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A channel dedicated to Breaking News from the World For advertising @Maximus_KP

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Tired of boring news? - Is your life lacking adrenaline? - Do you think you have strong nerves? All the fucking content on the hardest Breaking News 18+ channel is just for you. Here - everything you were even afraid to think about. Breaking News
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Tel Aviv was attacked for the first time after the ceasefire Hamas announced that it fired rockets in the direction of the city. Video: social networks. Breaking News
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Macron warns Israel of ten-year war with Hamas The French President said the war between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement could last a decade if the country's Defense Forces (IDF) intend to completely destroy the movement. He called on the Israeli government to shape the final goal of the conflict. Breaking News
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The enchanting eruption of Mount Etna on December 1 in the evening (Italy). Breaking News
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๐Ÿšจ Last call โ€“ crypto bull market is about to begin. Bitcoin is preparing for the 2024 rally, leaving less time to enter at favorable prices. If you don't want to miss it, follow experienced traders like SZ from Hong Kong. Using his own trading strategy, he identifies the most profitable coins and shares them with his followers. Join now and see for yourself - As advertising
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"Men's flu is real because men 'suffer more' and women's immune systems are stronger" Scientists have finally proven that when a man says that he is dying at a temperature of 37, he must be believed. โ€œAccording to the nutritionist, the reality of the male flu has finally been confirmed. It turns out that men actually suffer from the flu more severely than women due to differences in their immune systems. While it's believed that men exaggerate their symptoms when they're feeling unwell, nutritionist Jenna Hope says it's not just fiction. Breaking News
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UAE to create $30 bln climate fund Alterra will be the world's largest private climate change investment fund, according to a statement on the COP28 website. Breaking News
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If you eat more than 300 grams of tangerines a day (2-3 pieces), you can gain weight or develop liver problems - scientists The doctor also reminded that tangerines should be consumed in limited quantities, because they can provoke an allergic reaction. Breaking News
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The cease-fire in Gaza has ended As a result of Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip, 6 people were killed and dozens of people were injured. Video: social networks. Breaking News
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A dream job for Christmas movie fans has been found in the USA Those who wish will be paid $2,500 a month for watching 1 movie every day. Breaking News
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