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Ripple Conducts Testing of Native NFT Functionality According to an update posted by RippleX, the development arm of the San Francisco-based blockchain company, its team of developers is now confident in the XRP Ledger’s ability to support the XLS-20 standard for non-fungible tokens. Ripple upgraded its serves in order to let validators vote in favor of implementing the aforementioned standard. The developer team started testing whether or not the XRPL would be able to support the additional transaction load brought by on-ledger NFTs.The RippleX team was able to reach the peak sustained throughput of 2,199 transactions per second when XRP payments.
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Study Shows Singapore Leads in NFT Searches Worldwide, Researchers Say 'Poland Is the Most Anti-NFT Country' During the past seven days, non-fungible token (NFT) sales have dropped 23.37% and 30-day statistics show NFT sales are down 63.10% from the month prior. While NFT interest has been waning, a recent study indicates that global regions like Singapore and Hong Kong lead the pack in terms of NFT interest.A new study published by , says researchers combed through NFT search data in every country in March 2022, and then calculated the number of monthly searches per 1,000,000 members of the population using the Ahrefs tool.
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135 520
British Army 'attacked' Pakistan and 'advertised' NFT The British Army's official Twitter and YouTube accounts ended up in the hands of unknown attackers yesterday. They changed their appearance and began reporting on the giveaway of free NFTs, the invasion of Pakistan, and the organization's connection to The Possessed NFT project.Focus on the cryptocurrency was evident on the YouTube page: it posted recordings of Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk speaking at a conference held by Ark Invest, but with ads for a fraudulent cryptoproject. Links to this project also appeared on Twitter.
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292 417
Chinese Companies Will Verify Your Identity For NFT Purchases Per a report from the South China Morning Post, Chinese private companies implemented an initiative to de-anonymize non-fungible token (NFT) trading. Called “Self-Discipline Initiative”, major companies in this country took the commitment to verifying users’ identity in the digital sector.The document was signed by Baidu, , Tencent Holdings, and Alibaba’s affiliate company Ant Group, among others. The companies will start to “require real-name authentication of those who issue, sell and buy” NFT and to only accept legal tender currency to settle payments.
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354 077
NFT's daily sales volume fell to an all-time low. In June 2022, the NFT space posted its worst performance of the year. Total daily sales fell to about 19,000 with an estimated value of $13.8 million. These numbers were recorded back in June 2021.
320 929
Metaverse Domains Are Trending as Minting Goes Live on Quik․com, a portal to the web3-optimized metaverse, is bringing firsthand knowledge of the .metaverse, .vr, .web3, and many other top-level domains to the web3 race.These domains on are minted on blockchain technology and are featured to be stored as an asset in the user’s digital wallet and held, sold, or even exchanged if the owner wishes to.These features separate them from traditional domains as they are not under centralized control. This allows them to reject third-party interference and secure privacy over data ownership.
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484 637
StreamMyScreen is a new metaverse tool for content creators Live CGI, a leader in customizable streaming, e-commerce, and blockchain metaverses, has unveiled its new cloud-based studio platform called StreamMyScreen. The new platform, dubbed MaaS (Metaverse as a Service), allows creators to broadcast themselves and their screen live wherever and whenever they want, while also earning additional revenue streams by immortalizing the most memorable moments of their content through NFT.
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360 239
Coinbase NFT launches new features to attract users Users now have the ability to change the price of digital items in real time. A notification center is also available, and "Like" and "Mass Management" tabs have been added. In addition, the site added rarity filters and the ability to connect up to ten cryptocurrency wallets to a single account. According to Dune Analytics, since Coinbase NFT launched two months ago, 8,202 users have registered on the site. As of July 2, they had made only about 21,000 transactions. Total trading volume was 1,468 ETH (about $3 million). By comparison, last Thursday's trading volume on the OpenSea platform alone was $15.6 million.
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454 018
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Is Skeptical About the Metaverse Concept Eric Schmidt, who was CEO of Google, has declared that there is confusion about the concept of the metaverse and what it means for people. Schmidt stated that, even with a company like the former Facebook pivoting its operations to occupy the metaverse market.While there has been a considerable number of companies and firms that are already putting funds into and betting on the growth of the concept of the metaverse, not everyone is so convinced about the subject. Eric Schmidt, an entrepreneur that was formerly CEO of tech giant Google from 2001 to 2011, is in this latter group.
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406 222
Hasbro and WoW are launching an NFT version of Monopoly. The game and NFT tokens will combine a perfect mix of board game illustrations and characters from the World of Women collection. According to statements from project representatives, NFTs will be redeemable for a physical copy of the Monopoly game.
493 614
Only1 launches Web3.0 social NFT platform The web3.0 platform is designed with a host of features, including a 360° social network with a user profile, messenger, Superfan NFT, Creator betting pools, an NFT trading platform and an NFT launch panel.
537 362
NFT trading volume on Ethereum fell 70% in June. According to Nansen, NFT trading volume on the Ethereum network dropped 55% in the last month, from 1.3 million ETH to just 584,000 ETH. That means a drop from just under $2.6 billion to $672 million, roughly a 70% drop in terms of dollars.
394 812
NFT Sales Stave off Crypto Market Downturn This Week With a Slight Uptick in Volume Non-fungible token (NFT) sales have managed to stay consistent this week while the crypto economy saw more losses over the last seven days. The week prior, $152.9 million in NFT sales were recorded across 18 blockchains and during the past week, $154.3 million in sales were executed. At the time of writing, approximately $154,366,090 in NFT sales were recorded across 18 different blockchains and the metric is roughly 0.96% higher than the week prior.
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341 696
Topps issues final NFT Bundesliga cards The NFT Topps collecting platform has just announced the release of Topps Series 4 Bundesliga NFT cards. Collectors will have a chance to mint the final NFT series of the 2021-22 Bundesliga season. Collectibles celebrate the club season with plenty of rarities, virtual perks and more.
523 946
Only1 launches the Web3.0 social NFT platform. The web3.0 platform is designed with many features, including a 360° social network with a user profile, messenger, Superfan NFT, Creator betting pools, an NFT trading floor and an NFT launch panel.
462 115
DOJ Indicts 6 People in 4 Crypto Scams Including Baller Ape NFT Rug-Pull A global Ponzi scheme, an ICO, and an Investment fund — together worth nearly $130 million — featured in the indictment brought by US Justice Department. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has indicted 6 people in 4 different cases of cryptocurrency frauds, including Baller Ape NFT rug-pull, worth nearly $130 million. According to a release from the agency, Vietnamese national Le Anh Tuan, 26, pulled down the website and fled with investors’ money after the first-day public sale of Baller Ape NFTs in the Central District of California.
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339 979
Over 200 Bored Ape Yacht Club owners signed up to squeeze some cash out of their NFTs by licensing them to brands On Wednesday, blockchain accelerator MouseBelt Labs launched a website called Boredjobs that aims to list all 10,000 NFTs of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection with the goal of connecting their owners to companies that want to license the NFTs for commercial purposes. Bored Ape Yacht Club owners have full intellectual property rights over their NFTs, but “what they did not give them is an instruction manual on how to put it to work,” according to the Boredjob website.
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452 829
Coca-Cola Pride Collection NFTs Coca-Cola is making another NFT foray timed to International Pride Day. The limited-edition Coca-Cola Pride Collection was created in partnership with artist, fashion designer, and advocate of African LGBTQIA+ rights, Rich Mnisi. To make the NFT launch possible, Coca-Cola also teamed up with Vice's creative agency Virtue, and the digital collectible studio Tafi.
535 792
Taiwan central bank warns of dangers in NFT investment Taiwan’s central bank has warned the general public about the risk of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as an investment.According to The Central Bank of the Republic of China ( the official name of Taiwan’s central bank) only 28.5% of individuals profit when they sell an NFT. And as many as one-third of NFTs produced do not sell at all, according to a report published recently in the Taiwan News. In total nearly $27bn worth of NFTs changed hands in 2021, according to report from digital asset research firm Chainanalysis.
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377 950
Bugatti NFT Sells for Nearly Half a Million Dollars, or Brand-New Supercar Money Earlier this year, Bugatti entered the world of digital artwork with a tiny sculpture that mirrors the looks of the bespoke La Voiture Noire and an accompanying NFT. Fast forward to present day, and they have announced that they sold it for an eye-watering sum. Handmade by Asprey at their London workshop using 24k rose gold, the sculpture takes over four months to come to life, and it will be mounted on a bespoke base, bearing the colors of the two companies.
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485 436
Disney will release NFTs for Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder. Disney and Cinemark Movie Rewards will release a collection of 1,000 NFTs to coincide with the release of the superhero film.
329 972
Vertu Paris launches NFT handset Vertu Paris, a company selling premium smartphones, decided to conquer the metaverse and launched its NFT-phone collection. It consists of 10555 tokens worth $5175 each. The NFT holder can redeem it and receive the latest Vertu Constellation X Ulm smartphone (no later than February 2023) or keep it and become a member of the VERTU community, receiving matching bonuses in the future.
307 416
DOJ Charges of NFT Insider Trading Show New Digital Focus, Report Says As the first Department of Justice indictment comes down on an insider trading scheme for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it remains to be seen how the DOJ will work with the wider NFT community, Bloomberg reported Wednesday (June 29). According to Wilson Elser attorneys John Cahill, Jana Farmer and William Behr, this case could possibly provide information on whether NFTs will be classified as securities. The DOJ will also be looking to increase its enforcement efforts, per the report.
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443 355
Tiger Beer Malaysia Launched an NFT Collection It’s the Year of the Tiger, and Tiger Beer Malaysia wanted to mark the special occasion by launching a new product. No, it wasn’t a beer. Instead, the brewer decided to collaborate with Malaysian streetwear company Pestle & Mortar Clothing to launch an NFT collection. The collection, dubbed The Tiger Archives, consists of 6,688 unique hand-drawn NFTs. Getting your hands on one might prove to be challenging since they were sold out in minutes after going on sale on OpenSea.
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399 130
Flipside Crypto launches NFTs to pull multi-chain data Blockchain analytics firm Flipside Crypto has launched an online Software Development Kit called ShroomDK, which is based on nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and provides an automated means to pull “comprehensive” blockchain data via software. Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, refers to software delivered over the web instead of locally on machines. An SDK generally refers to a kit of software-building tools to create applications for specific devices or operating systems.
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550 939
The hacker will return half of the funds stolen from NFT XCarnival XCarnival's NFT lending pool lost about $4 million after a hacker exploited a vulnerability in their XCarnival's NFT lending pool. As a result of the exploit, the hacker managed to steal 3,087 ETH, but in the end, the attacker was offered 1,500 ETH as a reward for the vulnerability he found.
294 643
Metascreen releases first-ever NFT ticket collection celebrating the Indian cinema Metascreen – a curated NFT commerce platform for showcasing unique NFTs as movie tickets have introduced unique 26 NFTs collection as a Movie Tickets first-time ever in Metaverse space. Metascreen is a platform by SquirrelVerse- a Metaverse first company that has also announced the launch of the ‘Celebrating the Challenger’ series that aims to highlight the unique stories about movies for cinema Lovers.
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361 761
UAE's first hospital in metaverse to launch in October The UAE’s public and private sectors are seeing massive adoption of the metaverse. Recently, Dubai hosted the world’s first wedding in the metaverse.The UAE’s healthcare firm has hired a firm to train all of its doctors on how to deal with patients in the metaverse. With regard to the fee, Dr Thumbay said the decision has not yet been made but it will most likely be in line with the tele consultation fees charged by the healthcare operator.
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332 782
⏰ An insight into the NFT functionality of the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 watch Right from the wrist it is possible to verify with OpenSea with a "tick", plus the watch automatically detects the dominant NFT colors for the background


502 227
📱 HTC a Desire 22 crypto phone with support and VR/AR for the metaverse. Desire 22 has built-in Ethereum and Polygon wallets, as well as applications for interacting with Metaverse & NFT. HTC released its first Exodus-1 crypto phone with a built-in hardware wallet back in 2018. But the idea didn’t take root among people. Maybe the time has come.


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@ChartsSignalsTrading just posted their Trading Report For May 2022 with a whooping profit of📈 1068 % Join their FREE 💯 trading channel:
413 178
Cryptoys Raises $23 Million to Mix NFTs, Gaming, and Virtual Toys Cryptoys, an NFT-based startup, announced it has raised $23 million in a Series A funding round led by a16z. The company, which seeks to mix NFTs with the world of gaming and virtual toys, will create what it calls a “cryptoyverse,” in which it will also implement play-to-earn features and issue its own tokens.The NFT market is facing a slump phase that is affecting prices and the popularity of NFT projects recently. However, there are projects that have managed to stay afloat and even thrive. One of them is Cryptoys, an NFT startup that has announced the completion of a successful funding round.
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498 301
NFT gaming platform Cryptoys raises $23M in Series A Cryptoys, an NFT-centric gaming platform, alongside its parent company OnChain Studios, has raised $23 million in a Series A funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz.Other participants in the round included Acrew Capital, Animoca Brands, CoinFund, Dapper Labs, Draper & Associates. As per announcements, the company has inked a deal with Mattel to create playable avatars that can be sold as NFTs. While the full details of the partnership are yet to be disclosed, Barbie, Polly Pocket, and Hot Wheels are a few of Mattel’s well-known products.
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648 344
XCarnival NFT Lending Platform Hit by $3.8 Million Exploit PeckShield has reported a hack on XCarnival Lab, an NFT lending protocol. The attack happened on June 26, and the hacker managed to drain ETH tokens from the protocol. However, according to PeckShield, the hacker made away with 3,087 Ether (ETH), worth around $3.8 million. The exploit on the XCarnival NFT lending platform now joins the list of several exploits over the past few months. Moreover, the ongoing recession across the crypto space does not seem to be deterring hackers from targeting protocols.
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397 771
TIME Partners With The Sandbox to Build TIME Square in the Metaverse TIME Magazine has continued its foray into the cryptocurrency and NFT world by partnering with blockchain-based gaming company The Sandbox to build TIME Square in the metaverse. According to the official announcement, the initiative was inspired by the “virtual spirit and energy” of the real-life Times Square neighborhood in New York City.
544 142
New York NFT Leaves Attendees Infected with COVID-19 NFT New York City () organized a three-day conference that brought the NFT community together in NYC for debates, talks, and workshops through June 20-23, 2022. The program was glamorous and successful. However, it airdropped a virus to people. Multiple sources have reported that many attendees have contracted the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) after the event.
294 581
Tovera merges with Sniffles NFT to fight fraud NFT fraud prevention startup, Tovera has acquired Sniffles NFT to strengthen its fight against counterfeits. Tovera will now use Sniffles' know-how, that detects NFTs minted without authorization, automates takedown requests on NFT trading floors and notifies owners of unauthorized digital collectibles. The development of Sniffles NFTs allows even the smallest changes to NFTs to be identified. Tovera can currently index every NFT and transaction on Ethereum and Polygon. Its NFT fraud detection technology allows customers to add any NFT and see results based primarily on image, contract, date and blockchain similarity, primarily based on historical timestamps.
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➡️ 🗓I Latest News, alerts & NFT's 📈I Follow to know the Top Coins of 2022 🖥| Bitcoin & Trading ⤵️ 📩| DM For Enquiries/Business
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Japanese Virtual IP Firm Raises $10 Million to Accelerate Metaverse Business Brave Group Inc., a Japanese virtual IP firm, recently said it had raised $10 million in new capital and that the company expects to use part of these funds to boost its “solution services for clients in the metaverse marketing business.”A Japan-based virtual IP business, Brave Group Inc., recently said it had raised $10 million in new funding, thus bringing the total raised so far to $18 million. The company is set to use the new capital to strengthen its existing business operations and to “expand its solution services for clients in the metaverse marketing business.”
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420 674
Crypto Payments at NFT-themed Restaurant Bored and Hungry Stopped The cryptocurrency industry is presently witnessing a slight collapse, with well-known enterprises either trying to take aggressive measures to avert disaster or outright failing as cryptocurrencies themselves experience a sharp decline in their price. Going on the similar trends, the recently established NFT-themed Bored and Hungry restaurant, according to the Los Angeles Times report, now does not include cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for its food.
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478 115
MetaMask adds NFT to institutional service Consensys, the developer of the popular MetaMask wallet, has refined the service it launched in 2020 for institutional clients. This platform works with the DeFi-industry and allows participation in DAOs with KYC/AML compliance using the KYT mechanism. NFT analytics have now been added to the MetaMask Institutional (MMI) application, per numerous requests from corporate clients. Unique tokens are of interest to investment funds as digital art investment objects. A growing number of companies are issuing their own NFTs related to brands or marketing promotions.
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499 086
A-list celebs remove NFT avatars amid crypto winter The fast-paced nature of the crypto market attracted celebrities who want to invest their fortunes. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, and Bruce Willis participated in various projects. Many also purchased NFTs, especially from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection during 2021. Not many of the stars came forward to explain why they purchased NFTs. In the case of Jimmy Fallon, he purchased an Ape because he felt like it was a good idea after talking to Hilton about it.
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386 599
A-list celebs remove NFT avatars amid crypto winter The fast-paced nature of the crypto market attracted celebrities who want to invest their fortunes. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, and Bruce Willis participated in various projects. Many also purchased NFTs, especially from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection during 2021. Not many of the stars came forward to explain why they purchased NFTs. In the case of Jimmy Fallon, he purchased an Ape because he felt like it was a good idea after talking to Hilton about it. Buying one because everyone else is doing could be a reason for billionaire celebs to purchase NFTs.Paris Hilton was the only one who publicly explained why she was excited about NFTs. 🔊
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It seems NFT-themed Bored & Hungry restaurant no longer accepts crypto Bored & Hungry initially launched back in April of this year. At the time, one worker told the Los Angeles Times that the majority of its customers didn’t seem to care about crypto payment options, also noting that customers were generally indifferent to “the restaurant’s fidelity to the crypto cause.”
491 336
‘NBA Top Shot’ NFT Collection Witnesses 900% Jump In Sales After 2022 NBA Draft You may “own, sell, and trade official digital collectible NFTs of the NBA and WNBA’s best plays and players” with the NBA Top Shot collection.Following the conclusion of the 2022 NBA Draft, sports enthusiasts and collectors have over the past 24 hours filled their NFT bags with selections from the NBA Top Shot collection.
441 804
Square Enix wants to develop ‘story-focused’ NFTs According to the company’s 2022 Shareholders’ Meeting Report (as reported by michsuzuki,) it plans to continue to integrate blockchain technology into game development.As revealed in the report, the company’s medium-term goals include the “development of blockchain games and entertainment products”.
295 980
Meta, Microsoft and Other Tech Giants Say They Want an Open Metaverse On Tuesday, 35 technology companies—among them Meta (formerly known as Facebook), Microsoft, Alibaba, and Sony—announced their founding membership in an organization calling itself the Metaverse Standards Forum.The Forum’s stated goal: to foster coordination and cooperation among the hundreds of companies currently jockeying to create (or depending who you ask, dominate) the still-nascent metaverse: an immersive collection of digital spaces and worlds navigated via 3D avatars that many see as the future of the internet.
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485 920
The creators of BAYC have announced an NFT series for Rolling Stone magazine. The creators of one of the most successful collections of NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) have announced the release of their second collection of NFT covers in collaboration with the iconic American magazine Rolling Stone. The announcement took place during the opening night of the four-day Ape Fest 2022.
509 603
Meta wants the metaverse to sound more like the real world Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Friday detailed advances in audio that he says will allow a concert in the metaverse to really sound like one is at a music venue. The same goes for making sound that resembles a living room or other more intimate space.
479 459
Bentley prepares first NFT collection British company Bentley Motors is preparing to unveil its first NFT collection in September. According to a press release, it will be built on carbon-neutral blockchain Polygon and will come in a limited edition of 208 pieces.Why 208? For the brand, that number has special significance. First, it's the top speed of its fastest Grand Tourer car. And secondly, 208 days was the total production run of the iconic 1952 R-Type Continental, the car that started Bentley's history.
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398 873
Gucci Invests $25K in DAO of NFT Marketplace SuperRare to Start Digital Art Vault Italian high-end luxury brand Gucci is venturing further into Web3.The Florence-based company is buying into its first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) via a new partnership with non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, SuperRare.
483 276
Meta set to begin testing NFTs on Instagram Stories with Spark AR CEO Mark Zuckerberg said of the news, “We're expanding our test so more creators around the world can display their NFTs on Instagram.” The company also stated in an announcement, “Creators and collectors will be able to share their digital collectibles across Facebook and Instagram after we begin rolling out the feature on Facebook with select US creators at a later date.”
330 425
Uniswap Acquires Ethereum NFT Aggregator Genie, Airdrop Incoming The largest decentralized exchange, Uniswap Labs, is all set to integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the Genie acquisition. The amount of the deal has not been disclosed yet. Uniswap also plans to airdrop USDC to early Genie users in August.
383 954
Doodles NFTs Announces Pharrell as Chief Brand Officer, Fundraise Led by Alexis Ohanian Ethereum NFT project Doodles made a pair of significant announcements at an event hosted alongside the NFT NYC conference tonight, revealing that musician and producer Pharrell Williams will join the project and that it has raised its first round of funding led by venture capital firm Seven Seven Six.
330 795
NFT Marketplace Volume Crashes $12 Billion to New 2022 Lows NFT marketplaces were hit hard in the crypto market crash of May which led to billions of dollars wiped off the sales volume of digital collectibles. NFT marketplaces continue to make attempts to recover from the plunge in investor interest in digital collections.
530 052
Sony launches Tiki Guy NFT Last month Theta Labs teamed up with Sony to launch 3D NFT for viewing on the Sony Spatial Actuality Show (SRD). Now Sony has simply launched their NFT Tiki Man.Sony is launching Tiki Man NFTs on ThetaDrop, the marketplace of Theta Labs. NFT fans know ThetaDrop as the {marketplace} that launched Katy Perry's Genesis NFT range; in addition to American Idol, World Poker Tour and The Worth is Proper NFTs. By launching this NFT, Sony is introducing people to the Sony metaverse and strengthening the corporation's place in the web3.
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553 669
Crypto start-up MoonPay launches NFT platform with Universal, Fox Crypto start-up MoonPay said Tuesday that it’s partnering with Universal Pictures, Fox Corporation and Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Records, among other brands, to launch a new NFT platform called HyperMint.The platform and its underlying technology present a big opportunity for legacy brands like Universal and Fox that are sitting on decades of intellectual property.
360 142
Today's Metaverse Still Not Suited for Remote Work A study released earlier this month has found that working in the metaverse with the tools available today might decrease the productivity of employees, and also increase their frustration and anxiety related to remote work. 11% of the participants in the study felt so much discomfort that they could not complete even a day in the study, leaving their tasks incomplete.
470 652
Ternoa is the first NFT-centric blockchain The project is guided by ideas of security and ownership, made possible by a combination of decentralization and encryption, project representatives say. Ternoa seems ready to work together with NFT-first blockchain users and invites developers to join its Discord group so they can contribute and build an open-source infrastructure. Ternoa is a Tier 1 open-source blockchain ecosystem that facilitates utility NFT adoption by giving developers a complete technology stack, access to independent infrastructure, nodes, development team and funding.
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303 180
Snoop Dogg files for new NFT and Metaverse trademark applications American rapper Snoop Dogg continues to expand his inroads into the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse spaces after applying for new trademarks for various products. Snoop Dogg whose real name is Calvin Broadus made the application for UNCLE SNOOP and UNCLE SNOOP’S with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on June 14.
341 891
Meta Launches Metaverse Digital Clothing Store Meta announced that it was launching a designer digital clothing store that will allow users to purchase pieces of clothing for their avatars in its metaverse. The company believes that clothing and other accessories will become an important part of the users’ identity expression and that this will entice them to spend money on digital clothes that will be wearable on all Meta’s apps, including Facebook and Instagram.
501 086
US Miami Fashion Week announces its metaverse debut Miami Fashion Week (MIAFW) announced its metaverse debut with the launch of L'atelier by MIAFW, a digital retail and educational concept that allows fashion enthusiasts to gather in the metaverse, learn about sustainability, attend events and discover the latest fashion.
517 629
STRMNFT: Emerging Marketplace Expanding NFT Video Opportunities Over the past two weeks since registration for STRMNFT opened on May 31, a new digital asset marketplace has gained momentum with its unique features and exclusive offerings.STRMNFT is a marketplace designed for everyone to experience NFT video, offering a user-friendly interface backed by cutting-edge technology. It compares favorably to its competitors by providing a modern and different approach for users to present their art, whether it's an image or a full-fledged video.
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388 081
The value of the metaverse by 2030 could be $5 trillion. Current adoption trends have been analyzed, so we got additional insights. Consumers are likely to be divided into five groups: gaming, communication, fitness, commerce and distance learning.Companies and individuals must adopt a long-term mindset if they aim to be successful in the future of the metaverse.
417 785
Bill Gates doubts the value of NFT Bill Gates doesn't think too highly of crypto and NFT. Earlier he repeatedly criticized bitcoin. Judging by the current rate of the first cryptocurrency, his opinion should be listened to. Now, at the event, he also spoke out sharply against NFT. In particular, Bored Ape's NFT was criticized. Many celebrities own NFTs of this series, including Justin Bieber, Neymar, Paris Hilton and Snoop Dogg.
517 092
2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 with Zany Green Paint, Matching NFT to Be Auctioned We can already imagine all of you right now who are firing up the Google machine to find out just what the heck is an NFT. Well, we sort of explained it in our recent comparison test of full-size luxury SUVs, also known as "Nice F—ing Trucks." For the TL.In this case, the NFT was designed by xsullo, and it features artwork depicting a Z06 racing through the streets of what appears to be a futuristic city. The illustrated Z06 wears the same zany green color as the physical '23 Corvette Z06, which Chevy says is called Minted Green.
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342 730
BORED APE #7537 SOLD FOR 1,000 ETH 😟 On Tuesday, Bored Ape Yacht Club #7537 was sold for 1,024 Ethereum, valuing nft at approximately $1.14 million. In Ethereum terms, that’s the highest amount paid for nft Bored Ape on the leading OpenSea marketplace. The sale broke the previous record of 769 eth. The price paid was not a record in U.S. dollars, and the price of Ethereum was significantly lower than earlier this year.
371 926
Convicted Felon Anna Sorokin is Launching an NFT Collection The "Anna Card" went live today, following a 2,000 item NFT mint yesterday, which can now be purchased for 0.1 ETH at press time. NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that show ownership over digital or physical assets.
338 444
617 Parts Ways With NFT Head Following Layoffs Joe Conyers III helped the exchange get its first NFT (non-fungible token) platform off the ground when he joined in March 2021. Conyers, based in New York, left the Singapore-headquartered company last week amid a restructuring of the unit, sources said. The platform — which competes with incumbent giant OpenSea and rival Coinbase’s upstart offering — lets digital collectible aficionados both mint and trade NFTs. makes money by taking a slice of transaction proceeds. The emphasis on the new division comes as .
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368 830
Ripple Concludes New Partnership to Create Open Metaverse Ripple, a well-known developer of corporate crypto and blockchain solutions, in cooperation with FLUF World, a global creative community and NFT collectibles ecosystem, announces the launch of a decentralized blockchain network, the Root Network. According to the statement made by the developers of "The Open Metaverse," they felt that they would not find a better foundation for building such a complex structure than the XRP Ledger and decided to build the Root Network on exactly that blockchain.
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5 199
CapsuleNFT Launches at to Radically Simplify CapsuleNFT makes NFTs more composable and useful for artists, gamers, collectors, crypto industry participants, and more. The CapsuleNFT protocol allows for the simple, elegant packaging of digital assets — NFTs, cryptocurrency tokens, etc.
509 879
🔥 INTRODUCING: LIMEWIRE ORIGINALS 🔥 The iconic LimeWire brand is coming back as a music-first NFT marketplace. LimeWire Originals will be LimeWire's genesis NFT collection and ownership comes with ton's of perks. 🎉 WAITLIST NOW OPEN 🎉 Get on the e-mail waitlist to get a chance to purchase a LimeWire Original in the private pre-sale ahead of the public drop. Join the Pre-Sale Waitlist: Telegram: Discord: Bloomberg Article: Utility 🎉 Access to LimeWire events & parties, starting with the NYC Launch party on July 1st ⭐️ Early access to NFT drops on LimeWire 🎁 LMWR Token Airdrop in Q4 ✅Price: $750 ✅Ethereum-based ✅Supply: 10k NFTs ✅100% gas/mint fees covered by LimeWire ✅Payment: Credit card (Stripe), BTC, ETH and USDC ✅Minting in July. Buyers receive a code via e-mail to claim their NFT on LimeWire’s marketplace.
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Istanbul will host its first Blockchain-Metaverse Expo. The event will feature top speakers, figures and developers in the field of blockchain. They’re about to discuss trends in the market, prospects for the development of the direction, as well as metaverses, Web3 and NFT technologies.Separately, they will talk about decentralized finance and GameFi.
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TAG Heuer launches NFT-enabled smartwatch Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer has teamed up with key community members of NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CLONE-X to create a smartwatch that can connect with crypto wallets and display NFTs.According to an announcement from the company, the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 will allow owners to display verified digital collectibles from their portfolio. Multiple NFTs can be transferred to the watch via a paired smartphone, and the device will support both static and animated NFT assets.
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OpenSea announces new security features. The platform announced the launch of a new feature to automatically hide suspicious NFT transfers. This helps protect users from fraud and ensure transparency of NFT collections.
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NFT.NYC Producer Says Trading Most Boring Part of the Ecosystem is an annual conference aiming to thrust new projects into the spotlight by providing a stage for speakers from various domains and disciplines. This year’s event takes place on June 20-23 across seven venues in New York City. General admission tickets are priced at $849, while VIP Access costs $1,999. Slumping cryptocurrency prices in recent weeks appear to have sparked renewed interest in snapping up NFTs at a bargain price. Trade volumes for some of the most popular collections surged earlier this month following a broad market selloff, which pushed some floor prices down 30% in US dollar value.
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NFT trading volume soared by 72% over the past day 🦾 According to the CruptoSlam service, Art Blocks tokens took first place in terms of sales growth rates among the 10 most demanded NFT series. Their turnover increased by more than 11 times. On the second line according to this indicator are the coins of CruptoPunks, on the third - Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). However, against the backdrop of falling rates, most of the leading cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization, top NFTs fell in price. The minimum price of BAYC decreased by 20.5%, CryptoPunks - by 15.4%, Mutant Ape Yacht Club - by 23.6%. Tokens #8620 and #5690 from the CruptoPunks series turned out to be the most expensive, paying $342,402 and $305,017 respectively. Unexpectedly, SuberKong VX #8754 broke into the top three, which was purchased for $ 217,781.
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The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team and the FTX exchange will produce free NFTs. The partnership will issue a series of both paid and free NFTs. The first drop allowed fans to get much closer to their favorite team by purchasing the digital artwork of their choice. Interested fans can sign up for FTX to get NFTs.
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Hong Kong seeks to regulate NFTs. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission recently stated that NFTs are subject to vulnerabilities and are also generally assets that need to be regulated. Nevertheless, the commission has stated that some NFTs are not subject to regulatory authority. These mainly include genuine digital art, in other words, images, videos and music.
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Cool Cats announce their NFT avatars for The Sandbox metaverse The Cool Cats NFT project just announced their collaboration with The SandBox! In their tweet, they told their 200,000+ followers about their work on bringing Cool Cats to The Sandbox's metaverse platform.
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BitMart debuts NFT marketplace with dazzling collections After a fantastic Consensus 2022 appearance, BitMart is happy to announce the launch of its nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace. With a focus on exclusive collections with verified partners, BitMart is giving users an NFT experience they can’t find anywhere else. The BitMart NFT Marketplace is designed to be easily used and wants to set the standard for NFT accessibility and quality, offer giveaways and promotions and add to its services such as the current NFT Carnival. Users can purchase, sell and transfer NFTs on the Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain and Polygon networks, with more leading chains and platform integrations coming soon.
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Airtel Becomes India’s First Telco To Launch Multiplex In Metaverse Telecommunications giant Bharti Airtel on Tuesday (June 14) unveiled the country’s first Metaverse multiplex on the PartyNite Metaverse platform. Called Xstream multiplex, the 20-screen platform will be an extension of Airtel’s Xstream Premium offering. The platform will leverage Airtel’s content library and will offer multiple layers of engagement which will allow users to interact on the PartyNite Metaverse.
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Get Protocol and Immutable X create a marketplace for NFT tickets Get Protocol, the leading NFT ticketing solution, has announced that it is teaming up with Immutable X to create an aftermarket for NFT tickets. Not only will this marketplace be completely on-chain, it will also include access to fiat purchases to help users connect to Web3. Everything you need to know about the NFT ticket marketplace from Immutable X and Get Protocol
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Timberland launches metaverse experience with Fortnite Centered on Timberland’s 'Construct: 10061' program, the partnership spans both the physical and virtual worlds, and invites players and footwear aficionados to discover Timberland’s design and creation process via an immersive playable experience in Fortnite.
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NFT Capitulation: The User Who Bought a CrypToad for 300 ETH and Sold it for 6.9 ETH It’s safe to say that non-fungible tokens have seen better days as liquidity dries up amid a broader market downturn and collapsing prices. Amid all this, an investor has let go of an NFT they bought for more than $1 million for less than $10K. There are many stories of users turning a small investment into a massive bank, but this one is not one of them. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.Just a few hours ago, someone sold a non-fungible token from a collection called CrypToadz by GREMPLIN for 6.9 ETH, worth roughly around $8.4K at the time of the transaction.
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The New York gallery will allow NFT owners to display their art remotely from anywhere in the world. At the gallery, visitors can scan the QR code on the frame and purchase any NFTs for sale.The store will have an experienced staff to help customers set up their wallets and purchase artwork, as well as help make sure they realize the process and purchase collectibles.
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Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Says There’s No Coherent Definition of Metaverse In a recent tweet, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin claims that it is hard to define “metaverse,” one of the most popular buzzwords in tech. Buterin says that the term is being merely used to describe things that “feel” meta. As reported by U.Today, plenty of major companies – from Walmart to Chevron – have hopped on the metaverse train with their recent patent filings. The trend was kickstarted by social media giant Facebook changing its name to Meta in late October. Such an audacious bet on virtual reality prompted plenty of other companies to explore the metaverse. However, the term itself doesn’t actually refer to any specific technology or experience.
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StreamCoin Starts User Registration for STRMNFT Marketplace Users can now register for StreamCoin’s STRMNFT marketplace beginning on May 31, 2022. According to the company, STRMNFT is designed to garner the interest of users, both those who know crypto and those who don’t, by showcasing a user-friendly interface. Stream Chain, the primary mainnet released by StreamCoin, was used to develop STRMNFT. The STRMNFT team adds that to accumulate that speed, the twin Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DDPoS) mechanism, a complicated version of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus was introduced by StreamCoin. Notably, the DDPoS mechanism consists of 21 Masternodes. According to the team, other features of the marketplace include following favorite content creators.
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Bored Ape NFTs Face Steep Declines in Broad Cryptoasset Rout Popular NFT collections, including the celebrity-favored Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), are being hit hard as the crypto market sinks. The NFT Index, which tracks the performance of nonfungible tokens and is weighted based on each token’s circulating supply, fell about 23% in the past 24 hours. The BAYC NFTs saw a 25% decrease in average price in the same period, according to data from DappRadar and CoinMarketCap. Some of these tokens sold for millions of dollars in recent months
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🐊 Lacoste has announced the launch of the Web3 NFT project, UNDW3. Lacoste has launched a collection of 11,212 NFTs that will be sold for 0.08 ETH (roughly $97). Moreover, the project, called UNDW3 (pronounced "underwater"), will give collectors of the NFTs access to a long-term collaborative community. This launch aims to build an online community and engage with customers in a new way.
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🐋 Bitfinex whales are actively gaining longs. More than 100,000 BTC open - a historical record. Only 3,000 BTC are open in shorts. 👉🏻 Longs started gaining back in early May, when the BTC  price was around $30,000. ⚡️
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Binance CEO attends the launch of Palau NFT IDs Non-fungible tokens are finding interesting use cases, and unlike private cryptocurrencies, these crypto assets have been endorsed by many countries globally. The Republic of Palau recently announced that it would issue identification cards as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
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Meta to launch 'metaverse academy' in France Meta on Friday said that it is adding the ability to easily socialise in virtual reality with an update to its Quest 2 headsets in another step toward the metaverse.Meta is also working on letting people create their own virtual worlds where they host gatherings of avatars, Zuckerberg said.
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Meta's Quest VR gear to let people 'hang out' in metaverse Meta on Friday said that it is adding the ability to easily socialize in virtual reality with an update to its Quest 2 headsets in another step toward the metaverse. The tweak heading for the latest model Quest from Meta-owned Oculus will let wearers hop into virtual settings with friends, chief Mark Zuckerberg said in a post on his Facebook page.
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📣 Hollywood actor Seth Green has paid 165 Ethereum to recover the Bored Ape that he lost in a phishing scam. A phishing attack last month made hollywood actor Seth Green lose four of his NFTs including Bored Ape NFT #8398, which was meant to be a part of Green’s upcoming TV show -- White Horse Tavern. Now Green has paid 165ETH to buy back his own Bored Ape.
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Hotel room reservations with NFT technology. Guests of the Casa de Campo Resort & Villas hotel chain will now be able to book a room using Room Night Tokens (RNT). The hotel is partnering with Pinktada, the booking service specialists. Pinktada users can buy RNTs to book rooms at hotels in the Caribbean, Mexico, San Francisco and Hawaii using ETH.
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The first robot to sell NFT has released its own token collection. Tokens from the Baby Singularities collection are available on the OpenSea marketplace. Their holders will gain access to Sophia's AI and artificial intelligence training metaverse. Last March, Sophia "sold" an NFT token tied to her drawing for $688,800, the first time in history that a robot humanoid with artificial intelligence has ever made money from the sale of an NFT.
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Salesforce unveils its NFT platform Salesforce, an American software company, has officially entered the Web3 sector by launching its NFT platform. This new initiative by the San Francisco-based company, dubbed the "NFT Cloud," aims to allow individuals to mint and sell NFT. Salesforces is betting on making its platform "environment-friendly," and has decided to exclusively support NFTs built on the PoS blockchain .Solana and Polygon are PoS blockchains to benefit NFTs.
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💰 Join Bybit's Biggest Trading Competition WSOT 2022 and Get NFTs, Gift Funds & MORE💰 You know what they say — the early bird gets the worm! 😉 🐦 Be an early bird and sign up for WSOT 2022 now to get your "worm" rewards💰💰 before everyone else does! And guess what — that's just the appetizer to the main course of our grand $8,000,000 prize pool, up for grabs once the competition starts. 🤩 For a LIMITED time only 👇 🗓 Until July 7, 2022, 10 AM UTC ✅🏎 🏎✅ ❓ New to Bybit? 👉 🤗
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Salesforce Launching Platform for Brands to Mint and Sell NFTs Cloud software giant Salesforce is taking the plunge into the NFT space. Today, the leading customer relationship management software firm revealed NFT Cloud, a platform to help brands and businesses mint and sell NFT assets. An NFT is a blockchain token that serves as a proof of ownership for an item, whether digital or physical. Popular use cases for NFTs include digital artwork, profile pictures, sports collectibles, and video game items. However, they can also be used for brand loyalty initiatives and to access things like private web communities and real-world events. Adam Caplan, Salesforce’s senior vice president of emerging technology, told Bloomberg that brands are likely to use NFTs.
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