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Banned from Twitter since  2018.  Pizzagate is  real.  WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🐸🙏🏻 
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Since the beginning of the war, more than 2000 civilians have been killed by Russian missiles, according to official data. Help us protect Ukrainians from missiles - provide max military assisstance to Ukraine #Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine
Feds found a drug smuggling tunnel close to the border from Tijuana, Mexico to San Diego. This was a sophisticated operation, the tunnel had electricity and a rail system. I have no doubt this tunnel was probably also used to traffic humans including children.
Drug smuggling tunnel with rail system uncovered on US-Mexico border
The ventilated underground passage runs the length of a football field and also contains reinforced walls and electricity supply
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There goes Britney’s Instagram again setting the narrative for her to be MIA. We have not heard from Britney in her own words since she spoke in court June 23, 2021 — almost a full year ago. In her testimony she complained that she wasn’t allowed to see any of her friends while under the conservatorship. Since her “freedom” we’ve seen no proof she actually has seen any of her old friends she made clear she wanted to see. Where’s Britney?
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Any jurors with close friends or family in the CIA and especially the FBI should be struck for cause by the judge IMO. The prosecution shouldn’t have to use any of their strikes for those potential jurors.
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Rep. Kat Cammack: Joe Biden is the Trafficker-in-Chief.


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I want to thank everyone who stood up for me, and called out Toes On The Nose for their gross negligence on their Instagram page. Those cowards have turned off their comments. You can still comment on their partner’s page, the Hyatt Huntington Beach. Link below. 👇🏻 For those that don’t know, you can read my story on my substack. The Hyatt Hotel & Toes On The Nose is trying to put me in financial ruin. It’s my strong belief they are targeting me cuz of my reporting, and, particularly, because the Chairman of the Hyatt Hotel Board, was accused of rape by, Jeffrey Epstein victim, Virginia Giuffre.
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A clip from my speech at tonight’s Skip Dee Doo Dah anti-trafficking event today.


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I’m posting my Trump’s War On Human Trafficking video as promised for the attendees from today’s Skip Dee Doo Dah anti-trafficking fundraiser.
Trump's War on Human Trafficking
A banned YouTube video on what President Trump's administration has done to combat human trafficking -- a report you'll never see in the mainstream media.
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Call to action! I never ask for help. I’ve helped victims with no voice for the past 6 years, but now I need your help! I lost two fingertips in a tragic accident that happened at the Huntington Beach Hyatt Hotel & Toes On The Nose. My injury is a result of them breaking the law by not having a legal license to teach surf lessons & them violating their own written policy by not giving me a leash with my board. They have lied pathologically & hid evidence for four years. Now they are trying to make me pay them over $100k of their legal bills. Hyatt’s chairman, Tom Pritzker, allegedly raped Virginia Giuffre, according to court documents. I have no doubt their attempt to bankrupt me is retaliation for my work exposing elite pedophiles like Pritzker. The Deep State is trying to decimate my life. Please let them know your thoughts on their Instagram pages! I have no doubt these demons are trying to destroy my life & put me in financial ruin because of the work I have done exposing elite pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein and his deranged predator friends. I have never asked for help before, but I’m often asked how people can help me. Well, this is how. Thank you.
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Mike Smith and I will be at a fundraiser in Sarasota, Florida Saturday afternoon for trafficking survivors. Come join us, details are in the link.
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I’m writing a series about my long journey losing my fingertips from my surf accident. This is my latest piece on it.
My Soulless Surf Journey
The Accident
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The food source for Baal/Moloch is about to dry up with the Supreme Court about to Overturn Roe v Wade. The enemy will NOT be happy about something that he has had control of and empowered him for Decades, and it's about to be RIPPED from his hands! God is on throne and in FULL Control! Pray! Watch out for False Flags!
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My dear friend, Mark Taylor, prophesied in early 2016, that Roe VS Wade would be overturned. You can read his prophetic words on his site here:
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After I posted my fundraiser, my lawyer called and said the Hyatt & Toes On The Nose officially filed to make me pay $101,000 in their trial costs. They’re trying to nail me for experts they didn’t even end up using. As if losing my fingertips and my medical debt wasn’t enough, they’re trying to destroy my life. These people are evil.
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These past few years I’ve been dealing with the loss of two of my fingertips. This happened because the company, Hyatt Hotel and Toes On The Nose, I took the lesson with violated their own written policy by providing me a surfboard without a safety leash. They refused to pay my medical bills, so I took them to court. I lost my case. This has not only put me in medical debt, they’re moving to make me pay their trial costs which would put me in financial ruin. I started a GiveSendGo fundraiser and included a more detailed account of what happened on my campaign page. I appreciate any support you can give me. Thank you.
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Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial will not be overturned after a rogue juror admitted to lying in a jury selection questionnaire. I wonder how often the Deep State plants jurors or poisons them via threats or payoffs to throw a trial?
Judge denies Ghislaine Maxwell's motion to overturn her conviction on sex trafficking charges after juror lied about past sex abuse he'd suffered
A U.S. judge on Friday denied a motion by Ghislaine Maxwell to overturn her December 2021 conviction on sex trafficking charges.
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A lot of conservatives on Twitter are reporting that they’ve received hordes of new followers overnight, and there appears to be less shadow banning. However, you still can’t post or DM a link to Out Of Shadows. This is what pops up when you try to tweet the documentary.
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