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Brazil-based channel mainly focused on documenting news from: • Brazil 🇧🇷 • BRICS+🇧🇷🇷🇺🇮🇳🇨🇳🇿🇦 • Mercosur 🌐 • South America 🌎 • Latin America/Caribe Geopolitics 🏝 Designer: @moratori To support us: BTC: 3GDqPVPaq6Ueiyy3wuXpNVacDPmEET8HmP

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🇻🇪⁉️🦸‍♂️🚌 — Despite more than half of the population living in poverty and hunger, the Venezuelan regime surprises by spending public money on producing a campaign bus customized for sound equipment and distributing toys featuring Nicolás Maduro as a superhero.
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🇻🇪🌹💥 — The Venezuelan regime, led by Nicolás Maduro, has intensified threats against a possible defeat in the presidential elections scheduled for next Sunday, July 28. ➡️ At a rally in Maturín, the same city where opposition leader Maria Corina Machado was received by thousands of Venezuelans hours earlier, Maduro said that the presidential election would be a choice between "peace or war." Previously, he had threatened Venezuelans, saying the country would plunge into a "bloodbath" if his re-election was not confirmed at the polls.
"On July 28, the future of Venezuela will be decided for the next 50 years, whether it will be a Venezuela of peace or a Venezuela convulsed, violent, and full of conflicts. Peace or war. [...] my defeat would represent the end of the welfare state left by Hugo Chávez and the beginning of an elitist Venezuela, with the people excluded and everything privatized!"
⁉️ Even with government-commissioned polls and institutional analysis showing low support for Maduro's votes, he insists on claiming that "the people are with him," accusing the opposition of falsifying numbers:
"From now on, they want to claim fraud. They know the truth, the street knows the truth, the people know the truth. We are winning and winning. She [Corina Machado] knows it, and foreigners know it. But they will claim otherwise because we already know how this will end."
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🇻🇪🔐 — 🗳 The Venezuelan regime, led by Nicolás Maduro, announced that the country's borders will be closed starting at midnight on July 26, in preparation for the elections on the 28th ➡️ The decision was announced by the Ministries of Defense and Interior, which also established a ban on carrying weapons and the prohibition of alcoholic beverages from the same date until 11:59 PM on July 29. 🚫 Additionally, the commercialization, distribution, and use of pyrotechnic objects, the circulation of heavy cargo, and the holding of public demonstrations will be prohibited—restrictions that are customary in electoral processes. ❗️ In power since 2013, Maduro is accused by the opposition and various democratic governments of establishing an authoritarian regime in Venezuela, a country plagued by a long crisis that has already driven millions of refugees worldwide, especially in Latin America, leaving hundreds dead in protests.
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🇦🇷🏴💥🌹🌐 — The President of Argentina, Javier Milei, accused the Director of the Western Hemisphere Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Rodrigo Valdés, of having "manifestly bad" intentions towards Argentina and of being allied with Latin American progressivism:
"There was complicity between the head of the IMF Argentina mission and the previous government. Rodrigo Valdés has manifestly bad intentions. He does not want Argentina to succeed. He has another agenda. We overachieve with everyone, but they preferred to support the disaster of (Sergio) Massa. Why did the IMF allow Massa everything? We overachieve all the time, and they keep finding faults because this administration was aligned with the São Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group (left-wing)."
❗️ The Argentine president also recalled that Valdés was Chile's Minister of Finance from 2015 to 2017, during Michelle Bachelet's second term (2006-2010 and 2014-2018), when he "caused the disaster he caused in Chile." Source 🖇
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🇧🇷💥🇨🇳 — 💰 Brazil creates a tariff war with China and weakens good relations among BRICS member countries ➡️ The Brazilian government recently decided to take protectionist measures by imposing a 25% tax on steel imported from China beyond a certain quota. This decision, although surprising given that China is Brazil's largest trading partner, reflects a desperate attempt to protect the national steel industry. Brazil and China, members of the BRICS bloc, maintain strong and strategic trade relations. ❗️ However, the massive influx of Chinese steel in 2023 seriously disrupted the local market, plunging the Brazilian steel sector into an unprecedented crisis. 🔥 The decision to tax Chinese steel aims to curb what is considered unfair competition and stabilize the national industry. The Brazilian government targeted eleven specific products from the steel sector for this tax, although industrialists had hoped for more. ‼️ In 2023, the overabundance of Chinese steel led to the temporary suspension of operations at a major Brazilian steel company, resulting in the layoff of 700 workers. Source 🖇
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🇧🇷🦠🐔❌🇨🇳 — Even after China requested no suspensions, the Brazilian government suspended poultry meat exports to the Asian country due to the Newcastle disease case; resumption expected in a month ➡️ The Brazilian government decided to suspend, as a precaution and temporarily, poultry meat exports to China due to the recent Newcastle disease outbreak detected in Rio Grande do Sul. Initially, the suspension applied only to slaughterhouses in Rio Grande do Sul, but now it covers all 55 slaughterhouses and 4 warehouses in Brazil authorized to export to the Chinese market. ⌛ The Secretary of Commerce and International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Roberto Perosa, stated that exports to China should resume within 15 to 30 days, after sending a detailed report on the eradication of the Newcastle disease outbreak in the state. 💰 China is the main destination for Brazil's chicken exports, purchasing 17.47% of Brazilian exports in 2024. In 2023, the Asian country acquired 19.13% of the total exported, totaling 682.2 thousand tons and generating $1.6 billion in revenue. The suspension of exports could significantly impact the sector, which has already sent 2.5 million tons of chicken abroad in the first half of this year. ⁉️ In contact with the embassy, Chinese government officials claimed they made several requests not to suspend poultry meat exports. Source 🖇
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🇨🇴 — Amid President Gustavo Petro's speech at the opening of Congress, the audience laughed at the president when he said, "the government has been efficient."
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🇪🇨⁉️ — Ecuador: A minister in Daniel Noboa's government accused of influence peddling in the leasing of barges for electricity ➡️ The former acting Minister of Energy and current Minister of Public Works, Roberto Luque, has been accused by citizen Marlon Pasquel Espín of influence peddling. According to Pasquel Espín, the crime was committed in the leasing of barges for electricity generation. Leasing these barges was a government promise to address the country's energy crisis. ❗️ The complainant indicated that there might be “undue interests” in awarding the contract for leasing these barges. The Turkish company Karpowership won the tender; however, Pasquel Espín stated that Luque had already announced that the barges were on their way to Ecuador, despite the contract not having been signed, according to documents accessed by Expreso. 📝This week, an investigative report by Primicias revealed that "the generating ship set sail for Ecuador before the Government launched the tender for its contract and is about to arrive, even though the contract has not yet been signed." According to the outlet, since July 14, the barge has been in the Panama Strait and had set sail from Turkey on June 16, six days before the public tender to contract it was launched. Source 🖇
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PNB arrested a union leader in Monagas just days after he supported Edmundo González
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