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audience statistics 70+ Finance lvl5

 @SeventyPlusBM5   @SeventyPlusECO5   @SeventyPlusBIS5   @SeventyPlusLAW5  Those who are interested can also join 👆 Drop us a line if you have any questions/suggestions  @o_inogamova  and  @tarmialondo  
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Since the beginning of the war, more than 2000 civilians have been killed by Russian missiles, according to official data. Help us protect Ukrainians from missiles - provide max military assisstance to Ukraine #Ukraine. #StandWithUkraine
MODULE REGISTRATION Guuuys, another reminder about Module Registration. You need to choose your Modules in SRS, otherwise they will be chosen on your behalf and you'll NOT be able to change it afterwards Instructions for Module Registration is attached in the file The Deadline for Module Registration is 14th of August (just 2 weeks left as well) P.s. But please note that in order to do the Module Registration, you need to Enrol first, otherwise you'll not be able to choose your Modules


Public Finance Final Exam marks are published in SRS‼️
Financial Management Final Exam marks are published in SRS!


Dear students, The Ministry of Finance officials plan to visit our university to talk to students about employment opportunities in the ministry. Date: April 28, 2022 Venue: SHB 308 Time: 15:00-16:00 Seats are limited. If you wish to participate, please register yourself by 10 am on April 28, using the following link
Event registration - meeting with Ministry of Finance
Event Timing: April 28, 2022 Event Address: SHB 306 Time: 15:00-16:00
Securities analysis CW marks are published in SRS
Financial Management Final Exam venue and slot ‼️

19_April_Afternoon Slot (Slot 2)(1).xlsx

Here is key useful graphs for Public Finance Final Exam today! P.S. Do not forget your IDs and calculators ‼️ Good luck 🍀


Preparation for FM Final Guuuys, we we have decided to create a group for preparation to FM Final together Join the group, get prepared to the assessment and let's rock during the Final together 🔥
Are You interested in WIUT Trading Challenge? The winners/best performers will be selected to represent WIUT in Bloomberg Global Trading Challenge in the fall of this year (Q3). For registration: Write to Qobiljon Yunusov () your -full name, -course name, -level (3,4,5,6) -a contact number
Public Finance exam venue and slot‼️

18_April_Morning Slot (Slot 1).xlsx

Dear students, Marks for Financial Management CW is published in the SRS‼️
Answers for Revision questions ‼️

FM_Revision Updated.docx

Good evening dear students. Here are some information on final term exam. please prepare all the seminars+revisions material for the exam preparations. Exam will cover all the topics we covered in the first 10 weeks of the semester. Exam will consists of 3 parts. Part A: 30 marks MCQs, (20 marks theoretical, 10 Marks calculation based) Part B: 30 marks, 2 questions (15 marks for each). Problem solving Part C: 40 marks, 2 questions (20 marks of each). Problem solving Standard Formula sheet (same as available on intranet) along with PV/FV tables will be provided. Calculators (scientific/financial/ordinary) are allowed to use Time allowed is 3 hours I wish you very good luck. Hamid Waqas
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Brand New SDG Summer School in Tashkent for our Level 5 students! Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) and the University of Westminster (UoW) in London are running for the first time the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summer School from May 22nd to May 26th in Tashkent. The application deadline is on Friday, April 15th and interested students can apply . The new SDG Summer School programme exemplifies both institutions' commitment to the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The programme’s main purpose is to enhance the employability of our Undergraduate students, through their engagement with industry experts who contribute to the realisation of SDGs in their day-to-day professional activities. For any questions about the SDG Summer School, interested students may contact the organisers via email at .
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P.s. warning — inadequate gestures and words are present in the video

The Wolf Of Wall Street - I'm Not Leaving.mp4

Show cannot go on Not the best news for you today After deep analysis, it was decided that 70+ Family will not continue working All the channels for all level students will stop functioning and be deleted I wanted to make my farewell speech for 70+ Family in different conditions, however, the situation changed totally I know, 70+ Family meant something different to each student — starting from a channel that sends news from administration and finishing with a project that tries to improve students' academic life However, the show cannot go on anymore. You cannot imagine how sorry I am to make this decision, but it should be made. Without sacrifice there can be no victory There will be no more Revisions, CW in a minute videos and much other useful and reliable info from 70+ Family I am always open to talk to students and answer to their questions as best as I can (, or simply telegram ) I congratulate everyone with the Victory and I ask for mercy from my 70+ Family members and team Thank you very much for being with us from 2019 Everything's going to be alright Rustam Karimov 70+ Family Leader P.s. the channels would be deleted by Monday
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Please, do not judge me or any other members of 70+ Family. My request. As it is said in the song below "It's our time to go, but at least we stole the show"

Kygo, Parson James-Stole the Show.mp3

Dear students, don't forget to bring your WIUT student ID card during viva‼️ Hamid Waqas
Hi folks! I have received enough emails to understand your main concerns about the group project. Shortly I will communicate all the necessary details that would help you effectively accomplish the tasks. The most frequent question I have received so far is whether you can use the same company from FM. My answer is yes, however, you need to understand that it is a different module, i.e., this CW focuses mostly on valuation part. FM-based valuation is not even worth 20% of what is asked in SA. Talk to you soon! P.S. Ramadhan mubarak!
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Dear students, This Email is for the level five students who are enrolled in Financial Management Module Dear students, Here are some important instructions for submitting your coursework 1. 31st March, 23:59 is the last date for submission of course work, any late submission will be marked as zero. Therefore, It is recommended to upload your work beforehand to avoid any agitation 2. Only one student on behalf of the group needs to submit the course work. 3. Write your company name, Team ID (i.e., FM001), and WIUT IDs for all the group members on the first sheet of the excel file. 4. It is very important to Name your files (excel/word) and folder using the team ID number (i.e., FM001.docx and FM001.xlsx, FM002.docx and FM002.xlsx, etc.) while uploading on the intranet 5. Your submission can be arranged as zip/archive folder consisting of subfolders and files, all named by using your team ID number (i.e., FM001.docx and FM001.xlsx, FM002.docx and FM002.xlsx, etc.) 6. You do not need to prepare PPTs of your work. 7. Viva (question-answer) session will be conducted during your seminar hours during the next teaching week (4th April to 8th April as per your timetable) with your own Lecturer. You are not allowed to attend the viva session with any other lecturer, as it may cause you to mark you as absent. 8. You could be asked questions from any part of the report (not limited to the part which you have done). 9. Bring your CFI certificates in printed form while attending question-answer sessions. 10. Students who have reported non-cooperation of their team members should send an email to the module leader along with the proof (screenshots of conversation over Email, social networking apps). The module leader will call on the related parties and will take appropriate action. 11. Students who will not attend the viva session, will be granted zero marks for the viva part. I wish you very best of luck on your upcoming exams and assignments
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18 Securities Analysis in-class test RESULTS are published in SRS‼️
Dear students, Take into attention the Draft of Final exams schedule. You can send your comments on it untill March 31,5pm Academic Registrar Office

UGand PG Final Examination Schedule 2022 Sem2 Draft.xls

Public Finance‼️ ​Due to Nauroz holidays, this week seminar (merged) I'll take on Thursday at 4:00pm in IB311 See you tomorrow​ Kind regards, Naqeeb Ur Rehman
Dear students, Marks from Public Finance are published on intranet (My assessment direction)
Dear students, You can find the group project assignment, which is the final examination from the SA module.

5ECON025C SA - Group Project 2021-2022.pdf

Last updated: 11.08.22
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