are for information purposes only, and we are not sharing any copyright stuff! 
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📺Goliath [2016–2021] Also Known As: Goliath (2016–2021) Rating ⭐️: 8.1 / 10 (
8.1 based on 36,621 user ratings
) |
| | Release Info: Nov 18, 2016 Genre: 🎭 #Drama Language: #English Country of Origin: #United_States Story Line: Billy Mcbride is going through a rough patch. He has been fired from the law firm he helped build, his wife has left him, and he's now a down on his luck ambulance chaser. A lady (Patty) approaches him to represent her in a wrongful death case. After reluctantly accepting to take on the case, a series of strange events befall Billy. Through death threats, harassment, and trumped up arrests, Billy embarks on obtaining justice, and it is one hell o ...
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🎬Bingo Hell [2021] #Movie Also Known As: Welcome to the Blumhouse: Bingo 📌Details: Genre: 🤣 #Comedy#Fantasy #Horror Language: #English Country of Origin: #United_States Also known as: Welcome to the Blumhouse: Bingo 🕦Runtime: 1h 25min 📅Release date: October 1, 2021 (United States) Story Line: In the Barrio of Oak Springs live a strong and stubborn group of elderly friends who refuse to be gentrified. Their leader, Lupita, keeps them together as a community, a family. But little did they know, their beloved Bingo hall is about to be sold to a much more powerful force than money itself. #AmazonPrimeVideo
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JOLT - Official #Trailer | Prime Video


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JOLT - Official Trailer | Prime Video


🎬Jolt 2021• Movie 1 h 31 min IMDB Director: Tanya Wexler Actors: Kate Beckinsale, Stanley Tucci, Bobby Cannavale Genre: #Action Details Release date: July 23, 2021 (United States) Country of origin: #United_States Language: English Also known as: صدمة A bouncer with a slightly murderous anger-management problem that she controls with the help of an electrode-lined vest she uses to shock herself back to normalcy whenever she gets homicidal. After the first guy she's ever fallen for
Jolt (2021)
Kate Beckinsale in Jolt (2021)
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AVATAR 2 - Official Trailer | James Cameron | Avatar 2 | Official | Trailer


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Avatar 2 (2022) • Movie IMDB Director: James Cameron Actors: Kate Winslet, Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana Genres: #Action, 🌋 #Adventure, 🤖 #Sci_Fi Details Release date: December 16, 2022 (United States) Country of origin: #United_States Language: #English Also known as: Аватар 2 Filming locations: New Zealand A sequel to Avatar (2009).
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