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Opportunity And Adaptation: We all get ever more crushingly blackpilled about the state of the world. The ever-increasing proportions of Nons (non-whites) in our countries, global decreasing fertility rates, unrelenting spread of homosexuality, abortion and birth control. It's quite literally hell on earth. Or... is it an opportunity for White success? We spend so much time trying to fight against the ever-consuming system rather than seeing it as a potential tool for our own success. In the past few decades the spread of feminism, homosexuality, abortion and birth control has had the most impact on the fertility rates of: South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia; not White fertility rates in: North America, Europe and Australia; which have unfortunately remained at similar low rates. Recent Fertility Rate Reduction: (replacement fertility = 2.11)East Asia: 6.3-1.6 (1963-2020) -4.7 change. —South America (Brazil): 6.1-1.6 (1960-2020) -4.5 change. —Middle East & North Africa: 7.1-2.7 (1962-2020) -4.4 change. —Sub Sahara Africa: 6.8-4.5 (1983-2020). -2.3 change. Note: half of this (-0.8) is just since 2010!North America: 3.7-1.6 (1960-2020) -2.1 change. —Australia: 3.5-1.6 (1961-2020) -1.9 change. —Europe (EU): 2.6-1.5 (1960-2020) -1.1 change. While it's unfortunate North America, Australia and Europe (Whites) dropped below replacement fertility rate, they weren't far off to begin with. The global dynamic has most severely affected the formerly extremely high fertility regions of East Asia, South America and Middle East, with the former 2 dropping well below replacement fertility rates, and the latter (MENA) predicted to go below 2.1 by 2030. The only region in the world that will maintain an above replacement fertility rate is Sub Sahara Africa, but even they are predicted to drop below 2.1 within the next 50 years. Having put this in perspective, why should we get in the way of the systems inevitable consumption of the Non world? We should only be getting Whites out of it's way! Adapt. This presents us with an opportunity, as the entirety of the world is spiraling to zero fertility rate, it inevitably means all Nons will begin to rapidly decline around the world (not infinity niggers afterall!); however Whites are too declining, which should be the focus of our future goals. Let the liberal world continue to export en masse: feminism, buttsex, abortion and birth control; to the Non world (in particular Africa) and have very large White families in spite of it. While large White families among us would start out as an insignificant contribution to the global White fertility rate, it will rapidly increase over time. It need not even overtake Non population, as with consistent above replacement White fertility rates, the White population will become younger as the Non population ages. I'll get more into PWDS (Positive White Demographic Shift) in another post, essentially disproportionately higher White fertility rates. Of course we as Christians find these evils (abortion, etc) repulsive but if our racial enemies desire it, it is our duty to step aside and let them have it. Our only concern should be ensuring as many Whites as possible don't participate. Perhaps this gets in the way of the global agenda for population reduction, but we will continue to raise the White fertility rate, and they can take their excesses away from the Non world's fertility instead.
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