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Observing world events unfold in the grand theater of our time. 
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Since the beginning of the war, more than 2000 civilians have been killed by Russian missiles, according to official data. Help us protect Ukrainians from missiles - provide max military assisstance to Ukraine #Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine
JUST IN - YouTube homepage and app not working for many.
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JUST IN - Twitter is currently broken for most users worldwide.
Twitter 'down' – app 'not working' as thousands of users report major outage
Breaking news from around the world.
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JUST IN - Disney plans to cut 7,000 jobs: CEO Bob Iger
80 641
What happened to those paintings eco-extremists attacked?
What Happened To: Those Famous Paintings?!
Eco-extremists nearly caused $51 billion in damages (excluding any economic or architectural damages) through the defiling of valuable works of art in the name of climate change . Through found footage we delve into the actions and motivations of these groups, the impact on cultural heritage and the economy, and the fate of the famous paintings. *Read our breaking news:* https://disclose.tv/ *Follow our social channels:* Twitter: https://twitter.com/disclosetv Telegram: https://t.me/disclosetv Facebook: https://facebook.com/disclosetv Gab: https://gab.com/disclosetv
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NOW - Lights go out during Twitter hearing in DC. "Sounds like the Green New Deal to me!"


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2 569
JUST IN - Chinese spy airships have been spotted over countries across five continents. The US has briefed allies, the White House says.
120 329
NEW - Nord Stream gas pipeline bombings were a covert operation ordered by the White House and carried out by the CIA, a veteran investigative journalist claims.
US bombed Nord Stream gas pipelines, claims investigative journalist Seymour Hersh
The bombing of the Nord Stream underwater gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea was a covert operation ordered by the White House and carried out by the CIA, a report
155 653
3 598
JUST IN - Twitter blocked at major internet service providers in Turkey amid earthquake aftermath: reports
85 368
NOW - Zelenskyy addresses UK Parliament at Westminster Hall. "Freedom will win, Russia will lose."


115 707
NEW - Biden offered "lie after lie" in his State of the Union, setting new records for dishonesty and emptiness.
Bidens State of the Union set new records for dishonesty and emptiness
Breaking news from around the world.
96 833
NOW - Ukraine's Zelenskiy arrives in the United Kingdom.


107 816
JUST IN - Death toll from Turkey-Syria earthquake passed 11,000.
115 066
NEW - Church of England is considering a gender-neutral God.
Gender-neutral God considered by Church of England
Breaking news from around the world.
181 391
3 758
JUST IN - Chinese internet giant Baidu to launch ChatGPT rival AI called "Ernie Bot" in March.
Baidu to finish testing ChatGPT-style project 'Ernie Bot' in March; shares rally
Breaking news from around the world.
111 370
NEW - United States' trade deficit climbed to a record $948.1 billion in 2022, up $103 billion from 2021.
151 412
JUST IN - Google releases ChatGPT rival AI "Bard" to early testers.


144 154
1 134
JUST IN - Chinese spy airship potentially carried explosives to destroy itself, commander of the U.S. Northern Command says.
Chinese spy balloon carried EXPLOSIVES to destroy itself
Breaking news from around the world.
180 525
NOW - UN Secretary-General: "We'll call for action from everywhere with influence on the spread of 'mis- and disinformation' on the Internet."


256 509
1 541
JUST IN - Second, very powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit central Turkey minutes ago — EMSC
298 245
4 508
NEW - Turkey rejects Elon Musk's offer to provide Starlink satellite service and terminals after major earthquake.
Turkey Declines Musks Offer to Send Starlink After Deadly Quake
Breaking news from around the world.
138 810
NEW - Sam Smith dresses as the devil in Satanic performance of "Unholy" during The Grammys. Sponsored by Pfizer on CBS.

ada_lluch-1622430478144868353-20230206_040223-vid1 (1) (1).mp4

179 871
3 529
NEW - Hundreds dead and massive destruction following a massive 7.7 magnitude earthquake in southern Turkey overnight.





186 112
2 158
JUST IN - Thousands of computer servers around the world have been targeted by a ransomware hacking attack, Italy's National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN) warns.
Italy sounds alarm on large-scale computer hacking attack
Breaking news from around the world.
236 619
3 355
JUST IN - Large-scale Internet blackout in Italy: reports
224 263
3 319
NEW - Just converting the existing U.S. car fleet to electric vehicles would require far more lithium than is currently produced worldwide. Saying the quiet part out loud: "The transition to electric vehicles could lead to lithium shortages unless the United States and other countries 'overhaul' their transportation systems and 'move away from private cars' as the primary means of travel."
Ko'proq ko'rsatish ...
Making the Entire U.S. Car Fleet Electric Could Cause Lithium Shortages
Converting the existing U.S. car fleet to electric vehicles would require more lithium than the world currently produces, showing the need to move away from private cars as a primary means of travel
141 173
1 662
NOW - Biden: "I ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down on Wednesday as soon as possible."


147 755
NOW - U.S. military has just shot down the Chinese spy airship over the Atlantic Ocean after letting it fly over the country for days.


286 422
3 085
JUST IN - FAA blocks of airspace off the coast of South Carolina.
237 625
2 922
JUST IN - Biden says, "we're gonna take care of it" when asked about the Chinese spy balloon.
127 795
NEW - EU and G7 have today adopted further price caps for seaborne Russian petroleum products, such as diesel and fuel oil.
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