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SAIF. I Trade pair Gold (XAUUSD) only. Already 10 years of FOREX TRADING experience. I’m sure I will shake up the market 💥 . . Admin --- @SAIFMT4 .

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How many Peoples are in my Group those who have lost more then 10k$ and have Big Loans? Or How much peoples are in my Group who are in big losses? Message me: @SaifMT4 Maybe i can help them.
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50% profits in 22 Days. Isn't it outstanding results For 100% Safe Account Management. Maximum Drawdown in Running Trades is 5% By the way this is Funded Account Ftmo Phase 1
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Ended the week with 4.50% profits✅️
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Last 2 weeks results of safe Trading, aggressive trading, news trading and Funded Accounts.
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Just Bought The 50k Funded account as i mentioned in my New youtube video.. Now i will also Create 3 more accounts. 1 account of 1000$ for News trading. 1 account of 500$ for safe Trading. 1 account of 200$ for aggressive Trading. So you will see that which method have good potential to earn money with bmc officials. See you guys at Monday😉😉 Happy Weekend To everyone❤️
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Today in this video i have explained all of my trading styles. 1. Safe Trading 2. Aggressive Trading 3. News trading 4. Funded Accounts. Watch the Video and Choose which service you wana go for✅✅
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sticker.webp0.01 KB Here is the video of our new and Updated account management. LOW RISK TRADING
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New And Updated Account Management video will be uploaded today. Get Ready 😉✅
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