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We publish the most interesting opportunities for professional growth: jobs, internships, educational courses, volunteer programs all over the world! 🌍 
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#internship in Lisbon in hotel management What to do: Perform concierge/reception desk work, cleaning floors/rooms, linens, and organizing events; What is required: - Must communicate competently both verbally and in writing, be attentive, friendly, courteous; Conditions: No financial compensation; Apply:
Hospitality Operations Management | ERASMUSINTERN
trainee traineeship Business Studies and/or Management Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Social Sciences
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The TON Community is hiring! We are looking to add a member to the developer relations team responsible for contests and events for developers around the TON ecosystem. The responsibilities include running world-class online and offline contests and hackathons on your own. Having relevant experience is a must. The ideal candidate should have experience in event management, community management, and developer relations. Blockchain knowledge is also an advantage but not a strict requirement. To apply, fill out our form:
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#internship in France for students and graduates What to do: Interact with guests and customers, deal with service. What is required: - Good knowledge of French; - At least 18 years old; - University, college or language school transcripts. Conditions: The employer provides free accommodation and meals (lunch and dinner) for all trainees. Work hours: You work five days a week, with a typical seven-hour workday (35 hours/week), and two full days off. Salary is from $666 per month. Respond:
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Оплачиваемая стажировка в сфере Туризма во Франции
Стажировка в отелях Франции для студентов и выпускников отделения Гостиничного дела и Туризма в возрасте от 18 до 35 лет.
🎉Small grants During TON Smart Challenge 1 contest participants suggested many interesting ideas how to make developer life easier. As a result, TON Foundation announces grants for two projects: - Improvement of
testing capability and convenience - Improvement of documentation Each project has 1500 TON allocation (3000 in total), with option to support 2-4 people working on each. If you would like to participate, please write your proposal of what you would like to work on in 1-5 sentences and send it to .
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Smart Contract Developer Responsibilities: build and test FunC smart contracts for TON with focus on NFTs, tokens and their exchange. Preferred qualifications: deep knowledge of TVM and experience in implementing smart contracts for TON. About our team: we work on , , and a range of other projects. How to apply: or
Last updated: 03.07.22
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